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The 25 Best Music Promotion Services In 2024

Promote your music like a pro with these top-tier services.



Best Music Promotion Services

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a professional wanting greater exposure, the best music promotion services will help get you there.

But with so many music promotion companies and freelancers offering their services, it’s hard to know who to trust.

After putting your heart and soul into creating your music, you don’t want to see all your hard work go to waste.


The 25 Best Music Promotion Services In 2024

We’ve all been there – recording and mixing for hours – endless changes, ensuring minimal distortion.

Everyone’s positive you’ve got a winner on your hands, so you send a quick message to your faithful followers but get zero response.

Music promotion is challenging and requires a professional, experienced team to create the magic and promote music, as free music promotion isn’t enough.

That’s why you need to pick a masterful strategist from our list of the 25 best music promotion services in 2024:


25. Cyber PR

Best Music Promotion Service - Cyber PR

Cyber PR focuses on getting you or your band’s music covered in a wide range of written online media outlets.

Ariel Hyatt is the brains behind the music promotions company and doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all for your music career.

Instead, that timing and an understanding of the current musical landscape are the routes to successful music promotion.

Her honest, authentic approach is what draws indie artists to Cyber PR, with clients relying on her ability to highlight their relevance.

She’s an absolute genius at helping a variety of artists tap into what’s popular in the music industry at the right time.

Cyber PR offers its artists a comprehensive package of services that prepares the groundwork for a musician’s successful PR campaign.

Ariel and her professional team have an enviable track record of providing their clients with a dedicated, personalized media strategy.

A 4-week PR campaign costs $1,600, rising to $2,500 for a 6-week gig and $3,000 for a 10-week PR extravaganza.

Artists like multi-award-winning Canadian rapper, Manafest credit Cyber PR with the recent success of his latest album and continue to benefit from their career advice.


24. Music Growth

Best Music Promotion Service - Music Growth

Music Growth helps artists to unlock their true potential through platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook, amongst other social media platforms.

Their music promotion services have resulted in billions of plays for more than 16,000 artists since the company’s formation in 2010.

Music Growth offers a wide range of packages, from $3.69 for 1,000 SoundCloud plays to their Platinum offer of $16.69 for 25,000 plays.

You may also purchase SoundCloud followers, likes, and reposts for as little as $3.19 up to their Diamond package, which costs $45.99 for 5,000 followers.

By using only external marketing methods that protect artists’ confidential information, you are assured of 100% safe and natural growth.

You’ll find that Music Growth’s tactics help attract a devoted audience, boosting your popularity and ensuring that your music gets likes, reposts, and comments.

They guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 100% refill guarantee and a replacement warranty so that their marketing efforts provide long-term results.


23. Shore Fire Media

Best Music Promotion Service - Shore Fire MediaBased in New York with Los Angeles and Nashville offices, Shore Fire Media represents musicians through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Shore Fire prioritizes a collaborative approach, ensuring its publicity is tailored to its clients’ passions and goals.

The firm’s success is evident from the long list of accolades, including Emmys, Grammys, and Academy Awards won by the artists and talent they promote.

Their music promotion roster is not only filled with current stars, though, as they are continually seeking out up-and-coming talent.

If you plan on appearing in publications such as Rolling Stone, Stereogum, or NPR, then Shore Fire is worth investigating further.

You must have a big enough budget to secure the best music distribution services for your songs, as Shore Fire Media is not into cheap music promotion.

The staff is dedicated to providing a full house of artist growth initiatives, also offering their Noted program for experienced musicians.

So, you’re not going to get much change out of $500 for starters, as you’re paying for their connections to gain you wide recognition.

Their clients appear on the best seller lists with Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award winners, including Bruce Springsteen and Cyndy Lauper.


22. SidesMedia 

Best Music Promotion Service - Sides MediaSidesMedia helps build audiences for bands and musicians looking for social media management of their interaction on Instagram.

Their speedy, 72-hour service is recognized for bringing artists high engagement and exposure by social media influencers.

Independent artists and newcomers to the industry are blown away by the inexpensive rates SidesMedia charges to promote music.

You can look forward to increased followers, likes, and views with responsive visitors that boost overall website traffic as well.

So, whether your songs are about chocolate or songs about injustice, SideMedia will know exactly how best to position you for the best exposure.

An independent artist on a tight budget can start promoting their songs for as little as $2 for 100 Instagram followers with global music promotion.

