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23 Best Songs About Gratitude & Being Thankful

Feeling grateful for how wonderful life is? These are the songs for you.



Best Songs About Gratitude

There are many blessings in life that we can all be thankful for, and the best songs about gratitude explore the concept in all its forms.

Whether it’s celebrating friends and family who support us during difficult times or appreciating a beautiful sunrise, these songs have it covered.

Read on, and we’ll list all the gratitude songs you can listen to and take inspiration from to be thankful for the good things in your life.


The 23 Best Songs About Gratitude & Being Thankful

Songs about gratitude come from a wide range of singers and songwriters, covering all genres and styles of music.

We’ve hand-picked the best gratitude songs to reflect this diverse range, covering everything from classic pop and rock songs to underground hip-hop hits.

Let’s get started with our list of the 23 best songs about gratitude and being thankful:


23. “Grateful For This Day” – Lauren Nikohl

Singer-songwriter and music producer Lauren Nikohi captures how easy it can be to forget to be grateful in her 2020 song, “Grateful For This Day.”

The lyrics, “When a negative thought comes to your mind, just catch yourself, rewind,” are a clear reminder of the importance of gratitude.

Based in Los Angeles, the Minnesota native is a rising star with a powerful voice and soulful approach to her music.


22. “Mashed Potato Time” – Dee Dee Sharp

Dee Dee Sharp’s song “Mashed Potato Time” is the perfect song for Thanksgiving, celebrating the iconic side dish.

It’s a powerful, upbeat song in which Dee Dee Sharp praises the dish and holiday season that gets the listener in the mood to celebrate.

Sharp was awarded a Sandy Hosey Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 from the Artists Music Guild for her contributions to music.


21. “We Are Family” – Sister Sledge

As their name implies, Sister Sledge appreciates the importance of relatives, as their iconic song “We Are Family” confirms.

The legendary disco group’s famous song is a heartfelt appreciation of family and the strong bond that sisters have with one another.

It was their biggest chart hit, reaching number one in the US and number five in the UK, and it remains widely played to this day.


20. “Give Thanks & Praises” – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley is no stranger to writing powerful music and has written one of the best songs about change, “Redemption Song.”

“Give Thanks and Praises” is a powerful song about commending people for the good they do in the world.

It was released following his death on the 1983 album Confrontation, which also featured one of his most popular songs, “Buffalo Soldier.”


19. “Wind Beneath My Wings” – Bette Midler

Bette Midler has enjoyed many successes throughout her career, both as a singer and an actress in award-winning movies.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” is her 1989 ballad about her appreciation for a close friend who was there for her when she needed them.

It was released alongside her movie Beaches and hit the top spot on the charts in America.


18. “Family Business” – Kanye West

Kanye West brings his unique rapping and production style to his track “Family Business,” which demonstrates his pride for his family.

This gratitude is repeated throughout the track, acknowledging his family’s flaws but loving them all the same.

Released on his breakthrough album College Dropout in 2004, it helped launch West into the mainstream spotlight.


17. “Kind & Generous” – Natalie Merchant

 American singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant wrote the song “Kind and Generous” to honor her close friend and confidant.

Merchant’s affecting and honest lyrics convey her endearing and positive message to her fans.

It was released in 1998, with an excellent music video that featured actual circus performers from her local area.


16. “Because You Loved Me” – Céline Dion

Celine Dion is no stranger to writing songs everyone knows, and “Because You Loved Me” is another iconic track from her discography.

It’s a celebration of her husband and the role they played in lifting her when she was down and encouraging her to be the best she could be.

Dion met her music producer husband when she was just 12 years old, and he mortgaged his home to help finance her career.


15. “Thank You For Being A Friend” – Andrew Gold

The title of the classic song from Andrew Gold, “Thank You for Being a Friend,” is a sound piece of advice everyone should take on board.

Released in 1978, it’s a great song about gratitude with a catchy hook that shows us the importance of appreciating friendships.

While it initially charted poorly, the song became popular again in the 1980s after it was covered by Cynthia Fee for the Golden Girls.


14. “Thank You” – Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men are well known for their heartfelt songs about gratitude, praising the concept in their simple song, “Thank You.”

It’s an acapella powerhouse celebrating the people in their lives who stuck by them through the good times and the bad.

Their intricate harmonies are backed up with solid basslines, resulting in a powerful expression of gratitude.


13. “Thank God For Hometowns” – Carrie Underwood

While some singers write songs about the people they’re grateful for, Carrie Underwood turned her attention to her community.

“Thank God for Hometowns” celebrates the place we grow up in, from the pews in a church to the county lines surrounding them.

