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The Best DJ Drops: Top 15 Websites For DJ Voice Overs



A DJ Playing The Best DJ Drops

As the popularity of podcasts, radio, and live streams has exploded in recent years, DJ drops have become more commonplace in the music industry amongst professionals and amateurs.

A DJ drop is a small audio sample that is made to be inserted into a mix at any time and usually includes the artist’s name and some sound FX or a jingle on occasion.

They can be added to mix-tapes, radio programs, producer tags, live DJ sets, or live streams.

So what are the best DJ drops?

The best DJ drops provide energy to your mix and let the audience know who’s DJing during a mix or performance. They give a recording a professional polish and take DJ mixes to the next level whilst promoting the DJ.


Fully-Produced DJ Drops Vs. Dry DJ Drops

First, it’s important to understand the difference between the different types of DJ drops available as there are several types. So what do they mean when talking about ‘dry drops’ and ‘wet drops’?

A ‘dry drop’ is usually just a voice-over sample saying your chosen phrase that you can ‘drop’ into a mix at any time.

They will have no effects or other sounds added to them and will just be a voice-over of a chosen script or phrase.

A fully produced DJ drop will either have vocal effects, sound effects, or both and is often referred to as a ‘wet drop.’

You’ll often hear them at the beginning or end of a DJ set or radio recording and are most commonly used for introductions between two DJ sets.

There are variations of the two listed above, like a custom name drop, a fully custom dry DJ drop, and a fully produced dry drop.

If they are listed as dry, you’ll be able to ‘drop’ them anywhere into a mix as they don’t have effects or music that will spoil the mix.

If you see a DJ drop advertised as a ‘wet’ drop, it will have some kind of effects or additional sounds that means it will be intended to introduce a mix or set and won’t be possible to ‘drop’ into a mix at any other time.


In A Rush? Here’s Our Favorite DJ Drop Service:


Best DJ Drop Service Overall
Music Radio Creative | Custom DJ Drops

Create custom DJ drops, voiceovers, podcast intros, and radio jingles in just a few clicks.

  • High-Quality Male/Female Custom DJ Drops
  • Optional Add-On Music, SFX & VFX - MP3/WAV
  • Delivery Within 1-5 Days (24-Hours If Required)
  • Excellent Trustpilot Reviews & Support Team
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


The Best DJ Drops: Top 15 Websites For DJ Voice Overs

We’ve created a list of the top 15 DJ drop services available online and catering to all styles and budget requirements, from small-time amateur podcasters to fully-fledged radio stations and everything in between.

You’ll find the best DJ drop websites listed below ranked in no particular order.


1. Music Radio Creative

Music Radio Creative - Best DJ Drops

Prices range between $10-$25

Music Radio Creative was established in 2006 and has quickly become the preferred choice for DJ drops in the DJ community, and our personal favorite.

They offer an extensive range of services including custom DJ drops, in-the-mix jingles, and countdown jingles, and feature a range of DJ voice-over artists that can create DJ drops in multiple languages!

One of the best things about Music Radio Creative is their turnaround time for orders, usually between 1-5 days, but they also offer fast delivery options that allow you to receive your order within 24 hours, backed by their satisfaction guarantee.

In our opinion, this is the best dj drop service on the market right now!


Best DJ Drop Service Overall
Music Radio Creative | Custom DJ Drops

Create custom DJ drops, voiceovers, podcast intros, and radio jingles in just a few clicks.

  • High-Quality Male/Female Custom DJ Drops
  • Optional Add-On Music, SFX & VFX - MP3/WAV
  • Delivery Within 1-5 Days (24-Hours If Required)
  • Excellent Trustpilot Reviews & Support Team
View DJ Drops
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


2. Commercial Kings

Best DJ Drops - Commercial KingsPrices from: $15 for 90 characters

Commercial Kings slogan is “We make you sound good” and offers an incredible range of services from audio for commercials and jingles to DJ voiceovers for video and radio occasions.

They have a committed tab for DJ and artist drops on their website and offer male and female voice-over artists.

They offer special prices for DJ drop bundles, and you can order easily online by selecting your style and entering your drop script then adding it to the cart.

Commercial Kings also offers free pre-recorded voiceover audio files for hip-hop DJs featuring popular hip-hop artist names.


3. Fiverr

Best DJ Drops - Fiver

Prices from: $5 (Varies depending on freelancer rates)

Fiverr is a great way to get a DJ drop that’s totally unique at an affordable price by hiring a freelancer through their platform.

