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21 Best Songs About Blood

Great songs exploring the essence of the human body.



Best Songs About Blood

The best songs about blood encompass a variety of topics, often using blood as a powerful symbol for intense emotions and human experiences.

As such, it’s not surprising that many of these iconic songs can be found in rock and metal music, but it’s also something you’ll see from the best pop stars.

In this guide, we’ve catered to all music tastes, bringing you songs about blood from chart-topping pop stars and more obscure indie bands.


The 21 Best Songs About Blood

Whether you’re a fan of commercial music or prefer to dive into acts from off the beaten track, there’s a song exploring the topic of blood you’ll enjoy.

This playlist has been compiled to offer a broad spectrum of songs that explore the themes and imagery of blood from various angles.

With that said, here’s our playlist of the 21 best songs about blood:


21. “Bad Blood” – Neil Sedaka

One of the most popular songs released by Neil Sedaka is “Bad Blood,” released in 1975 with uncredited backing vocals by Elton John.

This excellent song speaks to anyone who has had a bad experience with the people in their lives and was released on the album The Hungry Years.

American singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka had a hugely successful career over several decades, writing over 500 songs for himself and other artists.


20. “Blood” – My Chemical Romance

A typically hard-hitting and compelling rock song, “Blood” by My Chemical Romance features driving guitar riffs and searing vocals.

The song’s lyrics talk about everything from the pain people feel when losing someone close to their fear of failing in their lives.

It’s a beautiful track that complements the My Chemical Romance classic song about dragons, “Black Dragon Fighting Society,” released on the album Danger Days.


19. “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis

One of the best-loved songs of the 2000s from iconic singer Leona Lewis is “Bleeding Love,” a powerful ballad from her debut album Spirit.

In this song, Leona Lewis reflects on a failed relationship and uses the chorus to explore the idea of love as an open wound that refuses to heal.

It’s a touching piece of music released with a stunning video that helped emphasize the deep feelings at the heart of the lyrics.


18. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” – Ava Max

One year before releasing her iconic song about underdogs, “So Am I,” Ava Max turned her attention to blood with the track “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

A pop song with a hint of the best dance music for good measure, it features Ava Max at her very best, with powerful vocals exploring the price people pay for fame.

The standout track from her album, “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” is a powerful anthem from a singer who enjoyed plenty of commercial success.


17. “My Blood” – Twenty One Pilots

American musical duo Twenty One Pilots released “My Blood” as the fourth single from their 2018 album Trench to critical and commercial acclaim.

With its energetic beats and searing vocals, the lyrics describe uncertainty and the sense of devotion people feel when facing hard times with loved ones.

A regular fixture in the band’s live performances, “My Blood” was released with an impressive official music video telling the story of the brotherly bond.


16. “Hot Blooded” – Foreigner

Foreigner is a hugely popular band best known for their iconic song about ice, “Cold As Ice,” and the contrasting track “Hot Blooded.”

The song speaks to everyone who has been through a passionate love affair, while the chorus repeats lyrics about being hot-blooded throughout the tune.

It’s a classic rock song from Foreigner released on the album Double Vision in 1976, including the single “Blue Morning, Blue Day.”


15. “Bleeding Out” – Imagine Dragons

Another great song about blood that deals with passionate feelings and intense emotions is “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons.

Featuring fast-paced guitar riffs and a pounding percussive beat, “Bleeding Out” explores the struggles of holding on and remaining optimistic in the face of suffering.

Released in 2012, “Bleeding Out” is one of the standout tracks from the Imagine Dragons album Night Visions, their popular debut studio album.


14. “Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Taylor Swift needs no introduction and has multiple Grammy Award wins and many more nominations recognizing her impressive work.

“Bad Blood” sees Taylor Swift working in collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, with Swift singing about one of her female peers and the controversy they experienced.

While many people speculated who the song’s lyrics were referring to, it’s widely believed that Taylor Swift was referencing another pop icon, Katy Perry.


13. “Blood On The Ground” – Incubus

Incubus has established a reputation for delivering heavy and hard-hitting alternative rock music, as exemplified in the track “Blood on the Ground.”

Exploring themes of loss, regret, and conflict, the song is characterized by a sense of aggression and urgency found in the best rock music.

Released in 2001 on the Incubus album Morning View, Incubus’ “Blood on the Ground” is a must for any fans of complex rock music.


12. “Bloody Valentine” – Machine Gun Kelly

With its driving guitars and passional vocals, “Bloody Valentine” represents Machine Gun Kelly at their best in composition and performance.

An underlying hint of the threat of violence runs through “Bloody Valentine,” which lends a raw emotional intensity full of energy.

A declaration of love and a defiant and powerful anthem, “Bloody Valentine” remains one of the best songs ever recorded by Machine Gun Kelly.


11. “Flesh Without Blood” – Grimes

One-time partner of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, Grimes, has released an impressive discography of music merging pop and rock elements.