The top tier increases to $12 for 1,000 followers on the best music promotion sites, which is much better than free music promotion services online.


21. Tom Dupree III

Best Music Promotion Service - Tom Dupree IIIArtist and music producer Tom Dupree offers experienced and aspiring musicians the benefit of his years of music industry knowledge.

He and his team help independent artists reach bigger audiences using automation to drive their tailored marketing campaigns to sites like Apple Music.

Their music promotion service helps to increase interested traffic to your Spotify account using paid ads on social media platforms.

Amongst their numerous services, Tom Dupree will help you with a Spotify campaign that promotes playlists and new releases.

By increasing your listeners and streams, Tom Dupree assists you in generating additional revenue with the added benefit of triggering Spotify’s algorithms.


20. Pressed PR

Best Music Promotion Service - Pressed PRPressed PR mainly focuses on entertainment brands, independent artists, and creatives with an à-la-carte label service that caters to all budgets.

They have a community of professionals whom they can call on to cover all the media channels you need to succeed.

Services include strategies to exploit PR, digital marketing, social media platforms, and using Playlist Push on music streaming services.

You can easily spend upwards of $300 on some basic PR, with prices increasing well beyond $1,000 for specialist services.

Pressed is rated as one of the best music promotion services in the digital space and has a well-deserved reputation for getting results.

They’ve been hired to launch popular female singers like K-Pop superstar Ailee in the US market and help to generate hype for her single, “Sweater.”

Billboard and Hype Magazine carried her message as a crossover K-Pop icon, and the entire campaign eventually generated 23.9 million readers.


19. Daimoon Media

Best Music Promotion Service - Daimoon MediaEDM, hip-hop, and pop musicians are the genres for which Daimoon Media is most well-known.

Their Spotify promotion services come highly recommended, with one artist receiving over 30,000 streams and placement on six playlists in 5 weeks.

Apart from their Spotify promotion service, Daimoon also offers music promotion services for SoundCloud and your YouTube channel.

Expect to pay in the region of $100 for a basic promotion, with prices escalating based on your needs.

With their high level of confidence in their strategy and approach, they offer to refund fees if campaigns are unsuccessful.


18. Independent Music Promotions

Best Music Promotion Service - Independent Music PromotionsIndependent Music Promotions (I.M.P.) primarily focus on artists and musicians who wish to reach a wider online audience.

They offer indie musicians high-quality public relations services to effectively promote their music using various online marketing strategies.

The company generates impressive results for its clients through innovative approaches to playlist placements, radio promotion, social media campaigns, and influencer partnerships.

Their pricing structure is transparent, with packages tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Based on your budget and objectives, I.M.P. creates a result-based promotional plan, guaranteeing written reviews, shares, and playlist placements.

Their Starter Package, priced at $995, is ideal for artists seeking relevant reviews and write-ups for their songs or album.

A Single Month Buzz Builder and Single Month Critical Mass package provide targeted advertising, blog outreach, playlist pitching, and social media sharing.

For more established artists looking for maximum exposure, the 3 Month Critical Mass package offers extensive coverage and targeted advertising.

The music industry has recognized I.M.P for its pioneering music PR and marketing strategies, winning “Most Innovative Music PR Marketing Firm in Canada in 2020”.


17. HUDL Music

Best Music Promotion Service - HUDL MusicHUDL Music provides an array of music promotion services, with artists receiving tips directly through their HUDL Music profile without any fees or service charges.

They also allow artists to integrate a sleek music streaming app featuring their music on their websites, in interviews, blogs, and various other platforms.

There’s also a free mobile EPK (Electronic Press Kit), allowing you to share your stories and showcase your music easily.

You can distribute as much music as you want while retaining 100% of your streaming royalties and sales revenues.

There are no long-term commitments, as HUDL Music allows all their artists to cancel at any time and for any reason.

The Primo Plan allows artists with limited budgets to invest $8.99 per month in their music promotion activities.

Whether you are an artist, producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, or vocalist, you can showcase your talent free from exorbitant monthly fees.

You can also receive help with your indie music promotion blogs, articles, guides, and tutorials covering topics like music marketing and branding.


16. Soundplate

Best Music Promotion Service - SoundplateSocial media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization are some of the services that Soundplate offers its music clients.

The company has an extensive network of more than 100,000 playlists which it uses to help feature its artists’ releases.

