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The 10 Best Website Builders For Musicians

Build a professional music website with these top-tier website builders.



Best Website Builders For Musicians

The best website builders for musicians are an essential resource for anyone looking to book more gigs, sell merchandise, and gain attention from the music industry.

Featuring professionally designed templates and a range of customization tools to help refine aesthetics, a website builder can help take your music career to the next level.

In this article, we’ll break down the website builders with the best features, from popular services such as Wix and Squarespace to dedicated music website builders like Bandzoogle.


The 10 Best Website Builders For Musicians

A great website builder for musicians incorporates usability, logical design, and SEO capabilities, with the versatility to include e-commerce functionality and other essential tools.

While Bandzoogle is currently the best website builder for musicians, other builders are catching up, offering highly competitive plans and services.

Now that we’ve outlined our approach, here’s our list of the ten best website builders for musicians:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best Newcomer / Easiest Website Builder
Friday Website Builder

Easily build your own website and online store that's search engine ready with Friday’s intuitive website builder.

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10. WordPress

Wordpress Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Plugins

One of the most popular website builders, WordPress, has long been used by industry professionals to create websites from the ground up.

WordPress has a long history as a blogging platform, making it great for building a community that shares insights into music production tips and tricks.

While it’s not the easiest website builder to use if you’re a beginner (that title goes to Friday, which we’ve covered below), its range of tools means you won’t get stuck expanding your site.


Key Features

With a strong reputation as a builder for websites of all kinds, WordPress delivers a comprehensive range of tools underpinned by reliable architecture.

This includes a long list of plugins and extensions that allow for incremental upgrades and customization on a granular level.

Its e-commerce features and hassle-free hosting make WordPress one of the go-to website builders for large corporations, small businesses, and music websites.



While can be used for free, you’ll need to factor in additional costs, such as finding a hosting plan and purchasing your domain name.

Hosting plans can range from $3 a month to $100, while registering a domain name will set you back anywhere from $10 to $20 per year for a basic TLD.

You may also need to pay for advanced themes, templates, and plugins, with premium themes costing between $20 and $1,000.

While you can use for a music website, if you’re starting, the tools and features available with are enough to get you going.



  • Thousands of templates
  • A comprehensive range of plugins
  • Widely used by professionals
  • Extremely flexible platform



  • Complicated for beginners
  • Requires paid web hosting


Bottom Line

As one of the longest-established website builders today, WordPress has features and excellent plugins for creating a versatile site.

While this makes it complicated for beginners, web-savvy musicians who want to flex their web development knowledge will be in their element with WordPress.


9. Webflow

Webflow Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Customization

Oriented firmly towards musicians with experience as website developers, Webflow merges traditional website-building tools with modern convenience.

It comes with a nice selection of templates that can be quickly customized and are suitable for dynamic content.

While the advanced features might leave newcomers scratching their heads, the basic editor makes it easy to visualize and build a website.


Key Features

Compared to some of the larger website builders on the market, Webflow offers a more limited selection of features while still covering the basics.

You can spruce up the visuals with available parallax scrolling, animations, and other interactive features, which can really bring your website to life.

Advanced SEO controls also help you tweak your site’s content beyond basic metadata editing to include automatically generated site maps.



In addition to the free starter package, you can choose from three main subscription plans with Webflow, with the Core package costing $19 per month.

Their Growth package will set you back $49 per month, including advanced permissions and unlimited storage, and is the best option for professional musicians and bands.



  • No coding knowledge required
  • Great level of design customization
  • Solid selection of templates
  • Intuitive e-commerce tools



  • Subscription plans can be expensive
  • Minimal customer support
  • Not the easiest website builder to use


Bottom Line

Webflow combines excellent optimization tools that require no coding knowledge with a nice selection of custom template designs.

While the service is disadvantaged by its limited customer support, it’s still a great resource for more complex sites for those with the patience to use it.


8. Weebly

Weebly Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Analytics

Weebly is another all-purpose website builder that isn’t explicitly directed toward musicians but offers plenty of features to build a great music site.

