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The 14 Best Acapella Sites



Best Acapella Sites - A Man Singing

Looking for the best acapella websites? Don’t sweat it; we got you!

Using acapellas is a great way to spice up your mix and set yourself apart from the competition.

However, finding high-quality, royalty-free studio acapellas with the correct licensing and permissions can be challenging.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best acapella websites available now and organized them into their appropriate sections.

So, whether you’re looking for free acapellas, commercial studio acapellas, or royalty-free acapellas, you’ll find them all listed below.


In A Rush? Here’s Our Favorite Acapella Site:


Best Websites For Free Acapellas (Royalty-Free)

This section showcases all the places you can get free acapellas which you don’t have to credit the author as they’re royalty-free.

However, it’s always best to credit the original artist out of courtesy.


1. Looperman

Acapella Website - Looperman

Looperman is a free online community of like-minded musicians, DJs, multi-media designers, and film and video producers.

Dubbed “the ultimate pro audio resource and musicians community,” Looperman was created to help musicians share information, learn from each other experiences, and improve their skills.

Once registered on the platform, you can upload and download free audio loops, samples, beats, and royalty-free acapellas, which can all be used in music software like Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason, and Logic Pro X.

At the time of writing, Looperman offers over 11,000 user-generated acapellas and vocal samples, more than 178,000 free audio loops, and a large collection of free music software, including more than 1,000 free VSTs (virtual instruments), plugins, and audio apps.

Finding acapellas is easy, as they’re tagged by BPM, tempo, style, and genre. Each acapella offers an Mp3 preview and the ability to quickly check its licensing requirements before you download it.


  • 100% free membership
  • Active forum and community for feedback
  • A generous collection of royalty-free acapellas
  • Strong search functionality & quick to filter
  • Upfront licensing requirements & usage rights


  • Potential to find low-quality acapellas due to a lack of quality control
  • Outdated website design and UI


2. Free Vocals

Acapella Website - Free Vocals

Free Vocals is an online platform of “professional vocalists and creatives providing studio quality acapellas and production kits.”

The site was co-founded by David Elliot and Sanna Hartfield and is set up to allow members to own the rights to the acapellas for their own use.

All of the vocalists listed on the platform had to undergo a strict vetting process to ensure their acapellas were good enough to upload to the website.

The platform has a ‘free downloads’ section where you can download high-quality studio acapellas and a paid daily, monthly, or yearly membership, giving you access to a larger catalog of acapellas and discounts on royalty-free downloads.

Free Vocals offers a free seven-day trial on their monthly/yearly unlimited access subscriptions.


  • High-quality free acapellas from professional vocalists and creatives
  • Regularly updating acapella catalog for members


  • Limited vocalists, therefore a much smaller catalog compared to other websites.


3. CC Mixter

Acapella Website - CCMixter

CC Mixter is a website that allows musicians and singers to upload original samples and acapellas that producers can use to create remixes.

In their own words, CC Mixter “help expose the artists that upload their Creative Commons licensed music to audiences that otherwise would not have access to.”

The platform offers more than 5,000 acapellas uploaded by over 45,000 musicians worldwide, all available to download for free.

You do not need to create an account to access any of the stems, pells, and remixes, and you can listen to an Mp3 preview before downloading.


  • A good selection of high-quality acapellas
  • Helpful and interactive community


  • Poor search functionality. You can only search by BPM or License type, so it can take some time to find suitable acapellas to use in your tracks.


Best Websites For Paid Acapellas (Royalty-Free)

This section includes royalty-free acapella sites where you pay for the acapellas you download.

You are free to use the acapellas in your commercial releases; however, it’s advised to credit the artist subject to the terms of each acapella website.


1. Loopmasters

Best Acapella Websites - Loopmasters

Price: $10 – $50 for regular packs

Loopmasters was established in 2003 with the goal of “producing flexible sample libraries for producers and musicians.”

Today, they offer everything from complete acapella tracks to loops, one-shots, samples, plugins, and DAWs.

Searching for “acapellas” in the search bar on their homepage will bring up a list of different vocal acapella sample packs to choose from.

From there, you can sort through each pack by choosing the type, genre, format, label, popularity, release date, or rating from the navigational menu at the top of the page.

You’ll find that most of the sample packs range from $10 to $50; however, Loopmasters does release free packs quite often, so make sure to sign up to their email list to be notified of their latest releases.


  • An excellent selection of royalty-free vocal acapella samples, loops, and one-shots
  • Trusted and reputable brand with a long track record in the industry
  • Excellent customer service


  • The cluttered and unorganized layout makes it difficult to navigate, even using filters



2. Beatport

Best Acapella Websites - Beatport


Price: Monthly subscriptions ranging from $4.99 – $44.99

Beatport is widely regarded as the industry leader when it comes to sourcing electronic music.

Aside from their massive collection of dance tracks, Beatport also offers a vast catalog of studio acapellas, which can be purchased as single downloads or as part of a pack.

The acapellas come as full songs, loops, and one-shots, which means you can load them straight into your DAW or drop them right into your DJ set.

