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ZIPDJ Pro Review



ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Review

Our ZIPDJ Pro review explores the record pool’s latest update.

With its easy-to-navigate, eye-pleasing design and unique state-of-the-art features, ZIPDJ is widely regarded as the best DJ record pool on the market.

We’ll put that statement to the test and examine everything from the record pool’s vast music catalog to its advanced mobile application.

Read on to discover what you can expect from subscribing and why you should consider signing up.

Let’s get into it!


ZIPDJ Pro Review

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Banner

Our verdict for ZIPDJ Pro places it as the best record pool for DJs and radio broadcasters, with a comprehensive library of tracks and unique characteristics you’ll only find on their platform.

Before we dive into the details, here are some key points about ZIPDJ Pro:


ZIPDJ Pro Key Points

  • Record Pool: ZIPDJ Pro
  • Best For: Dance, House, Club, Urban
  • File Type: 320kbps MP3
  • Price: $25-30 Per Month Intro Plans / $35-50 Per Month Pro Unlimited Plans
  • Unique Features: Favorites & Follows, Playlists, Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Label Partners: Over 3,000+ International Label Partners
  • Audio Captain Record Pool Rank: #1 Best DJ Record Pool


Now you’re a little more familiar with the record pool, let’s check out its latest features in more detail:


New Features

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool New Features

The latest version of ZIPDJ Pro comes with a nice selection of brand new features, which continue to set the record pool apart from the competition.

President of ZIPDJ, Nick Fiorucci, has long led the industry, focusing on music promotion and discovery for DJs, which is reflected in his enthusiasm for the latest update:

“This is an exciting time for ZIPDJ as our DJ community continues to grow – even through a global pandemic. As the world is reopening and DJs are back to performing, we are extremely excited to launch our new “Pro” version of ZIPDJ and provide the most comprehensive Music Discovery and Promotion Platform for working DJs.”

Here are the new features you get access to when subscribing to ZIPDJ Pro:


1. Updated Software

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Software

ZIPDJ Pro has been rebuilt from the ground up, optimizing across the board for an all-round smoother user experience.

Whether you’re using their service on mobile or desktop, sessions are fast and perform flawlessly across all platforms.


2. Advanced Search & Filtering

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Search & Filtering Promo

ZIPDJ’s baseline search feature is among the fastest of all record pools, and the new update has supplemented this with advanced search and filtering options.

Users can also sort their search results by key and beats per minute, while updated genre filters help you find the best tracks for your tastes.


3. Favorites & Follows

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Favorites & Follows Promo

The developers at ZIPDJ have taken a leaf out of the Spotify playbook and introduced Favorites and Follows, further tailoring the user experience.

As well as providing important feedback to labels, favorites help DJs build better sets and organize music while they’re browsing the record pool.


4. Playlists

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Playlists

The introduction of Playlists to ZIPDJ Pro offers users a new level of organization, improving how DJs keep their libraries properly indexed.

Batch downloads can now be organized by upcoming sets, mood/genre, and any other category tailored to your DJing needs.


5. Advanced Mobile Optimization

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Mobile Optimization Promo

The latest update for ZIPDJ has upgraded more than just the main website: their mobile version has also been fully optimized to deliver the best performance.

Thanks to the completely revamped cross-compatible platform, browsing for new music and adding it to your favorites and playlists on the go is easier than ever before.

We’ll explore these new features in more detail throughout the review, but for now, let’s check out how the pool is shaping up and what it looks like under the hood.


ZIPDJ Pro – First Impressions

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool

When you land on the ZIPDJ Pro homepage, you’re instantly struck by the combination of professionalism and functionality.

From here, you can view highlights from each of the site’s main categories, from New Releases and Top Downloads to Trending and Top Charts.

These categories are listed as tabs at the top of the page and are replicated through icons on the left side of the screen, making them even more accessible.

Additional links take users to ZIPDJ Packs, Labels, Genres, and the Download Manager.

Navigating ZIPDJ couldn’t be more intuitive, while the color scheme of white text on a black backdrop means that everything pops nicely.