The extensive website customization options make Weebly suitable for musicians and artists of all music genres, with versatile templates for all tastes.

Offering plenty of stylish themes and music and video hosting, Weebly also allows advanced users to dive into the core HTML and CSS code for pro-level optimization.


Key Features

As well as the basic website builder and associated themes and templates that users can access, Weebly allows you to add e-commerce functionality easily.

With blogging among the best day jobs for musicians, Weebly’s built-in blog with access to paying subscribers makes it a great platform to flex your writing skills.

PayPal and Stripe payment processing is also easy to use with Weebly’s store, with the professional plan allowing access to Google Ads credit, item badges, and a shipping calculator.



With a free plan to help you get used to the platform, Weebly also offers a Personal plan at $6 per month and a Professional plan with unlimited storage and analytics.

The $26-per-month Performance plan will give you the tools to set up a store if you want to sell music and merchandise through your website.



  • The Weebly app delivers deep analytics
  • Great site customization options
  • Good selection of marketing tools
  • Reasonable price



  • Lacks a built-in music player
  • Commonly used apps cost extra


Bottom Line

Weebly’s broad base approach as a general website builder with readily available stylish themes offers enough scope for users to create an imaginative music website.

For those who want to dig into performance analytics, the tools offered by Weebly make it a great website builder for crunching raw data.


7. Site123

Site123 Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Beginners

Not everyone has the time and patience to dedicate hours to using a website builder, and Site123 is geared toward those who want something up and running with minimal effort.

As well as being incredibly easy for beginners, there’s a good selection of search engine optimization tools to help you improve your site’s performance.

Upgrade to one of the subscription packages, and you can access all the advanced features you’ll find elsewhere, from an online store to premium SEO tools.


Key Features

Site123 delivers one of the most straightforward website builders available, with no coding skills required and an intuitive interface to get everything in place.

In addition to a blog, SEO tools, and online playlists, there’s also the option to post an events calendar to manage tour dates and sell tickets online.

Its usability is enhanced with integration tools for the best hosting sites for musicians, including SoundCloud and Bandsintown, helping you prompt your music to fans.



Site123 offers a Free package that gives you 250MB of storage and bandwidth and the ability to create your own subdomain.

At $12.80 per month, the Premium plan includes a free domain for one year, 10GB of storage, 5GB of bandwidth, and the option to have a store.



  • Intuitive website builder and editor
  • Mobile-friendly design tools
  • Search engine optimization features included
  • E-commerce capabilities



  • The Free plan is limited
  • Limited amount of storage


Bottom Line

Musicians and bands who are new to the industry and want a quick and easy platform to build their website can use Site123’s free plan.

While some limitations might be off-putting to those with lots of content, Site123 is a quick way to get your online presence going.


6. BandVista

Band Vista Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Bands

A great website for a musician or band should capture the essence of why music is so powerful, showcasing their best work and live performances.

With BandVista, musicians and bands can quickly set up a site with an integrated music player using one of their band-oriented templates.

There’s also a selection of e-commerce tools to help increase sales of vinyl records and other merchandise to a wider audience.


Key Features

The emphasis on supporting bands means that BandVista is incredibly easy to use for uploading music and video files in a presentable way.

Its newsletter subscription feature is also perfect for more established bands, helping them maintain contact with fans regularly.

For bands and musicians, the free music player is perhaps the biggest draw, allowing visitors to purchase tracks directly from the player.



At $9.95 per month, a Silver subscription gets you five mail accounts, with a limit of 50 music tracks, 500 images, and a maximum of 1,000 newsletter fans allowed.

Upgrade to Gold for $10.85 per month, and the music track and image limit doubles, while Platinum increases the limit on music, images, and newsletter contacts for $15.85 per month.



  • Optimized for bands and musicians
  • Simple to set up
  • No commission on merchandise sales
  • A selection of affordable plans



  • Dated templates and design
  • Lacks more advanced features


Bottom Line

With its emphasis on supporting and promoting bands and its thorough selection of merchandise tools, BandVista is becoming an increasingly popular website builder.

