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21 Best Songs About Thursday

Great music to pass the time until the weekend arrives.



Best Songs About Thursday

The best songs about Thursday can be found throughout the history of modern music, from iconic folk and country music singer-songwriters to modern-day hip-hop producers. 

While some artists sing about the day in a literal sense, others use it as a springboard for personal expressions of love and loss. 

Continue reading for a complete playlist of the best Thursday songs catering to all music tastes and featuring the best bands and singers of modern times. 


The 21 Best Songs About Thursday 

Songs about Thursday can be found in many genres, from obscure composers to chart-topping A-listers with millions of record sales worldwide. 

This broad spectrum of talent is reflected in the choices we’ve included in this playlist; whatever your taste, you’ll love a song here. 

That said, here’s our playlist of the 21 best songs about Thursday:


21. “Thursday in Mars” – Cali-Ber Tha Grime 

We’re kicking off this playlist of the best songs about Thursday with “Thursday in Mars” by Cali-Ber Tha Grime, a smooth hip-hop track released in 2019. 

It’s a lyrically dense song exploring the trials and tribulations of life on the wrong side of the tracks while dealing with all the haters in your life. 

Like the best songs about Monday, “Thursday In Mars” uses the day of the week as a launching point for a deep dive into profound topics based on the artist’s experiences. 


20. “Thursday Nights” – Jordan D. Mitchell 

Another great rap song exploring themes around Thursday is Jordan D. Mitchell, who released “Thursday Nights” on the 2020 album I’ll Apologize Later. 

Like “Thursday in Mars,” “Thursday Nights” is all about life in the hood, hanging out with the homies and drinking into the early hours waiting for the weekend. 

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in California, Jordan D. Mitchell is known as a highly talented multi-instrumentalist and a talented composer and producer. 


19. “Tuesday & Thursday” – Hot Boys 

The American hip-hop group Hot Boys was formed in 1997 and has enjoyed several hits over the years, with “Tuesday & Thursday” a great example of their style. 

Covering two days of the week, the lyrics explore struggling to stay ahead of the law, with references to fellow rapper Lil Wayne thrown in for good measure. 

Hot Boys performed “Tuesday & Thursday” with a guest performance from Big Tymers, releasing the track on their 1999 album Guerrilla Warfare. 


18. “Thursday Afternoon” – Rollins Band 

Three years after releasing “Liar,” their great song about narcissists, Rollins Band turned their attention to the end of the week with “Thursday Afternoon.” 

It’s a reflective song exploring self-respect and discovering your flaws despite your ego getting in the way of an honest appraisal. 

Rollins Band released “Thursday Afternoon” in 1997 on the album Come In and Burn, their first major label release distributed by DreamWorks SKG. 


17. “Thursday’s Child” – Isobel Campbell 

“Thursday’s Child” by Isobel Campbell takes us into indie folk rock territory for a lyrically lush and beautifully performed song about Thursday. 

This 2006 track is about living life with no regrets and taking time and effort to manifest the best possible reality a person can achieve. 

Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell released “Thursday’s Child” on the album Milkwhite Sheets, which was inspired by the works of Anne Briggs and Shirley Collins. 


16. “Thursday” – Jim Croce 

“Thursday” graced the fifth and final album released by Jim Croce in 1973 following the singer’s death, with I Got a Name serving as a fitting celebration of his style. 

“Thursday” features sparse piano backing against his moving vocals, with this sad song exploring the heartache of waiting around for a lover to arrive. 

It’s a stark and dream-like song from a singer-songwriter who helped define the American folk music scene from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. 


15. “Thursday’s Keeper” – The Orb 

“Thursday’s Keeper” by the Orb showcased the act’s true mastery of electronic music production and was featured on their 2001 album Cydonia. 

With skippy and fast-paced percussion featuring overlaid samples of horns and vocals, it’s a more upbeat song from a duo best known for their contributions to ambient music. 

Perhaps the best-known track from the Orb is “Little Fluffy Clouds,” ranked among the best songs about clouds and a great track for a lazy summer Thursday. 


14. “On a Thursday Morning” – Leonard Herron 

Another moving and well-produced song about Thursday that uses the day of the week as a launching point for themes of love and relationships is “On a Thursday Morning.” 

This track from Leonard Herron features lyrics exploring a long-anticipated meeting with a lover and the narrator’s desire to feel complete again. 

Leonard Herron released “On a Thursday Morning” 2017 on the album Sounds from My Room, cementing his reputation as a singer-songwriter of note. 


13. “Thursday at the Blue Note” – White Town 

White Town became a sensation with the release of the “Your Woman” track in 1997, with “Thursday at the Blue Note,” a worthy follow-up to this chart smasher. 

The track’s title references a nightclub in Derby, England, where people gathered Thursday night for a warm-up session, waiting for the weekend to arrive. 

While “Thursday at the Blue Note” failed to replicate the chart success of “Your Woman,” it’s well worth adding to playlists if you’re after an upbeat tune. 


12. “Thursday Morning” – Giles, Giles & Fripp 

We’re heading back to the late 1960s for our next song about Thursday, “Thursday Morning” by Giles, Giles & Fripp, a wonderful slice of pop music.

This optimistic song is full of life and hope, as the narrator sings about the sun’s rising and even the trees that sing as the morning arrives. 

“Thursday Morning” was released on the wonderfully titled album The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles, & Fripp, to critical and commercial acclaim. 