ZIPDJ was established in 2007, and its pedigree is reflected in its professional aesthetics and smooth user experience.


ZIPDJ Pro DJ Pool Walkthrough


Search & Filter

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Search & Filter

ZIPDJ Pros search and filter options allow users to find the content they’re looking for with ease.

You can search for artists, labels, and tracks by typing your query in the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the page, and results are generated swiftly and accurately.

When relevant, search results are broken up into artists, tracks, and releases, which is really useful if you’re a little vague on what it is you’re looking for.

Overall, search quality is of the same high standard found in other aspects of navigation across the platform.

Barely noticeable loading times combined with comprehensive results make it a pleasure to use.



ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Genres Filter

Search and filtering in ZIPDJ Pro is more versatile than ever before, thanks to the addition of advanced search and filtering options.

These new tools allow you to:

  • Search for results based on BPM and key, enabling DJs to build sets with music that works well together
  • Access the “Genre Filter,” making it even easier to cut through the extensive catalog of music to the most relevant tracks according to your DJing style


Music Library

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Music Library

ZIPDJ’s strong reputation as the definitive record pool for electronic music DJs is apparent from a cursory glance at their service.

The artists included in their catalog cover everything from mainstream dance acts like Fatboy Slim and Tiesto to well-regarded niche producers, including Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld.

There’s also plenty of commercial pop music listed if that’s more in line with your DJ sets, with music from popular acts such as Ed Sheeran, Elton John, and Justin Beiber.

Some other artists featured on ZIPDJ include:

  • Drake
  • J. Cole
  • Lil Nas X
  • Diplo
  • Swedish House Mafia
  • Travis Scott

Archives include thousands of tracks across dozens of genres, with hundreds of fresh releases added every week.

Popular categories such as House and Dance are complemented by a broad range of additional electronic music categories, including:

  • Acapellas / DJ Tools
  • Afro House
  • Afrobeats
  • Big Room / Future House / Electro
  • Deep House
  • Drum & Bass
  • Funky House / Jackin House
  • House
  • Indie Dance / Nu Disco
  • Lounge / Chill Out
  • Organic House
  • Progressive House
  • Soulful House
  • Tech House
  • Techno
  • Trance

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Genres

In addition to leaving virtually no stone unturned when it comes to electronic music genres, there’s an impressive selection of other genres to satisfy users with different tastes.

For example, you can access a range of music from the following styles:

  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Rock
  • Country
  • R&B / Soul
  • Classics

Whether you’re navigating their extensive catalog via your genre of preference or through the various charts and top downloads, there’s a wealth of information available.

In addition to the track title and artist, ZIPDJ Pro lists the releasing label and genre, as well as useful information about the track’s length, BPM, and key.

Adding music to your Playlists is performed with a simple click, and you can choose to play these in the preview player at the touch of a button.

Another area where ZIPDJ Pro excels is its range of hyperlinks embedded in its music listings.

While some record pools avoid listing information such as labels, and others omit hyperlinks that take you to an artist’s body of work, everything here links to the relevant place.

This makes browsing ZIPDJ Pro a pleasure rather than a chore since you can jump straight to an artist or label in one click without having to type anything in the search field.

Features like this are why ZIPDJ stands out for its attention to detail and help to make the overall navigation of its music library a satisfying experience.



ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Favorites

The latest update of ZIPDJ brings an extra level of nuance to how users can make the most of their record pool with the Favorites and Follows feature.

You can use this feature to:

  • Flag/mark your favorite tracks as you work through ZIPDJ Pros extensive library
  • Follow artists and labels, making sure their latest releases are brought to your attention
  • Put together better sets with a focus on core tracks and set highlights
  • Deliver feedback to labels letting them know which tracks perform the best
  • Consolidate the role of DJs as tastemakers by bringing them closer to the labels


File Types & Sizes

ZIPDJ Pro offers the same high-quality audio files for all its subscription tiers, delivering DJ set-ready music to your archives.

All music is downloaded as 320kbps MP3 files, with exceptional audio reproduction across all frequencies for optimal DJ sets and radio broadcasts.

The files are also properly ID3 tagged, so they’re ready to go whatever your preference of DJ software.

