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The 10 Best Music Distribution Services

Reach a global audience with these top music distributors.



Best Music Distribution Services

The best music distribution services allow independent artists and musicians to share their songs with a global audience.

With the music industry evolving rapidly, you must have access to practical tools to reach multiple online music platforms.

There are numerous free music distribution options online, but a professional, high-quality distribution service gives you the best chance of reaching fans worldwide.


The 10 Best Music Distribution Services

While companies that offer music promotion services focus on marketing your music and increasing your visibility, music distribution services perform a slightly different function.

They ensure that your music reaches various online platforms and music stores, making it available to your audience for purchase, streaming, or download.

If you aim to feature your tracks on Spotify or Apple Music, here are the best music distribution services in 2024:


10. ONErpm

ONErpm - Best Music Distribution Services

ONErpm is an established company that is recommended for artists looking for no-frills, free music distribution services without the usual upfront costs.

However, while there is no cost to submit music, they charge a 15% commission fee deducted from your earnings.

This may seem a little unfair compared to our choices below, but with no startup fees, the percentage they charge is reasonable.

ONErpm’s services reach beyond distribution, encompassing an array of offerings, including marketing solutions, essential business utilities, expert rights management assistance, and a video network.

ONErpm’s music distribution platform is aimed at the beginner working on a tight budget and wanting to get their music out to a wide audience.

Overall, they provide distribution on the major streaming platforms and offer artists statistics and analysis to assist with their promotional activities.


9. Amuse

Amuse - Best Music Distribution Services

Amuse was set up as an antidote to the traditional music industry system that exploits musicians and artists, allowing them to be genuinely independent.

Their music distribution model allows artists worldwide to release their music free of charge to all major streaming services.

Since 2015, Amuse has helped musicians like Lil Nas X, Flo Milli, and Lil Tecca to launch their careers free from the constraints of traditional music distribution channels.

Amuse is a music distribution company with a mobile-only platform that offers artists a generous royalty advance option when signing with their label.

They include a “Fast Forward” feature that gives artists predictions of their song’s potential based on its current streaming activity.

Their services include a free starter package with an option to boost releases through additional streaming services for $24 per year.

Once you gain traction, a “Pro” package costs $59.99 per year, allowing for multiple artists’ profiles, custom labels, and 24-hour support.

Distribution is offered to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok, Tidal, Deezer, and many more.

Finally, you get to keep 100% of your revenue and ownership of all rights, giving you complete control over your music career and songs.



LANDR - Best Music Distribution Services

LANDR offers musicians a comprehensive music distribution service with professional mixing and mastering, global distribution, and tools to promote their music.

Artists also have access to industry experts from the biggest record labels, helping to develop their talent while maintaining complete control of their music releases.

Distribution plans start at $23.99 annually, giving artists unrestricted dissemination while retaining 100% of their copyrights and full ownership of their content.

You can upgrade to the “Pro” package for $44.99 per year if you want additional services like advanced reporting and faster releases.

A “Studio” package provides artists with unlimited masters, over 2 million royalty-free samples, and mixing and music promotion courses.

The music distribution service gives musicians access to over 250 music stores and platform placements, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more.

Another attractive feature offers artists access to monetization through YouTube Content ID, allowing them to capitalize on their streams.

LANDR’s platform includes a user-friendly reporting dashboard that gives artists valuable insights and data to help target tour locations based on their fan base.

Overall, if you’re looking for a comprehensive music distribution service that provides professional mastering, global reach, and practical promotional tools, LANDR is an excellent solution.


7. Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic - Best Music Distribution Services

Symphonic music distribution services offer artists everything from marketing and distribution to licensing and publishing worldwide.

This independent music distribution company was started in 2006 by Jorge Brea, a music producer wishing to provide a comprehensive service for artists and musicians.

They provide global digital music distribution services and promotion to the biggest record labels and thousands of new and established artists.

Symphonic has hundreds of retail outlets supporting physical distribution and streaming platforms for their clients to pitch playlists and promote new releases.

To provide the best music distribution for its clients, the company splits its services into two main categories – Core Offerings and Specialized Services.

Symphonic utilizes a custom platform that gives each artist easy access to data concerning their catalogue management, including complete reporting, analytics, and royalty payments.

For clients using a collaborative approach, the system offers an automatic revenue share option, allowing artists to split payments within a customizable model.

You can track your release performance across all streaming platforms and playlist placements on Spotify.

Independent artists from a range of music genres who use Symphonic’s services include stars like Imogen Heap, Yankee, Juan Luis Guerra, and Onyx.

Their starter package costs $19.99 annually and gets your music on over 200 platforms, including Spotify, Apple, TikTok, Triller, Instagram, and Beatport.

In summary, Symphonic allows you to keep 100% of your earnings and music rights while getting paid automatically by YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


6. CD Baby

CDbaby - Best Music Distribution Services

CD Baby is one of the most well-known music distribution companies with a worldwide footprint, including digital distribution services and physical (CD and vinyl) distribution.

They don’t charge an annual fee, and their “Standard Single” package costs $9.99, increasing to $49.99 for their “Pro Album” offering.

Digital distribution is available to Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, as well as more than 150 other music hosting sites worldwide.

Artists can make money using their YouTube Content ID or CD Baby’s services to access sync licensing for games, films, and TV.

CD Baby provides a worldwide publishing royalty collection and song registration service, and global royalty collection societies automatically collect your money.

