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21 Best Songs About Sunday

Kick back and relax to these essential Sunday songs.



Best Songs About Sunday

The best songs about Sunday reflect people’s various sentiments about the day of rest, from having a relaxing day with family to recovering from a heavy Saturday night.

It’s a topic that bands and singers from all genres have approached in their unique ways, from laid-back soul singers to aggressive hard rock acts.

Read on for an overview of the essential songs you must add to your Sunday playlist to help bring some joy and inspiration as you unwind before work.


The 21 Best Songs About Sunday

Whether you’re a fan of classic soul music or prefer something more upbeat, there’s a song about Sunday that caters to your particular taste in music.

We’ve ensured this playlist covers a diverse range of singers and musicians, so there’s something here you’re bound to appreciate on Sunday.

Here’s our playlist of the 21 best songs about Sunday:


21. “Closed On Sunday” – Kanye West

Kanye West has explored many subjects through his music, from one of the best songs about greed, “Gold Digger,” to this great song about Sunday, “Closed on Sunday.”

The song describes the narrator’s relationship with his loved ones in the broader context of his religious experiences and the strength this brings him.

It was released in 2019 on the aptly-titled album Jesus Is King, which saw Kanye West fully embracing his faith in God and how this has changed his life.


20. “Easy” – The Commodores

“Easy” is among the best-known songs released by The Commodores, a catchy and sweet tune for a lazy afternoon.

Wrapped around the surface-level lyrics about a lazy Sunday afternoon lies an insight into the end of a relationship and freeing oneself from the chains of commitment.

“Easy” was a massive hit for The Commodores and helped to launch the subsequent solo career of singer-songwriter Lionel Richie.


19. “Loving You Sunday Morning” – Scorpions

For a more upbeat tune around Sundays, there’s “Loving You Sunday Morning” by the rock and metal band the Scorpions from 1979.

This passionate music reflects how many people feel at the end of the week and the hard-earned respite from work that Sunday brings.

The Scorpions released “Loving You Sunday Morning” on their sixth studio album, Lovedrive, which fully demonstrated the band’s classic style.


18. “A Sunday Smile” – Beirut

American band Beirut began life as Zach Condon’s solo project that expanded to combine elements of world music and indie rock over the years.

The song “A Sunday Smile” perfectly captures the essence of this fusion of styles, making it one of the most inventive Sunday songs on this playlist.

Released in 2007 on the album The Flying Cup Club, it’s another Sunday song that has a whimsical and reflective undercurrent.


17. “Blue Sunday” – The Doors

While The Doors are perhaps best known for writing many excellent songs about California, they took on the topic of Sunday with “Blue Sunday.”

This song is as much about how Jim Morrison, the Doors’ lead singer, feels about his true love as it is about the day of the week, with heartfelt lyrics.

“Blue Sunday” was featured on the tracklist of The Doors’ album Morrison Hotel, which also included the singles “Roadhouse Blues” and “You Make Me Real.”


16. “Sunday” – Nick Drake

Like The Doors, Nick Drake is known for his fusion of pop, rock, and folk music elements in his work, which dominated the scene in the 1970s.

“Sunday” is quintessential Nick Drake, a laconic, lushly arranged track with a sweet flute solo in the opening bars and swelling orchestral strings.

It’s another fine example of the many great songs about Sunday that emerged during the peak of the hippy movement, released on the album Bryter Layter.


15. “Sunday Morning Call” – Oasis

Oasis needs little introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in popular music, having released some of the best karaoke songs of all time.

Released in 2000, “Sunday Morning Call” departed from the band’s psychedelic approach to indie rock that had previously defined their output.

The track was released as a single from the album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, along with a music video that played on Jack Nicolson’s role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


14. “Sunny Sunday” – Joni Mitchell

One of her generation’s most vibrant and famous folk music singers, Joni Mitchell’s “Sunny Sunday” is a somewhat enigmatic piece of music.

About a woman waiting for night to fall, it’s a poetically inspired song with rich language and instrumentation punctuated by sharp saxophone stabs.