When downloading files in bulk, ZIPDJ Pro lives up to its name and serves these in easy-to-access ZIP files.


Preview Player

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Preview Player

ZIPDJ Pros preview player is quickly activated whenever you play a listed track, appearing locked at the bottom of the screen with the option to close.

The design of the preview player matches the style of the rest of the site, with the track’s waveform showing the peaks and breakdowns.

Track title, artist, and the track version are all listed to the player’s left side, with controls for playing/pausing, skipping tracks, and muting audio sitting to the right.

You can quickly add the track to your downloads directly from the preview player, saving you the trouble of going back through search results to find the original listing.

There’s also a History tool, so if you want to go back and listen to a previously previewed song, you can check here to find it.



ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Keyboard Shortcuts

The latest version of ZIPDJ makes it even easier for users to control the preview player and check the latest releases via keyboard shortcuts.

These shortcuts allow you to:

  • Use the space bar to play/pause the track
  • Mute the audio with the backspace and delete buttons
  • Seek through the track by holding CTRL + left and right arrow keys
  • Scroll through the mixes using the up and down arrow keys
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through and play mixes
  • Use the Enter key to play a selected mix
  • Use the Tab key to download a selected mix


Performance & Downloading

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Performance

ZIPDJ Pros main categories each offer an extensive list of music without sacrificing performance.

There are no lag times to speak of when moving from one page to another, and the on-site preview player pops up instantaneously whenever you choose a track to play.

Likewise, search results are delivered swiftly, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly, whether you’re after a specific track or label.

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Download Manager

Adding music to the Download Manager and initiating bulk downloads is equally smooth and efficient.

You can swiftly view your current download queue by clicking on the top-right download icon, and there’s a handy number here to let you know the current number of tracks you’ve added.

It’s a great way to double-check what your playlist currently holds without having to navigate away from your current page.

The Download Manager lets you know the total file size of your current batch, which is useful if you’re running low on storage and need to be more selective about what you download.

Transfer speeds are also impressive, delivering your desired tracks to your hard drive in handy ZIP files, as previously mentioned.



ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool My Crates Folder

ZIPDJ Pros overall performance and downloading are further enhanced by:

  • A Software Revamp: ZIPDJ has done a lot of work under the hood to make the user experience better than ever. It’s reflected in the overall improvement to the user experience and speedy loading times for the various subcategories available in the record pool.
  • Playlists: One of the most time-consuming aspects of using a record pool is sorting through and organizing your batched downloads. The addition of Playlists to ZIPDJ Pro means you can create custom folders for downloads, perfect for putting together a selection for specific events or moods.
  • Preferences: ZIPDJ’s ability to customize the landing page is another feature that sets this record pool apart from the competition. Users can log on and instantly access music from their preferred genres.

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Landing Page Preferences

One new feature which struck us as a potential game-changer when putting together this ZIPDJ Pro review is the introduction of preferences.

ZIPDJ Pros landing page can be tailored to suit your specific browsing needs by going into your account settings.

These preferences allow you to set the default landing page to one of the following:

  • Home
  • New Releases (Release View)
  • New Releases (Track View)
  • Top Downloads
  • Trending Charts
  • Top Charts
  • Genres
  • ZIPDJ Packs

There’s also a handy section to choose your genre preferences.

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Genre Preferences

Simply select the genres you like from the list, and the landing page will filter for these only when bringing up music lists.

It’s an impressive level of customization which elevates the user experience from great to exceptional, in our opinion.



ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool ZIPDJ Packs

Not everyone has the time to dig through the available content of a record pool, especially when the library of music is as overwhelming as it is in ZIPDJ Pro.

ZIPDJ Packs allow DJs to delve into carefully curated selections of music instantly, spanning various categories that cater to a wide range of tastes.

The categories for ZIPDJ Packs users can choose from include:

  • Essentials & Features
  • Four On The Floor
  • Urban Jamz
  • Club Hits Reworked
  • Urbano
  • Grand 12-Inches
  • Rewind
  • Rock On
  • Trending Packs

There’s also an option to view all the available packs listed along with the individual tracks that the packs are composed of.