Fiverr has a massive catalog of professional audio engineers and voiceover artists that can create DJ drops in any style and accent you’d like!

Our favorite service is by Donaldjr, who’s a top-rated full-time voiceover artist and producer.

Always read the reviews before offering a freelancer a project, and be sure to state your terms and requirements clearly, so you know what you’re getting!

However, if you go with our recommendation, you’ll save yourself tons of time and hassle vetting different artists.

In our opinion, Donald is, without a doubt, the best DJ drop voiceover artist on the platform.


4. DJ Drops By Wigman

Best DJ Drops - Drops By Wigman

Prices from: $9 for a 7-word ‘micro drop’

DJ Drops By Wigman has been a trusted source for audio samples and voiceovers since 2009.

The Wigman Drops website offers an impressive catalog of services and is one of the cheapest services we found; plus, they also offer same-day delivery on orders backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Wigman DJ drops start at $9 for a 7-word micro drop. They also offer discounts for bulk orders (3 or more).

As one of the best value drop services, they have 15-word custom drops starting at $15, with 10 custom DJ drops available for $60.


5. LFM Audio

Best DJ Drops - LFM Audio

Prices from: $34 for a 7-word drop

LFM Audio is a collection of creative writers, voice-over artists, radio composers, and musicians who provide a range of services for audio and video production.

They produce everything from radio commercials to DJ jingles, DJ voiceovers, and DJ drops. You can also listen to their previous work directly on their website or SoundCloud bio.

With over 120 male and female voice-over artists, they offer DJ drops that are BPM synced and can be ordered as dry or wet drops depending on what you need.

Their voice-over artists also feature different accents and are available in English and French.


6. DJ Drops 24/7

Best DJ Drops - DJ Drops 247

Prices from: $15 fully custom DJ Drop with 15 words max

DJ Drops 24/7 offers a full range of DJ drop and voice-over services catering especially to DJs and radio hosts.

From free DJ drops to fully custom drops to celebrity drops, they have a great range to suit all styles and budgets.

A fully custom DJ drop starts at $15 for 15 words with a male voice (only one voice-over option available), but for those wanting something a little more WOW, their fully custom produced radio and DJ drops with celebrity voices are a great shout!


7. Female DJ Drops

Best DJ Drops - Female DJ Drops

Prices from: $15 for a 15-word dry drop

Female DJ Drops offers a full range of female talent, with voice-overs with English, Spanish or French accents.

The lure and prowess of the female vocal is often a secret weapon in a DJ set, but have you ever considered utilizing the power and beauty of a female vocal with your own custom female DJ drop?

They also cater directly to EDM DJs with their popular ‘Tommorrowland’ Packages.

All of their work comes fully mastered as a high-quality 320 Kbps MP3 file and is backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They also offer some of the fastest turnaround times for orders, with some orders fulfilled within 24 hours.


8. Mixshow Drops

Best DJ Drops - Mixshow Drops

Prices from: $35 for 3 x dry DJ drops

Mixshow Drops is a one-stop-shop when it comes to marketing for DJs, radio producers, and event promoters.

They offer a range of services from business card printing, flyer printing, and logo design to DJ drops and DJ imaging services.

They also provide cartoon avatar services and other marketing tools for DJs and musicians.

With a range of male and female voice-over artists available in English and Spanish (or both), they have some of the most affordable prices we found, with a 3 x custom dry DJ drop package starting at $35.


9. Pinky DJ Drops

Best DJ Drops - Pinky DJ Drops

Prices from: $5

Pinky DJ Drops specializes in female voiceovers and DJ drops and also has very affordable services.

They are an excellent option for DJs on a budget looking for female-focused voice-over and audio services.

A dry custom DJ drop in a female voice (English or Spanish) is available starting at $5, with a range of add-ons and vocal and/or background effects available for a small extra charge.


10. BANG Productions Audio Protocol

Best DJ Drops - Audio Protocol

Prices from: use their contact form online to receive a quote

BANG Productions Audio Protocol is an audio production company that supplies audiovisual content for DJs, musicians, music venues, and promoters.

They offer an extensive range of services from radio imaging (intros, jingles, sweepers), professional voice-overs, radio show, and podcast episode production, concert intros, and DJ drops.

They offer bespoke service with every order and offer the flexibility of any style or language with a DJ drop.


11. Your DJ Drops

Best DJ Drops - Your DJ Drops

DJ drops from: $15 DJ name drop (male voice)

Your DJ Drops is an audio production company that offers a range of audio services targeted at DJs, promoters, and radio hosts.

