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BPM Supreme Review



BPM Supreme Review

If you’re a DJ looking for a new record pool, then our BPM Supreme review outlines what this service offers, and how it can improve your DJing career.

Being one of the largest DJ record pools on the market, BPM Supreme supplies users with an extensive library of popular music, easily accessed on various platforms.

Read on to find out how subscribing to BPM Supreme can help you build a comprehensive music library with broad commercial appeal.


BPM Supreme Review

BPM Supreme features a wide selection of tracks across various genres, from house to hip hop.

With a catalog including music exclusive to BPM Supreme, subscribers get access to private tracks that other DJs cant.

As well as providing the opportunity to line up unique DJ sets, BPM Supreme goes one further than many record pools by offering a respectable selection of scratch tools.

The addition of curated sets and exclusive playlists makes BPM Supreme one of the best record pools on the market right now.


Key Points

  • Record Pool: BPM Supreme
  • Best For: Dance, Pop, Hip Hop
  • File Type: MP3 Audio
  • Price: Standard $19.99/ Premium $29.99
  • Notable Features: Scratch Tools
  • Label Partners: 100+
  • Audio Captain Rank: #5 Best DJ Record Pool


Now you know the basics of the record pool, let’s take a look at what BPM Supreme offers in more detail.


First Impressions

BPM Supreme Record Pool Interface

When you first launch BPM Supreme, it’s clear that this is a modern-looking service with an eye for functionality.

The homepage presents users with a range of primary tabs, from basic Browse to New Releases and Scratch Tools.

There’s also a handy news section, with articles covering a range of music industry and DJ-related topics.

There are seven main tabs to browse: new releases, trends, playlists, curated sets, scratch tools, and genres + moods.

BPM Supreme’s user interface is intuitive, clear, and delivers an all-round no-nonsense experience as you browse through their various genres and features.


BPM Supreme Video Walkthrough


Search & Filter

BPM Supreme Record Pool Search & Filter

The basic search box in the page’s header is just that – you can only search here, with no filter options available.

Head over to the new releases and trends sections of the site, however, and you’ll get access to a nice selection of filters for each of these categories.

Located on the right-hand side of the screen, BPM Supreme’s filters allow you to refine your searches based on the following parameters:

  • Category (this includes broad genres such as Dance Music, as well as site-specific categories such as BPM Originals)
  • Genre
  • Mood 
  • Song version (ranging from clean and dirty to acapella and extended cuts)
  • BPM (users input their preferred range)
  • Key
  • Relevance (sorting by date, artist, title, and BPM)

There’s also an option to hide remixes, which can be useful if you’re only interested in viewing the main releases by a given artist.

Searches respond quickly and bring up accurate results, making it a great way to skip right to the tracks which matter to you the most.


Music Library

BPM Supreme Music Library Genres

While BPM Supreme doesn’t list the amount of music they have available (new tunes are constantly being added), it’s clear from browsing the platform that thousands of tracks are available to download.

View any given genre, and there are dozens of pages of tracks listed, covering an extensive range of genres, including dancehall, electronica, and trap.

Other genres available include:

  • Afrobeat
  • Country
  • Dancehall
  • Disco
  • Dubstep
  • Funk
  • Latin Pop
  • Nu Wave
  • Tech House

Track titles are listed along with version type (for instance, clean or dirty, with short and long edits also available), and if you like a particular artist, you can view all their tracks by clicking on their name.

Other information available for music includes the genre, date uploaded, beats per minute, and link to download/add to your crate.

Once you’ve set a track playing in the preview player, the player will remain locked on the bottom of your screen, which is great for when you’re browsing the site and want to control your queued titles.

BPM Supreme Record Pool Music Library

If you’re after a certain feeling to your music, as opposed to any specific genres, there’s an entire section of the site dedicated to moods.

This original approach to categorization is another nice touch, helping users put together playlists focused around a range of moods, from calm and happy, to melancholic and dark.

It’s mostly music that falls into the mainstream and popular categories, which is great if you’re a mobile DJ or working in a commercial environment such as a bar or restaurant.

If you’re a club DJ looking for something more niche and underground, you might find the pickings here a little slim for your requirements.

That said, there are some big-name acts featured on BPM Supreme, with artists ranging from Drake and Tiesto to Elton John and 2Pac.


File Types & Sizes

Whether you have a standard subscription or a premium account, you’ll get access to BPM Supreme’s high-quality MP3 audio downloads.

This means everything you download will be at 320kbps, delivering crisp audio without compromising on rich basslines and clear melodies.

While it would be nice to have the option to download tracks in additional formats, for instance, FLAC or WAV files, the quality delivered is certainly DJ-ready.


Preview Player

BPM Supreme Record Pool Preview Player

BPM Supreme’s preview player activates at the bottom of the screen when you press the preview play button on a given track.

It remains fixed in this position as you navigate the site, which is a nice way to keep the musical momentum going while browsing for more tunes.