“Flesh Without Blood” is among her most famous songs, with an eye-catching official video where she’s dressed in bright and colorful clothing and a purple wig.

Regarded by music critics as an otherworldly pop banger, “Flesh Without Blood” marks a high point in the career of Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes.


10. “Only Women Bleed” – Alice Cooper

Few rock and roll singers have become as iconic as Alice Cooper, whose long career has spanned decades and included many hit tracks.

“Only Women Bleed” sees Alice Cooper in fine form as he explores love and relationships through his own unique perspective.

Released in 1975, “Only Women Bleed” reflects on his abusive marriage, with the song in development for several years before finally being recorded.


9. “Red Blooded Woman” – Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is known for a wide variety of songs, from “Chocolate,” one of the best songs about chocolate, to “Red Blooded Woman” from 2003.

“Red Blooded Woman” is a song that speaks to the empowerment of women around the world while representing life at its very best.

Featuring her signature vocal style and a catchy beat, “Red Blooded Woman” has become a staple feature of playlists for fans of the Australian singer.


8. “Blood On The Motorway” – DJ Shadow

Few music producers have had such a long-lasting impact on the industry as DJ Shadow, who was instrumental in creating the trip-hop genre.

“Blood on the Motorway” is a fine example of his impressive style, merging hip-hop beats with downtempo grooves and all-around polished production.

Released in 2002 on his hugely successful album The Private Press, “Blood on the Motorway” is quintessential DJ Shadow for underground music fans.


7. “In My Blood” – Shawn Mendes

Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes has enjoyed a successful career producing accessible and catchy pop songs.

“In My Blood” sees Shawn Mendes in fine form, delivering an emotional ballad that explores themes of hope, perseverance, and the struggle to overcome demons.

It’s a touching and beautifully performed song that should be essential for anyone looking to find their inner strength and become their best person.


6. “Out For Blood” – Sum 41

Canadian rock band Sum 41 has enjoyed a prolific career, with many hit singles and albums, including one of the greatest songs about blood, “Out for Blood.”

This energetic punk song featuring aggressive vocals and guitars is as intense and raw as its title suggests and a regular feature of their live performances.

A standout track from the Sum 41 album Order in Decline, “Out for Blood,” is a perfect showcase for what punk music can accomplish when in the right hands.


5. “Blood On The Dance Floor” – Michael Jackson

As one of the biggest music stars in history, Michael Jackson’s career saw him release countless chart-topping hits that included some of the best karaoke songs ever.

“Blood on the Dance Floor” is no exception, a stirring and catchy pop song that was the first single released from the Michael Jackson remix album of the same name.

While “Blood on the Dance Floor” wasn’t a massive hit for Michael Jackson, it’s nevertheless a must for fans of the King of Pop looking for new songs to add to their playlists.


4. “BLOOD” – Kendrick Lamar

We’ve touched on the huge talent of Kendrick Lamar briefly in his collaboration with Taylor Swift, so now it’s time to place this hip-hop legend in the spotlight.

“BLOOD” sees Kendrick Lamar in fine form as he explores topics ranging from wickedness and evil to the general frustrations people have to deal with in their busy lives.

It’s a classic hip-hop track from Lamar featured on his best-selling album DAMN, released in 2017 to critical and commercial acclaim worldwide.


3. “Let It Bleed” – Rolling Stones

With many Billboard Hot 100 chart hits, the Rolling Stones have long since secured their place in the annals of rock and roll music history.

The song “Let It Bleed” sees the Rolling Stones in fine form, with Mick Jagger’s stirring vocals combined with a driving rhythm and pin-sharp guitaring and percussion.

It’s one of the older tracks to have been released by the Stones, hitting the charts in 1969 and confirming the band as one to watch out for.


2. “Wait And Bleed” – Slipknot

“Wait and Bleed” introduced the world of music lovers to Slipknot in true style, featured on their self-titled debut album in 1999 and launching their long-running career.

It’s a heavy metal classic with growling lyrics discussing the bond between blood brothers and exploring themes of anger and the desire to escape life’s problems.

Winner of the Kerrang Award for Best Song, “Wait and Bleed” has remained an enduring classic from Slipknot that helped to take the rock music genre in new directions.


1. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – U2

Responsible for writing and producing some of the best songs of all time, U2 aimed at a heated political situation by releasing their song “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”

The song opens with an infectious drum beat before guitars pave the way for Bono’s distinct vocals, and it remains a powerful message about conflict today.

Written and released in 1983, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is U2’s commentary on the conflict in their home country of Ireland and the violence that engulfed many communities.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this complete playlist exploring the best songs about blood you can listen to when you want something powerful and meaningful.

As the topic implies, these songs are often hard-hitting experiences to listen to and have been produced by some of the world’s leading bands and singers.

Whether you’re a classic rock and heavy metal fan or prefer more laid-back music from pop artists, these songs about blood will help improve your day.

What’s the best song about blood, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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