Whilst their website is slightly dated in appearance, they offer some great deals for DJ drops, although they do not have the same range of voice-over artists as some of the other websites mentioned.

They offer ‘name only’ DJ drops in a LA urban male voice starting from $15 and also offer other custom DJ drop packages with 30, 60, and 90-word options available.


12. My DJ Drop

Best DJ Drops - My DJ Drop

Prices from: $20 male or female drop

My DJ Drop was established in 2010 and has over 20 voice artists to choose from, offering a range of audio production packages, from radio jingles, intro’s/outro’s to DJ drops.

They offer a range of styles and accents and will provide fast and professional delivery of your chosen DJ drop, professionally mastered and delivered with 320 Kbps quality in MP3 format.


13. Rob Ryan

Best DJ Drops - Rob Ryan

Prices from: $24.99 Dry custom DJ drop, up to 10 words

Rob Ryan is an audio production studio that specializes in the creation of professional voice production.

They provide services that are perfect for DJs, recorded mixes, radio, podcasts, and live streaming.

You can get a dry custom DJ drop from $24.99 for 10 words, plus you can add effects and other background sound samples for an additional fee, allowing you to create a fully-custom produced DJ drop.


14. Audio DJ Drops

Best DJ Drops - Audio DJ Drops

Prices from: $20 for a 15-word script

Audio DJ Drops is an audio production studio that offers a full range of DJ drops with male, female, and child voice-over artists in a range of accents from British, American to Spanish.

Ordering is easy online and comes with a range of options and effects that can be added to any DJ drop package.

Delivery time is a little longer than some of the other companies, but they ensure only the best quality productions, so it takes between 5-7 business days.


15. Stephen J Voiceovers

Best DJ Drops - Stephen J Voiceovers

Prices from: $12 for a custom DJ drop

Stephen J Voiceovers has a range of free DJ drops if you’re on the tightest of budgets.

They can also provide customized service too and have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If you’re really in a hurry, you can even choose 3-hour delivery!


FAQs About DJ Drops


Q: What Is A DJ drop?

A DJ drop is an audio sample or voice-over that is used in the music industry by DJs and radio hosts to promote themselves or their brand. A typical example is “this is … in the mix”.


Q: Why Do DJs Use DJ Drops?

They use them for various reasons, from promoting their DJ name or brand to cleverly covering mixing errors on a recorded mix.

It’s most common that they are used as a marketing tool to advertise who is playing in a mix.


Q: How Can A DJ Add A DJ Drop To A Mix?

Adding a DJ drop is easy and can be added during a DJ set as an audio file that the DJ plays, or alternatively, you can add a DJ drop in the post-production stage for when you’re taking a DJ mix and posting it online.


Q: What’s The Difference Between ‘Dry’ And ‘Wet’ DJ Drops?

A dry DJ drop is a voice-over audio sample without any effects. Dry samples are intended to be added over a mix at any point and usually have little effects or background noise that could muddy the mix once added.

Wet DJ drops are often used for intros and outros when there is no mix playing in the background.

They will often have a vast amount of effects and sounds playing and are a great creative tool to get the audience excited for the upcoming performance or mix.


Q: Are DJ Drops Expensive To Make?

No. We’ve provided an extensive list of DJ drop services that range from free to the most premier services available.

As with anything, you get what you pay for, and most custom DJ drop services cost about $15-25 for a 10 word DJ drop in MP3 format with good quality audio.



Using a DJ drop is a great way to take your DJ mixes, podcasts, or live streams to the next level, adding a professional polish to any mix that is sure to get you noticed.

Famous DJ drops are a lot like jingles and are always memorable. They are engaging whilst not overwhelming the mix.

They should always be clear and have good quality audio so that they can be played on any sound system.

Whether you’re a professional looking to polish a mix, or a beginner DJ looking to refine your craft, the list provided gives an excellent range of options for DJs.

No matter if you’re on a tight budget or you want to have a DJ drop professionally crafted by the best in the business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider adding one to your next mix.


Best DJ Drop Service Overall
Music Radio Creative | Custom DJ Drops

Create custom DJ drops, voiceovers, podcast intros, and radio jingles in just a few clicks.

  • High-Quality Male/Female Custom DJ Drops
  • Optional Add-On Music, SFX & VFX - MP3/WAV
  • Delivery Within 1-5 Days (24-Hours If Required)
  • Excellent Trustpilot Reviews & Support Team
View DJ Drops
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


What’s your favorite DJ Drop website? Leave a comment below.

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