Apart from helping musicians create and execute social media campaigns, Soundplate assists them to connect with radio stations worldwide.

Together with coordinated influencer partnerships and public relations services, artists are assured of multiple press outlets’ interest as well.

From $9 to $29 per month, musicians can see their music appear on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple Music’s Today’s Hits.

You also get radio airplay and secure sync placements on TV shows and movies with Trustpilot and Google Reviews rating them 4.5 out of 5.

No matter your genre or experience, Soundplate has a pricing plan to suit your budget if you’re serious about getting your music heard.


15. FBP-Music

Best Music Promotion Service - FBP MusicArtists looking for specialist playlist placement are drawn to Fbp-Music with its network of over 100,000 playlists.

They also offer social media marketing, helping artists create and execute social media campaigns to promote their music.

When combining music hosting sites with Fbp-Music’s PR services, it’s a win-win all around, with artists and musicians benefiting from their extensive reach.

However, pricing starts at only $99 per month, while their popular, all-inclusive “Platinum” plan costs a slightly more expensive, $299 per month.

This is a significant investment for artists looking to get their foot in the door, but it is worth the investment.

With ratings of 4.2 on Trustpilot and 4 out of 5 on Google Reviews, Fbp-Music offers very good value for money.

They, unfortunately, lack additional resources, such as a blog or articles on music marketing, leaving you to find help elsewhere.


14. Behind The Curtains Media

Best Music Promotion Service - Behind The Curtains MediaBehind The Curtains Media have a great reputation for getting their music clients on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple Music’s Today’s Hits.

They use their 100,000-plus playlist network to get new releases featured, generating some impressive results for many of their artists.

A common thread I found with musicians who’ve worked with Mike Abusio is that feedback and personal attention are second to none.

The 100% 5-star reviews are a testament to Mike and his team’s commitment to ensuring that artists are given the very best service.

Their range of services includes social media, press releases, and features in industry magazines, as well as sync licensing, songwriting, production, and live performance coaching.

Pricing starts at $75 for one-hour consults and increases to $600 for 9 hours of consulting spread over 45 days.

Behind The Curtains Media make it clear that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing their clients.

They offer on-page website optimization and manage ad campaigns amongst a host of other services that ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed.

While all music genres are catered for, the company is mostly focused on specializing in services for independent artists rather than established talent.


13. Groover 

Best Music Promotion Service - GrooverGrover is an excellent music promotion option for artists wanting to connect with over 2,200 playlist curators and music professionals.

They have helped artists get their music featured on more than a million playlists, with their pricing plans starting from one euro per submission.

Their Pro Plan costs €19 a month with access to more curators who are looking for authentic musical styles for their listeners.

The company focuses predominantly on electronic music and hip-hop, but they also have a network of curators in other genres too.

Groover is rated 4.5 out of 5 for music promotion services on Trustpilot and Google, with the majority of artists extremely happy with the exposure.

While Groover’s services are not cheap, their results are impressive, with most of their musicians finding a wider audience for their work.

Just be aware that the company doesn’t offer any additional resources, such as blogs or articles on music marketing, which you may need early on.


12. Playlist Promotion

Best Music Promotion Service - Playlist PromotionsPlaylist Promotion has been around since 2015 and focuses on ensuring that their artist’s music is successful on Spotify.

With more than 3,000 playlists and covering a range of genres, Playlist Promotion uses organic music promotion services to ensure success.

They’ve helped to generate millions of listeners, getting featured on major playlists, such as Spotify’s New Music Friday and Today’s Hits.

Pricing starts at $99 per month, with their $299 package helping artists to get radio airplay and secure sync placements in TV shows and movies.

Playlist Promotion works with artists from all music genres, but they have a strong focus on pop and electronic music.

The company guarantees that artists will receive placements, and their transparent stats and money-back guarantee are proof of their commitment.

Thousands of reviews, with an average 4.5 rating, indicate just how successful Playlist promotion is in getting their clients in front of an audience.


11. IndieMono

Best Music Promotion Service - IndiemonoIndieMono offers a strategic music promotion service with a free submission option for their playlists and music promotion sites.

They have a strong audience of over 3,000,000 playlist followers with more than 100 actively curated playlists across online music websites.

IndieMono has curators in many music streaming services, with over 300 daily submissions and around 20,000 visitors to their website every month.