11. “Thursday” – Morphine 

A more dynamic and powerful song about Thursday came from the rock band Morphine in the early 1990s, with the aptly titled track “Thursday.” 

It’s another excellent example of how songs about Thursday take the day of the week as a launching point for exploring a night out with friends and drinking beers. 

Morphine has enjoyed moderate success over the years, with their first Grammy Award nomination landing in 1998 for the official music video of the song “Early to Bed.”


10. “Sweet Thursday” – Pizzicato Five 

For Pizzicato Five, “Sweet Thursday” is a time to reflect on a romantic relationship with a lover, kissing in the sun and walking through gentle rain. 

It’s a sweet and touching song with the quality of a lament, with the narrator singing about love as it slowly fades into a distant memory. 

“Sweet Thursday” was released by the experimental Japanese pop band Pizzicato Five in 1993 on the album Bossa Nova 2001, showcasing their unique vocals and approach to instrumentation. 


9. “Like a Summer Thursday” – Townes Van Zandt 

American singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt was well known for his unique blend of rock, folk, blues, and country music that defined his style. 

“Like a Summer Thursday” exemplifies his distinct songwriting abilities, released in 1969 at the height of his career and winning him plenty of new fans. 

It’s a beautiful song that captures the lyricism and finger-picking skills of Townes Van Zandt, with a rough-and-ready undercurrent that keeps it fresh. 


8. “Probably on Thursday” – Sarah Brightman 

One of the most renowned singers of her generation, Sarah Brightman’s “Probably on Thursday” was written by musical legends Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

A stirring example of her fantastic soprano singing voice, “Probably on Thursday,” was featured in the Andrew Lloyd Webber collection Love Changes Everything. 

Following her divorce from Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1990, Sarah Brightman stepped back from stage musicals and focused on her successful recording career. 


7. “Jersey Thursday” – Donovan 

A notable folk music singer-songwriter with an impressive discography, Donovan aimed Thursdays with his 1965 song “Jersey Thursday.” 

Like his wonderful song about spring, “Lullaby in Spring,” “Jersey Thursday” features his sweet-sounding vocals and effortless guitar that merges folk and country music. 

Donovan released “Jersey Thursday” on the album Fairytale, his second long player, which was notable for the singles “Colors” and “To Try for the Sun.” 


6. “Sweet Thursday” – Johnny Mathis 

Another beautiful and moving song about Thursday from the 1960s is “Sweet Thursday” by Johnny Mathis, featured on his Newest Hits album. 

The anticipation of meeting a lover makes this day of the week sweet for Mathis, who sings about kissing at the door and feeling like life is incomplete without her. 

Johnny Mathis wrote and performed plenty of popular music throughout his career, with an outstanding 360 million worldwide record sales. 


5. “Thursday” – The Weeknd 

Before hitting the big time, the Weeknd released “Thursday” as part of a mixtape that showcased his inimitable singing style to new audiences. 

Like the best karaoke songs, “Thursday” features catchy repetitive lyrics anyone can follow along to, accompanied by lush instruments and heavy beats. 

It paved the way for a lucrative and successful career for the Weeknd that has continued to this day, characterized by unconventional production styles. 


4. “I Lost Thursday” – They Might Be Giants 

The alternative American rock band They Might Be Giants released “I Lost Thursday” in 2020 and featured the track on their album Secret Music, Volume 1. 

They Might Be Giants sings about how easily time slips away from people, with a hint of defeatism, as they wonder how Thursday has disappeared. 

The band enjoyed several successful releases during the 1980s and 1990s, and it is known for incorporating drum machines alongside traditional instruments. 


3. “(Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go to Work Today” – Harry Nilsson 

The song “(Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go to Work Today” by Harry Nilsson is a classic slice of 1970s rock music from one of the era’s most experimental talents. 

It’s a celebration of the day of the week with lyrics that wonder why Thursday feels so much longer than other days, describing it as “surreptitiously unique.” 

Harry Nilsson featured this great song in the movie The Point in 1976, which features the singer telling stories aimed at children with fantastic animation. 


2. “Thursday” – Pet Shop Boys 

The Pet Shop Boys need little introduction, with their iconic song “West End Girls” hitting the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts and making them a household name. 

“Thursday” may be a lesser-known song from the Pet Shop Boys, but it retains their knack for great vocals, stirring synths, and a smooth pop sensibility. 

It was released with a well-directed official music video that sees the duo traveling around a big city as they sing about anticipating the weekend’s arrival. 


1. “Thursday’s Child” – David Bowie 

Last but by no means least, for this playlist of the best songs about Thursday, we’re including “Thursday’s Child” by the inimitable singer-songwriter David Bowie. 

Known for writing and singing some of the best songs of all time, David Bowie delivers the goods with “Thursday’s Child” from 1999, a late-career highlight from the star. 

It’s also another incredible song released with a beautifully made official music video, further proof (if it was needed) that David Bowie was a true musical genius. 



That’s a wrap on this playlist exploring the essential music you can listen to about Thursday, whether you’re anticipating the weekend or have a date lined up. 

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary hip-hop or prefer country and folk music from the 1960s, you’ll find the perfect track to listen to and get in the mood for the weekend. 

We can anticipate many new great songs about Thursday coming in the future, with the day of the week representing limbo before finally getting a break from work. 

What’s the best song about Thursday, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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