It might be too basic for musicians with previous experience developing websites, but it delivers everything you’ll need as a service for showcasing music.


5. Squarespace

Squarespace Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Design Options

Squarespace is among the best-known website builders on the market, and for a good reason — it features some of the best-looking template designs available.

Combining embedded music with great podcasting and blogging tools makes Squarespace another good builder for developing a strong community spirit.

Whether hosting a podcast on the best DJ pools or interviewing guests, Squarespace allows you to share content across your social media channels easily.


Key Features

While Squarespace isn’t specifically for musicians, it features many relevant tools, including third-party site integration for Eventbrite, SoundCloud, and social media pages.

Setting up an online store is equally easy, while unlimited storage and bandwidth make it a great choice for bands with extensive discography to upload.

The ability to customize audio files in content blocks gives it an edge over many of its competitors regarding music hosting features.



Squarespace’s subscription packages begin at around $23 per month and go up to $65 monthly for complete commerce tools.

Their basic commerce package, costing $30 per month, is ideal for new bands looking to grow their business and want analytics for their store.



  • Outstanding template designs
  • Unlimited storage
  • Social media integration
  • Podcast and blogging features



  • It can be overcomplicated for beginners
  • No free option


Bottom Line

With its top-notch design tools and outstanding templates to choose from, Squarespace can help you put together a site that sits comfortably alongside professional websites.

Loved by creatives worldwide, Squarespace matches its aesthetic-driven design with plenty of features to help you sell gig tickets and merch.


4. Music Glue

Music Glue Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Selling Merchandise

While BandVista offers solid editing tools for bands, Music Glue positions itself as the go-to website builder for selling merchandise.

As e-commerce literacy is essential for success in the music business, the range of sales tools available in Music Glue makes it a solid choice for bands with plenty of merch to sell.


Key Features

Music Glue’s strong focus on helping bands and musicians to sell merchandise and music means its core features are centered on e-commerce functionality.

This even extends to a free print-on-demand service for merchandise like T-shirts, with no upfront costs or concerns about storage or packaging.

They also allow musicians and bands to run VIP packages, merch bundles, and pre-order campaigns for upcoming releases.



The price of a monthly subscription to Music Glue varies, and to get the most up-to-date information, you need to contact them for details.

It should be noted that Music Glue also takes a commission on sales, so be aware of this before you commit to their services.



  • Focused on e-commerce
  • Proven track record for effective performance
  • Great customer support
  • No monthly fees


  • Website features are limited
  • Music Glue takes a commission on sales


Bottom Line

Established bands with a large collection of merchandise that need great e-commerce features will find all the tools they need to sell merch online with Music Glue.

With some of the best musicians of all time known for using their services, including Metallica, Blondie, and Iron Maiden, Music Glue has a great reputation online in the industry.


3. Wix

Wix Website Builder For Musicians

Best For Ease Of Use

Like Squarespace, Wix is among the most popular website builder services, used by everyone from small-scale bloggers to large commercial businesses.

Wix allows users to showcase what makes their music authentic in a visually compelling manner to keep visitors interested in staying on the site.

Its comprehensive selection of analytics and range of subscription options make Wix a versatile website builder for all your potential needs.


Key Features

Wix uses a simple drag-and-drop editor system and custom templates to make building a great-looking website as easy as possible.

Embedding media and connecting to social media channels is simple, while uploading tracks in various file formats can be achieved without additional software.

There’s also a commission-free store feature for selling merch and music, making it a great all-rounder for musicians and bands.



In addition to their most popular $22-per-month Unlimited package for entrepreneurs and freelancers, Wix offers a pared-down Combo package for personal use at just $16 per month.

For the entire suite, including analytics and a site booster app, there’s the VIP package, which also comes with first-priority support at $59 per month.