A big draw is that they are Apple Music’s official curator channel and have relationships with both major and Indie labels.

Indiemono doesn’t sell placements and believes that music promotion through curation should be free – giving every artist a level playing field.


10. Planetary Group

Best Music Promotion Service - Planetary GroupArtists like Katy Perry and Arlo Parks use the Planetary Group for their music promotion services, proving just how professional and capable they are.

Planetary Group helps artists create and execute effective campaigns on social media platforms, also promoting their music to over 120,000 playlists.

The company is well-connected in radio, also covering print media, and offering a PR service that gets you in front of the right audience.

Results like the #1 Most Added Hip Hop release, 25 Top-30 Chart, and Hip-Hop Chart placements are a regular occurrence.

If you want results like these, then their music promotion service is a logical next step, with the basic package costing $300.

The Planetary Group is a great option for artists looking for comprehensive music promotion services, just don’t expect it to be cheap.


9. Indie Music Academy

Best Music Promotion Service - Indie Music AcademyIndie Music Academy offers artists from the most popular music genres an opportunity to grow their fanbase through a network of influencers.

Like major record labels, Indie Music Academy uses individuals with massive reach to spread the word about talent through the organic growth of real listeners.

They provide excellent results for a wide range of musicians with a 100% refund guarantee, making them a risk-free option.

Spotify Playlist promotions are one of the most successful ways they use to build a following amongst an audience looking for something new.

Indie Music Academy is Ryan Waczek’s baby and is a company he created with just one goal in mind.

Ryan wants to ensure that artists are curated through the use of personally selected influencers with zero bot interference to skew the metrics.

They offer courses and workshops to help artists improve their marketing skills as well as being able to book one-on-one coaching.

However, it can be expensive at $267 for their flagship Fan Attraction System, but the results you’ll achieve are awesome.

Many of the artists who have bought the system report impressive results, with improved search rankings and many more listeners.


8. Starlight PR

Starlight PRArtists like Cardi B and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie signed Starlight PR to handle their promotional activities, proving they’re the real deal.

Dubose’s video release, “Look back at it,” hit 50 million views, with articles appearing in RollingStone, Forbes, Billboard, Fadar, and a feature in XXL Magazine.

Indie artists can kick off with the “Starter Package,” which is currently $799, a 50% discount off the full price.

A publicist will work with you to craft a press release which is then distributed to 11 top music blogs.

Your single will be placed on the @Upcoming100 Charts, and they will organize a LIVE Radio Interview to get you even more exposure.

Starlight is so confident that your press release and campaign will work that they offer a double-your-money-back guarantee.

Accessing Starlight’s network of over 1,000 music journalists and bloggers regularly helps artists get their music reviewed, featured in articles, and interviewed.

Over 80% of their reviews on TrustPilot reflect 5-star ratings, with artists reporting they’re thrilled with their exposure across all music promotion sites.


7. SoundCampaign 

Best Music Promotion Service - Sound CampaignSoundCampaign is a specialist music promotion service that focuses on getting aspiring music artists’ music featured specifically on Spotify playlists.

The team at SoundCampaign distributes music online to curators who provide feedback so they can fine-tune their music promotion services online.

The Spotify promotion service and Tiktok music promotion services have helped artists achieve awesome exposure, also increasing their fans through the use of a playlist push.

Artists report that featuring on major Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday and Today’s Hits have yielded impressive results.

With a massive audience base, SoundCampaign clients can pick an almost unlimited number of genres, with campaigns costing an average of approximately $150.

SoundCampaign continues to focus strongly on electronic and pop music but has good coverage across a wide range of music genres.


6. Unique Playlists

Best Music Promotion Service - Unique PlaylistsUnique Playlists focuses its attention on music promotion services online for artists and musicians that want to feature on YouTube.

However, other music streaming services they target include Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal, and submission to Unique Playlists’ curators is free.

To get started, just send your music tracks via a website form and then wait for Unique Playlists’ staff to review your submission.

You don’t have to worry about knowing what an EP is or whether your submission classifies as an LP, Unique Playlists will determine which is which.

It won’t be long before you’ll see your music online, featured on major YouTube playlists, such as The Chill Vibes and The Dance Party.

The company was started by music industry professionals in Switzerland who endeavor to find the very best music for their curated feeds.

While the initial focus was on the European music scene, they have become a sort-after worldwide music promotion service for many artists.