Track information, including the artist, track title, and version, are all included, and the music track bar is displayed as a waveform so that you can see the peaks and troughs.

Other tools include the ubiquitous play and pause, along with a volume control/mute and the ability to turn off high-quality streaming.

This is a useful addition for users who might not have the best internet connection but still want to preview music without annoying load times (this is only available to premium subscribers).

Overall, the preview player is in keeping with the rest of the site, i.e., it is simple but effective and functions without any unnecessary delays.


Playlists & Curated Sets

BPM Supreme Record Pool Playlists

If you’re struggling to think of what music to download, you can get a great deal of inspiration from BPM Supreme’s playlists and curated sets.

These are comprehensive and broad-ranging playlists, so regardless of your preferred genre or mood, you’ll likely find something here to get the ball rolling.

Playlist categories include trends, club hits, regional, occasions, and many more, including:

  • BBQ & Beer
  • Top 40
  • Pride Anthems
  • Corporate Vibes
  • Labor Day Weekend

There’s music here suitable for everything from weddings to gym sessions, spanning all the genres listed on BPM Supreme’s services.

BPM Supreme Record Pool Curated Sets

The selection of BPM Supreme curated sets is equally thorough and caters to all kinds of events.

If you’re DJing for a corporate gig or have a party lined up for college students, you can check out a vast selection of curated sets tailored to your needs.


Scratch Tools

BPM Supreme Record Pool Scratch Tools

Scratch tools are something that many record pools are sorely missing, and they’re essential if you want to take your hip-hop DJ sets to the next level.

There are over 100 scratch tools here for you to choose from, covering beats to acapellas across a spectrum of genres.

Previews load instantaneously, and each track comes with information about the artist, BPM, key, and the date of upload.

It’s a welcome addition to an already impressively stacked record pool, demonstrating BPM Supreme’s commitment to being an authoritative resource for DJs.


Performance & Downloading

BPM Supreme Record Pool Performance & Downloading

BPM Supreme is easily navigable, with no real wait times to speak of when previewing or downloading content.

If you have any issues, a support section features an extensive FAQ guide covering general questions, billing, and technical support.

Search results are prompt and relevant, and the option to click on the artist’s name to view their complete catalogs saves time copying and pasting text into the search tool.

BPM Supreme Record Pool Crate

Loading up the crate with stacks of music to download works well, while the download speeds themselves are on par with any other record pool we’ve tested.

This adds up to an all-round pleasant and efficient user experience, and with the curated sets and playlists, you’ll never be stuck for music to check out.


BPM Supreme Mobile Application

If you want to browse or search their library when you’re on the move, you can install the BPM Supreme app.

All music can be easily previewed here, and you can add anything you want to download to your crate.

Once you’re back at your computer, you can pop the record pool in their web browser, and all your saved music will be ready to download.



BPM Supreme offers two subscription plans: Standard & Premium. Let’s break down what you get with a BPM Supreme standard vs premium subscription:



BPM Supreme’s standard subscription package costs $19.99 per month.

With this, you’ll get access to the following features:

  • BPM Supreme App
  • Track Preview
  • Waveform Player
  • Day/Night Mode
  • NQ MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Version Selection
  • Crate Downloads



If you choose to upgrade to BPM Supreme’s premium package, expect to pay $29.99 per month.

In addition to the features included in the basic package, you’ll also get:

  • Playlists & Curated Sets
  • Cloud Rescue
  • HQ Audio Streaming

Cloud rescue is a particularly useful feature since this allows you to reacquire your entire catalog if you lose your data (for instance, your hard drive, which stores your downloads).

BPM Supreme can access your download history and recover any files you’ve lost.



BPM Supreme’s support system means you’ll always have help in case you’re experiencing any issues.

There’s a thorough FAQ section to begin with, which covers all the core topics you’d expect across a range of fields.

General questions, issues relating to billing, technical problems, and the BPM Supreme mobile app are all covered in dedicated sections.

If the FAQ guide doesn’t answer your questions, you can contact the support team at BPM Supreme directly through the email address provided.

We’ve found their customer support team to be responsive and helpful, typically responding within 24 hours.


Things To Consider

When looking at which record pool is the right one for you, there are a few things to consider, including your preferred genres of music and where you intend to play.

Make sure you browse the content of a record pool such as BPM Supreme, so you can decide if their library is appropriate.

Does the record pool offer the audio quality you’re accustomed to? Is it within your budget?

If you’ve not already done so, head to the top of the page and read through our review of BPM Supreme now.

We’ve included a Key Points summary, so you can check out the top genres for this record pool at a glance.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our BPM Supreme review.

There’s a varied and extensive library for DJs looking for popular and mainstream music here, making BPM Supremes price well worth it for either subscription plan.

With an intuitive interface and smooth user experience, the record pool covers a nice selection of genres and categories.

If you’re new to DJing or want the latest hits from popular genres such as house and hip hop, BPM Supreme is a great place to start.


Is BPM Supreme the best DJ record pool? Leave a comment below.

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