A drop-down menu allows you to filter this list for genres (although this doesn’t include the complete list you can view in the genre’s section of the site).

ZIPDJ Pro Record Pool Trending Packs

Finally, there’s a Trending Packs tab you can use to go into more detail with specific genres.

This curated selection of ZIPDJ Packs lets you jump to the record pool’s most popular genres, from Dance and Dubstep to Tech House and Trance.

If you’re in a rush and need to put together a consistent set of excellent music, ZIPDJ Packs allow you to do this with ease.


ZIPDJ Pro Mobile Application

The best DJ record pools allow users to access their databases on the go via mobile applications, adding music to their Playlists so they can download them later from a desktop device.

ZIPDJ Pros mobile application brings all the core features of their desktop service to your smartphone, with a pared-down and neat user interface.

Performance is great, with no lag times when delivering search results or accessing the various subcategories.

It’s an excellent way to continue building up your music collection while on the move and getting everything organized before you hit download.



The latest version of ZIPDJ features Advanced Mobile Optimization.

With this, users can:

  • Enjoy a smoother mobile experience thanks to the newly optimized application
  • Take advantage of the Playlists and Favorites features while browsing the record pool on mobile devices



There are two subscription tiers for ZIPDJ Pro: Intro Plans and Pro Unlimited Plans.

The price for each of these tiers depends on your desired billing frequency and are broken down as follows:


Intro Plans

  • Silver – $25/month (Billed Monthly)
  • Gold – $30/month (Billed Monthly)


Pro Unlimited Plans

  • 1 Month – $50/Month (First Month $35)
  • 6 Months – $45/Month (Billed Every 3 Months)
  • 12 Months – $35/Month (Billed Yearly)


Depending on which subscription plan you go for, the level of features you’re able to access will vary.

The two features you cant use if you go for an Intro Plan are Unlimited Downloads and Curated Essentials Packs / Playlists.

The rest of the features listed below are available in all subscription plans.

  • 60+ Subgenres
  • Over 3,000 Top Labels
  • Properly ID3 Tagged Files
  • Highest Quality MP3s (320kbps)
  • Access To Full Music Library
  • One-Click Download, Preview, & Search
  • Most Advanced DJ Record Pool



The support system for ZIPDJ Pro might be on the basic side, but submitting a support ticket to the team is incredibly simple.

Simply head to your account information and choose the Support Ticket link, and you can fire off your questions straight away.

We found ZIPDJs team to be incredibly responsive and helpful, typically getting back to you within 24 hours to resolve your issue.

The site could benefit from an FAQ section to answer common questions, but with that said, ZIPDJ Pro is so intuitive to use it’s unlikely you’ll run into any issues using the pool.


Things To Consider

When looking for the right record pool for your needs, you should consider which genres are included and if the pool covers your preferred tastes.

If you’re a dance-centric DJ, chances are ZIPDJ Pro will do the trick and then some since, in our opinion, it’s the best DJ record pool for genres geared towards dance music.

Also, consider your budget and if you think you’ll get value for money while building up your music library.

If you’re still not sure if this is the right record pool for you, head back to the top of the page and have another read of the review.

We’ve included a summary of the Key Points, too, so you can check out ZIPDJ’s core appeal at a glance.



We hope our ZIPDJ Pro review has helped shed light on why we think it’s the best DJ record pool out there.

From the smooth navigation of its extensive music library to excellent time-saving features such as Favorites and Playlists, ZIPDJ Pro is a true pleasure to use.

Professional DJs with an inclination for a broad range of electronic music will find everything they need to contribute to and maximize their sets.

All in all, ZIPDJ Pro is a top-class digital record pool for serious professionals and amateur DJs alike.


Is ZIPDJ Pro the best DJ record pool? Leave a comment below.

Andy has been producing music since the early days of Cubase and spent much of the 2000s mixing house and techno with his trusty Technics 1200s. Fast forward two decades, you'll find him in his home studio experimenting with the latest music production software, tinkering with Ableton plug-ins, and occasionally trying (and failing) to complete Cuphead for the hundredth time.