Although downloading acapellas from Beatport may seem expensive, your should be aware that you’ll receive the highest-quality audio files of any platform, and it’s relatively straightforward to find what you’re looking for.


  • A Large variety of acapellas and vocal samples to choose from
  • Hosts terrific remix contests with well-known artists
  • Very organized and easy to navigate
  • Long-standing positive reputation


  • Acapellas can be expensive
  • Remix contests are exclusive to the platform


3. ProducerSpot

Best Acapella Websites - Producer Spot

Price: Acapella samples range from $9.95 – $75.95

ProducerSpot is an online distributor of audio loops, music sample packs, e-books, plugins, and music courses for producers, DJs, and musicians.

In their own words, “ProducerSpot is the right SPOT to find the best music loops and samples for your musical projects.”

Whether you’re just starting or having been at it for years, ProducerSpot caters to beginners to advanced music enthusiasts.

The platform offers a wide range of vocal samples and acapella samples, recorded by professional labels and artists, which are licensed as royalty-free and ready for commercial use.

Prices start around $5.97, and you’ll have no trouble finding what you need, as the platform offers hundreds of male and female voice samples, vocal loops, and acapellas.

There are some free acapellas on the site at the time of writing, but not many, so be prepared to pay for the acapellas you want to use.


  • High-quality sample packs and acapellas from reputable artists
  • Aside from acapellas, ProducerSpot provides industry news, reviews, and tutorials


  • Limited choice of free acapellas and samples
  • Difficult to listen to individual acapellas when previewing a full pack


4. Splice

Best Acapella Sites - Splice

Price: Starting at $7.99 per month for 100 sample credits (1 credit = 1 download)

Splice provides its users with royalty-free samples, industry-leading software, expert-led tutorials, as well as a whole bunch of high-quality acapellas.

Although the site is not explicitly geared toward acapellas and vocal samples, its catalog is pretty impressive and features millions of samples, FX, plugins, and loops.

Another cool feature the platform offers is the opportunity to “rent” premium plugins.

In a nutshell, their “Rent-to-Own” payment plan allows you to choose a plugin you want and spread the cost monthly, with interest-free payments, until you’ve paid the retail price in full.

Once you’ve made your final payment, you’ll be given a license, and the plugin‘s yours to keep.

This is a really cool option for new producers, DJs, and musicians who don’t have the cash to shell out on expensive plugins.


  • Rent-to-Own is great and provides newbies access to premium plugins they might not be able to afford otherwise.
  • Lots of high-quality samples, acapellas, loops, and plugins in their catalog
  • Reasonably cost-effective and affordable. You can easily make a track or two with 100 credits


  • Nothing to say. Splice is about as good as it gets.


5. Vocal Downloads

Best Acapella Websites - Vocal Downloads

Price: Vocal samples start at $0.99

Vocal Downloads is a leading vocal acapella sample content provider established in 2005 by house music star D’Layna, 11-time Grammy winner Tony Lindsay, and Universal Music group recording artist Ryan Duarte.

The platform provides users with downloadable, clearance-free, and royalty-free vocal samples suitable to be used across various music genres.

Vocal Downloads has approximately 5,000 downloadable acapella samples across a range of genres, and you can navigate through the website using various subjects like keywords, artist, and BPM.

You won’t be able to download full acapellas from Vocal Downloads. However, nothing stops you from downloading multiple samples from the same artist or purchasing chorus and mini packs for your vocal needs.


  • A large catalog of vocal samples to choose from
  • They provide a transparent End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Navigating the website for acapellas is straight-forward and easy to do


  • Vocal samples are short and sweet, and full vocal samples are scarce
  • The website could do with a refresh, but that’s just our opinion.


Best Websites For Original Acapellas (100% Free)

Original acapellas are vocal audio samples that are produced and recorded by unsigned artists.

The acapella websites featured in this section are for personal use only.

You are not allowed to use them in a commercial release or use them to make money in any way.

They are intended for DJs and producers to practice with and provide a great way for creating unofficial remixes you can use to gain exposure.


1. Acapellas 4U

Best Acapella Websites - Acapellas4U

Acapellas4U is a community-led membership site with over 850,000 members.

Created in 2003, it’s one of the longest-running acapella sites and offers members over 31,000 free acapellas, DJ tools, and vocals.

It’s 100% free to use and is supported by international DJs, remixers, producers, and mashup artists worldwide.

Once you become a member, you can download up to thirty free acapellas per month; however, each acapella has a sixty-second wait time.

If you don’t want to wait, you can make a small donation to the site, and you’ll get instant access to download your tracks.

However, if you want to download more than thirty acapellas per month, you can upload more acapellas to the site, and you’ll receive more credits in return.

You can search for acapellas and samples using the search bar at the top of the home bar and in the sidebar, or browse through specific genres and their top 10 acapellas of the month.

Over the years, Acapellas4U has amassed testimonials from Fatboy Slim, Jaguar Skills, Afrojack, to name a few, and has built a solid reputation in the DJ community.


  • 100% free to use
  • One of the largest catalogs of free acapellas online
  • Beneficial forums to share and exchange knowledge


  • The design of the site is outdated and could do with a complete redesign
  • You might come across a lot of low-quality audio files due to the site’s size


2. Voclr

Best Acapella Websites - Voclr

Voclr is a relatively new website that’s quickly becoming one of the best acapella sites on the internet.