While many dream of escaping their hometown into the wider world, Underwood appreciates its important role in shaping who we are.


12. “Thankful” – Kelly Clarkson

Released on her debut studio album, “Thankful” is Kelly Clarkson’s warm and heartfelt song about her lover.

It’s a surprisingly jazzy song that shows appreciation for the strength and encouragement her lover gave her during tough times.

Clarkson burst onto the music scene when she won the first-ever series of American Idol, with the singer later appearing on The Voice.


11. “Gratitude” – Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind And Fire released the song “Gratitude” on the double album of the same name in 1975.

The concept album also included songs on similar themes, with other tracks including “Celebrate,” “Devotion,” and “Reasons.”

The album was another hit for the group, reaching the top spot of the Billboard Top Soul Albums and remaining there for six weeks.


10. “What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong

“What a Wonderful World” is perhaps the best-known song from Louis Armstrong, the jazz master who enjoyed an illustrious career.

Everything from the clouds in the sky to the darkness of night is celebrated in the song, which captures the beauty of the planet we live on.

Armstrong’s classic tune is also considered one of the best songs about unity ever made and is widely considered a classic.


9. “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” – Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” is another excellent love song celebrating a romantic partner.

She sings about a lack of inspiration that transforms into positivity when she meets the subject of the track.

Franklin, an iconic singer and figurehead of soul music left the lyric writing to her long-term collaborator Gerry Goffin.


8. “Thank You For Loving Me” – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi cuts to the chase with his gratitude song “Thank You for Loving Me” to narrate how his lover makes him a more positive person.

The track was released in the movie Meet Joe Black, with the title taken directly from the dialogue of Brad Pitt’s character.

Bon Jovi is no stranger to success as a musician, with nine Grammy Award nominations and a win throughout his career.


7. “Thankful” – DJ Khaled Ft. Lil Wayne & Jeremih

Returning to popular hip hop music again for “Thankful,” released by DJ Khaled and featuring Lil Wayne and Jeremih.

It’s a loud and proud track that delivers a positive message to listeners and encourages them to smile and give thanks for their friends.

Using samples from the Bobby Bland track “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City,” it’s an upbeat track from 2021.


6. “Thank U” – Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette wrote “Thank U” to show her gratitude for the love and protection she received on her tour of India.

She sings about the spiritual awakening she had on the road and the inner journey she took when discovering a new religion.

Conversely, Morissette has also penned one of the best songs about revenge, the 1996 track “You Oughta Know.”


5. “Grateful” – Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s Oscar-nominated song “Grateful” was released on the soundtrack for Beyond the Lights, starring Minnie Driver and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

The song reminds us to be grateful for everything, from the sunrise to the pains that make us stronger people.

Written by Diane Warren, the soundtrack album also featured music from Nicki Minaj, Jacob Banks, and Kid Culprit.


4. “You’re My Best Friend” – Queen

“You’re My Best Friend” is Queen’s legendary contribution to songs about gratitude, first released in 1976.

It includes the widely-sung line, “Oooh, you make me live!” that perfectly captures in a few simple words how a best friend makes you feel.

Queen is no stranger to writing massive hits, including one of the best songs of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody.


3. “In My Life” – The Beatles

Released on their hit album Rubber Soul, “In My Life” is a touching and moving song that sees John Lennon reflecting on the people he knew in Liverpool.

Released in 1965, Lennon avoided mentioning places by name, resulting in an abstract song about gratitude and the “places that have their moments with lovers and friends.”

It’s one of the most beautifully narrated gratitude songs from the masters of rock and roll that is regularly featured on playlists to this day.


2. “Thank God I Found You” – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey brings her soaring soprano voice to the table for “Thank God I Found You,” which she composed with Joe and 98 Degrees.

Her collaborators bring additional texture to the vocals, transforming the pop song into something deeper and more spiritual.

Carey also wrote one of the best karaoke songs you can sing yourself, the 1996 chart-topping hit “Always Be My Baby.”


1. “Thank U, Next” – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released “Thank U, Next” in 2019, exploring the idea that everyone we meet, good or bad, is an opportunity to grow and learn.

Released with a Christmas-themed video that captures the importance of gratitude, it’s an ode to her exes and how they helped her become a better person.

The song was a huge hit, charting at the number one spot in America and the United Kingdom and making her a bigger star worldwide.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this playlist exploring some of the best songs about gratitude you can listen to for inspiration today.

If you want to thank someone close to you for their help and support, these excellent songs will help you find the right words.

They also show that gratitude can be for different things and people in our lives, such as the beauty of the natural world.

What songs about gratitude inspire you to show thanks for the people and places you love? Leave a comment below.

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