  • Great templates and design options
  • Upload your own music and videos
  • Deep, insightful analytics
  • Lots of useful music plugins



  • Top-tier packages are expensive
  • Templates are fixed once a site is live


Bottom Line

Wix has mastered the drag-and-drop editor to deliver a premium website builder for musicians, fully optimized across all platforms.

Commission-free e-commerce functionality and analytics make Wix a great website builder for serious business-minded musicians.


2. Friday

Friday Website Builder

Best Newcomer / Easiest Website Builder

One of the most intuitive and, in our opinion, easiest website builders is Friday, featuring all the tools musicians and bands need to build a website.

It’s incredibly easy to use, with a great drag-and-drop editor, an extensive selection of widgets, and some visually striking templates.

Solid e-commerce functionality and support make Friday an attractive option for any band or musician who wants to monetize their digital presence.


Key Features

Friday’s core website builder tools offer a thorough way to build a professional-looking website without experience or coding knowledge.

Their exceptional website templates are fully customizable, with plenty of options for personalization to create the best user experience.

In addition to creating mobile-friendly content, it also features a complete SEO toolset to enhance your site’s overall performance with data analytics.



Friday’s pricing consists of just one simple package, a subscription costing $50 per month ($25 for your first month using this link), giving users unlimited access to its complete range of tools and features.

This includes 24/7 assistance from their expert customer support team and its full suite of templates, SEO tools, and other high-quality resources.



  • The easiest-to-use website builder available
  • Has a comprehensive range of editing tools
  • A simple and intuitive design interface
  • Fully integrated e-commerce features
  • Advanced SEO capabilities compared to other website builders



  • No free trial
  • New to the market


Bottom Line

As the new builder on the block, Friday is already wowing users with its exceptional suite of tools and widgets, making building a music website easy.

We’ve used Friday to build multiple websites for various music projects and continue using it for its outstanding selection of features, intuitive tools, and gorgeous templates.

If you want to read through our deep dive into why we think Friday is set to become the best website builder for musicians, our Friday website builder review covers all the details.


1. Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle Website Builder For Musicians

Best Website Builder For Musicians Overall

As the company name implies, Bandzoogle is a website builder for musicians first and foremost and was also founded by music industry professionals.

If you don’t know how to create a music website, Bandzoogle is one of the best places to start, offering dedicated tools for the job.

It includes hundreds of templates that use a simple drag-and-drop editor so you can build up content and customize all your assets.


Key Features

In addition to the intuitive editor, Bandzoogle makes it simple to add your music and streaming services directly to your website.

Whether using SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or YouTube, your content can be easily integrated and shared directly with fans.

Merchandise, physical copies of your releases, and tickets for upcoming gigs can also be sold through a Bandzoogle website.



Bandzoogle offers a 30-day free trial, with a standard monthly subscription for growing bands set at $12.45.

Upgrading to the Pro subscription at $16.63 per month will give you access to the full suite of online tools for selling merchandise and tickets.



  • Social media integration
  • Musician-specific SEO tools
  • Options to sell merchandise and tickets
  • Custom domain



  • The theme editor could be improved
  • Limited customization tools


Bottom Line

A dedicated website builder for musicians, Bandzoogle offers everything from a free domain name and e-commerce features to full social media integration.

If you’re looking into building your website, selling music, and sharing upcoming events with your fans, Bandzoogle will help you to create a great online community atmosphere.



We hope you’ve found this overview of the best website builders for musicians a helpful guide to getting started creating a music website.

These builders offer a range of great tools and templates to set up your site, with varying degrees of complexity to match all levels of experience.

As website builders evolve, we can anticipate many more tools and features to make creating a music website easier than ever before.

While Bandzoogle is the most popular, we’re thoroughly impressed with Friday’s website builder and predict it to become the go-to website builder for musicians and bands.


Best Newcomer / Easiest Website Builder
Friday Website Builder

Easily build your own website and online store that's search engine ready with Friday’s intuitive website builder.

Learn More
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


What’s the best website builder for musicians, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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