In their own words, “Voclr is the home of FREE acapellas,” and you can sign up for free, create an account, and download up to five acapellas a month completely free of charge.

They have over 505,000 members and curated a library of more than 15,000 free acapellas.

The majority of the tracks are from some of the biggest artists and producers like Calvin Harris, Pitbull, Travis Scott, and Cardi B.

However, if you need more than that, you can ‘Go Pro’ and take advantage of their pro account.

By upgrading, you’ll get unlimited downloads, the ability to preview tracks, access to high-quality studio acapellas and sample packs, and the option to remove advertising from your account.


  • Clean design and user interface
  • An extensive catalog of commercial acapellas
  • The filtering options allow you to sort by genre, key, scale & BPM


  • Have to have a pro account to get the highest quality acapellas
  • There are some low-quality DIY acapellas floating around


3. Remix Packs

Best Acapella Websites - Remix Packs

Remix Packs specializes in offering its users complete remix packs to download and use free of charge.

At the time of writing, they host over 6,000 packs on the site, including acapellas and all the stems of each song.

This is pretty cool as you get all the audio tracks of each instrument and sound FX, allowing you to remix, create, sample, and produce the tracks however you wish.

The majority of the stems are with EDM, but you can find some great Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Rock stems to choose from.

Navigating the site is pretty straightforward, thanks to its clean user interface.

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to look up artists or track names or use the filters and drop-down menus to search by genre, key, and BPM.

If you like remix competitions, then the majority of the acapella packs are always released as part of an official remix competition, which means you could get some free acapellas and win a competition.


  • 100% free
  • Clean user interface and easy to use
  • Filter by genre, BPM, and Key
  • High-quality files


  • Occasional pop-up advertising can become irritating


4. Acapell

Best Acapella Websites - Acapell

If you’re looking for a no-frills, take it as you see it studio acapella website, then Acapell is exactly that.

They’ve been online since 2013 and managed to build a respectable library of free acapellas.

They don’t offer the biggest collection compared to other acapella sites, but the ones they do offer are usually of high quality.

Navigating the site and finding the tracks you want is relatively easy. You can quickly browse through their catalog by searching alphabetically, by genre, or using the search bar.

They also have a ‘New Acapellas’ section on the left-hand side of every page, which shows the top 20 latest acapellas. You can also view the rest of the latest acapellas straight from the home page.

Once you find an acapella you like, you just click on the download button, and it’s yours.


  • A good selection of studio acapellas spanning multiple genres
  • Simple, no-frills, easy-to-use interface
  • You get exactly what it says on the tin


  • No valid SSL certificate – The website is not secure.


5. DatPiff

Best Acapella Websites - Datpiff

Datpiff is one of the oldest websites in the game for mixtapes and acapellas.

Over the years, it’s built a solid reputation as one of the best studio acapella sites, thanks to providing users with tons of free acapellas. At the time of writing, DatPiff has over 1.8 million Facebook likes and 308,000 Instagram followers.

Now, in our opinion, it’s not the best-looking acapella site online and not the easiest to navigate. Still, if you don’t really care about that and just want a good supply of free resources, then Datpiff has got your back.

You can search for mixtapes and acapellas by using the search box or categories in the navigation bar.

They also have ‘What’s Hot Now,’ ‘Top of The Month,’ and ‘Recent Exclusives’ sections on the homepage that you can use to get quick ideas or spark inspiration.

Datpiff allows you to preview each track before downloading, and you can favorite, like, and dislike individual tracks once you sign up for a free account.


  • A massive library of free acapellas and mixtapes
  • Long-standing reputation and solid reputation
  • Preview and vote on tracks


  • Outdated design


6. Reddit – Isolated Vocals

Best Acapella Websites - IsolatedVocals

Isolated Vocals subreddit has over 64,000 active members and is a great place to source some free acapellas.

Granted, it’s not a dedicated music-hosting website or an acapella library; however, Isolated Vocals offers DJs and producers the chance to find some really unique acapellas to use in their tracks.

It’s not super easy to browse through all the different threads and comments, but you can use filters like ‘Hot,’ ‘New,’ and ‘Top’ to make it a little easier.

Finally, be aware that you’re downloading acapellas from Reddit, so they’re not going to all be the best quality.

You’ll likely come across a lot of low-quality DIY versions, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

With that said, it’s still a great resource for free acapellas; you just need to do a little digging before you get to the gold.


  • A large community of active members and enthusiasts
  • Lots of opportunities to find good acapellas
  • Opportunity to see what people are talking about


  • Lots of low-quality DIY versions
  • Difficult to navigate and time-consuming



Well, there you have it. They’re the best acapella sites for DJs right now.

Hopefully, this list has helped you figure out where to source acapellas and the process involved in doing so.

If you’re not currently using acapellas in your sets, then we highly recommend giving them a try.

They help spice up the mix and bring something unique to the table, which will help you stand out from the competition.



What’s the best website for acapellas, in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

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