Top artists like Macklemore, Ingrid Michaelson, and Aloe Blacc recommend CD Baby, crediting the music distribution company as a critical component in their success.

Whether you release an album or a single, CD Baby bills you a one-time fee with no additional costs or annual charges.

Unlike other music distribution companies, artists get to keep 91% of their digital revenue, while CD Baby receives 9% of all digital distribution earnings.

In essence, CD Baby stands out as a critical pillar in top artists’ success stories – offering you a music distribution partner with an excellent reputation.


5. Music Gateway

musicgateway - Best Music Distribution Services

Music Gateway has established itself as one of the most prominent music distribution platforms, helping artists reach Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Instagram, and Deezer.

On the free plan, artists retain 80% of their distribution revenue – handy if one of their song releases generates massive interest.

Besides their distribution services, Music Gateway also assists artists with submitting their music for inclusion on Spotify playlists, gaining them added exposure.

You can try their music promotion services free of charge for 5 tracks or sign up for the $22 per month Pro plan for 80 tracks.

For $37 per month, you can release as much music as you wish across the entire spectrum of more than 150 major streaming platforms worldwide.

Tools to help you market and distribute music include Smartlinks and a dashboard where you’ll receive analytics and data about your fans.

Overall, Music Gateway provides artists with an effective and professional way to get their music in front of a worldwide audience.


4. DistroKid


DistroKid is one of the best music distribution companies, offering its services to all the major streaming platforms at a competitive annual fee.

The “Musician” package starts at $22.99 per year, allowing you to upload unlimited songs and giving you a Spotify-verified checkmark.

The advantage of unlimited releases lies in your ability to upload a consistent flow of music, which keeps listeners interested.

Other options include “Musician Plus” at $39.99 and the “Ultimate” package at $89.99 with daily streaming stats and various customizable options.

As is the norm, you will retain 100% of your royalties with the latest competitive offers from the best music distribution companies.

A handy feature is the Vizy Video Generator, which allows you to create shareable music videos without incurring additional expenses.

Artists can submit their music to DistroKid’s genre-specific playlists, significantly enhancing their chance of reaching a broader audience.

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 from over 22,500 reviews, DistroKid is a highly effective music distribution channel for artists of all kinds.


3. TuneCore

TuneCore - Best Music Distribution Services

Tunecore is a worldwide digital music distribution company that provides musicians with a channel to deliver albums, singles, and ringtones.

Musicians can sell their music using Tunecore’s services on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, Tencent, and Deezer.

After signing up, you can access more than 150 digital stores while keeping 100% of your music rights and revenue.

The primary benefit to you is that you have complete control over your career, and starting at $14.99 per year, you can distribute an unlimited number of releases.

Distribution is available to major digital stores and streaming services in over 200 countries, with artists able to choose a plan that suits their needs and budget.

Their packages include releases to social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Reels, without additional annual fees.

Performers such as Justin Michael Williams, Rich Jones, and Jackie Venson trust TuneCore to keep track of their revenue across all digital platforms.

After analyzing detailed feedback on where their music is being downloaded and streamed, musicians can plan tours around cities with the most fans.

To complete their services, TuneCore provides their clients with expert advice from industry professionals and other successful artists to help maximize their earnings.


2. Magroove

Magroove - Best Music Distribution Services

Magroove is an online music distribution company that doesn’t charge a fee for distributing music, retaining a nominal share of revenue up to $5 instead.

They distribute to over 40 prominent online streaming services and platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer.

As a free music app, Magroove gives artists access to a website and merch store, making establishing their brand and merchandise presence easy.

Part of the company’s success stems from its application of artificial intelligence and an advanced algorithm that analyses listeners’ music selection.

Magroove then tailors its music recommendations based on musical characteristics that it calculates, which will lead to better, more personalized recommendations.

This unique approach gives artists more opportunities for exposure to an audience that appreciates their musical style than with other digital music distribution companies.

In essence, artists are more likely to be discovered by listeners who resonate with their style and genre instead of relying on current popularity.


1. Ditto

Ditto - Best Music Distribution Services

In our opinion, Ditto Music offers the best music distribution services right now, charging a single annual fee to release an unlimited number of songs.

Clients like Ed Sheeran and Billboard Hot 100 star Chance The Rapper trust Ditto as their digital music distributor of choice.

So, you can look forward to keeping 100% of your music royalties, quick payments, and distribution to over 200 outlets like these artists.

Their music services include Vevo distribution options and the provision of analytics and reports to assist with planning tours and releases.

The service is transparent, with complete protection of your copyrights, a worldwide distribution network and the option of being featured on popular playlists.

You have the choice of three plans, including “Artist” for $12 per year, “Professional” at $19 per year, and the top tier, “Label,” priced from $45 per year.

While Ditto is focused on providing the best music distribution service without all the bells and whistles, they also have some essential promotional tools.

They offer comprehensive pre-release and promotional services and detailed sales and streaming data through a robust reporting function.

A 30-day free trial lets artists try the platform before committing to a paid plan, letting them concentrate on making music.

If you want a top-tier music distribution service that prioritizes excellence and offers essential promotional tools, Ditto is our prime choice.



With digital music sales eclipsing all other music distribution channels, you must choose a company that stays current with the latest trends.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting. Selecting a top digital music distribution service is a priority.

These companies help you save time and money by starting you on the road to building an engaged audience through targeted digital music releases.

What’s the best music distribution service, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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