5. ReverbNation

Best Music Promotion Service - Reverb NationReverbNation offers musicians YouTube Music promotion, digital distribution to major streaming platforms, and the ability to sell their music directly to fans.

Independent artists like Allen Stone and Snarky Puppy got their start using promotional tools, such as email marketing, social media, and embedded players.

ReverbNation’s team of A&R representatives connects artists with the ideal opportunities, offering both free and paid plans.

Artists can create profiles, upload unlimited songs, make use of email and social marketing, and use embedded players on the free plan.

The Basic Plan is $12.95 per month, while the Premium Plan is $19.95 per month, allowing you to promote your music for only a few dollars a week.

It adds to the free plan, giving artists the ability to create a mobile-friendly website, obtain fan feedback, and list gigs on ReverbNation’s gig finder.

The Premium Plan gets you everything in the free and basic plans, plus access to exclusive industry opportunities and analytics.

With over 10,000 reviews on Trust Pilot and a rating of 4.5, ReverbNation’s music promotion service has helped many artists achieve their goals.


4. YouGrow

Best Music Promotion Service - YouGrowYouGrow specializes in helping artists to get their songs placed in the hottest playlists on Spotify and also runs customized campaigns on YouTube.

Using influencer marketing and video advertising, YouGrow assists artists in growing their presence on TikTok while also using Instagram Reels to promote their music.

YouGrow has music promotion services to suit all budgets, with the Starter program costing $77 for the most basic music promotion service.

The Superstar program ramps up the exposure you can expect and will cost you $617, while the Megastar program costs $1,097.

With more than 300 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of 5.0, musicians are clearly getting awesome results with YouGrow.


3. Playlist Push

Best Music Promotion Service - Playlist PushOver 25,000 established and Indie artists currently use Playlist Push for their music promotion services – getting their songs placed on the hottest playlists on Spotify.

Together with their TikTok promotions, using targeted ads, and influencer marketing, Playlist Push can reach more than 150 million potential fans.

Driving the organic growth of your fan base through TikTok’s huge audience starts at $117 for the Tester Package and is flexible based on your release budget.

Each campaign is naturally different, as the amount you have to spend depends on your genre and the available curators.

Playlist Push offers detailed instructions on how to navigate their system and maximize your results without breaking the bank.

Take Peso Pluma, for instance, who now enjoys an audience of over 50,000,000 listeners every month and appears on more than 136,000 Spotify playlists.


2. One Submit

Best Music Promotion Service - One SubmitWith over 1,500 Spotify playlists to choose from, and a collection of experienced music curators, One Submit is a marketing channel you must check out.

While Spotify is the main source of their client’s success, you also have the option of submitting your music to other major platforms.

Hit up music blogs and online radio stations, as well as submit your music to YouTube channels and TikTok influencers.

And the cherry on the cake… you can even submit your music to a selection of top record labels, such as RKJ Music and Sono.

The platform can accommodate a wide range of budgets, with submissions starting at $3 per Spotify and YouTube playlists, increasing to $9 for TikTok channels.

Kult Eviction, a producer and artist based in London, recently got added to a TikTok channel with an audience of over 400,000 fans.

He attributes a large part of his success to the professionalism and marketing skills of the team at One Submit.


1. Omari MC

Best Music Promotion Service - Omari MCOmari MC covers just about every marketing channel in the music industry. For most indie artists, though, Spotify promotions are the main avenue to follow first.

While Spotify is where they really shine, producing stellar results, other services include YouTube and TikTok promotions.

Omari MC is an acknowledged expert at getting artists curated and their music heard through Spotify promotion, although they do use other promotional channels.

They are also equipped to handle radio promotions, Facebook and IG ads management, as well as blog and press releases.

Omari also helps to get the best distribution deals on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and dozens of other top streaming services.

The company can help you create a music website to showcase your brand and help you to build traffic and, ultimately a bigger audience.

Promotions start from as little as $77 for the Bronze package, where you are guaranteed up to 7 playlists with 500 to 5,000 plays.



Now that you have a better idea of which music promotion services are out there, it’s time to plan your next release.

Don’t just leave it to chance, take the time to plan your song release with the same dedication that you give to your music.

Conduct your research and hire one of the best music promotion services we’ve listed above, and you won’t be disappointed.

What’s the best music promotion service in 2024, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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