“Sunny Sunday” is one of Joni Mitchell’s later releases from the mid-1990s, featured on her Grammy Award-winning fifteenth studio album Turbulent Indigo.


13. “Sunday Morning” – The Velvet Underground

Like The Doors, The Velvet Underground has become synonymous with the psychedelic rock music of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

“Sunday Morning” fits neatly into this category, one of the standout tracks from their seminal album The Velvet Underground & Nico, released in 1967.

Released as one of the singles from that album, it’s a dreamy pop song covered many times since, including by Nick Cave and Belle and Sebastian.


12. “Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon” – Queen

Queen has produced some of the best songs of all time, and while “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” is a lesser work, it’s nevertheless a fine addition to their discography.

“Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” is written by Freddie Mercury and has precisely the mood and atmosphere you’d expect from its title.

It was featured on the Queen album A Night at the Opera in 1975, which included the most famous song from their entire body of work, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


11. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – Kris Kristofferson

Country music singer and movie star Kris Kristofferson demonstrated his talent for songwriting with his sweet tune “Sunday Morning Coming Down'” in 1969.

It was recorded when Kristofferson appeared in several classic Western movies, which raised his profile in the public’s eye.

The Johnny Cash recording of “Sunday Morning Coming Down'” topped the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, while Kristofferson claimed the track opened up new opportunities for his career.


10. “A Sunday Kind Of Love” – Etta James

One of the most celebrated soul singers of all time, Etta James has picked up multiple Grammy Award wins and nominations throughout her career.

“A Sunday Kind of Love” is a classic example of her style, combining her fluid vocals with orchestral arrangements for a laid-back and gentle vibe.

Featured on the album At Last, “A Sunday Kind of Love” is similar in tone to the album’s title track, which is about as strong a recommendation as possible.


9. “I Met Him On A Sunday” – The Shirelles

Another example of one of the great songs about Sunday that emerged in the classic era of music is “I Met Him on a Sunday” by The Shirelles.

Released in 1958, this was the first hit by the fledgling band that recorded it under Poquellos after being encouraged by their high school teacher.

This is an early example of the girl group band format that remains popular today. “I Met Him on a Sunday” is another pop-infused soul classic about Sundays.


8. “Sunday” – Sonic Youth

“Sunday” by Sonic Youth is up to date for a more hard-hitting take on the laziest day of the week, released in 1997 on the album A Thousand Leaves.

The song describes how Sunday is the perfect day of the week to spend with a quiet friend. It was released with a music video starring Macaulay Culkin of Home Alone fame.

Continuing the movie-related theme, “Sunday” was also included on the soundtrack to SubUrbia, directed by Richard Linklater and released in 1996.


7. “Raining On Sunday” – Keith Urban

Prolific country music singer Keith Urban’s song “Raining on Sunday” instantly evokes a feeling many people have felt while gazing at the weather through the window.

A cover version of the song by country music artists Radney Foster and Darrell Brown, it’s a well-composed track with smooth percussion and heartfelt vocals.

Keith Urban released his cover version of “Raining on Sunday” as his second single from the 2002 album Golden Road, along with the single “Somebody Like You.”


6. “My Sunday Feeling” – Jethro Tull

A few years after releasing their great song about ice, “Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day,” Jethro Tull turned their attention to Sundays with “My Sunday Feeling.”

This classic rock song from 1968 explores the feeling of recovering from the past Saturday night and dealing with a hangover while trying to clear your head.

Jethro Tull released “My Sunday Feeling” on the movie Message to Love soundtrack, documenting the three-day festival held on the Isle of Wight.


5. “Sunday Girl” – Blondie

Ten years after Jethro Tull released “My Sunday Feeling,” Blondie tackled the day of rest from her unique perspective with the pop-rock song “Sunday Girl.”

Blending French and English throughout the lyrics, “Sunday Girl” reflects her eagerness to head out with friends on a night out on the town.

It’s one of Blondie’s most infectious songs from the album Parallel Lines, featuring her biggest hit of all time, “Heart of Glass.”


4. “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” – Small Faces

While some songs prefer to focus on Sunday mornings, others tackle the latter half of the day, which is the approach taken by Small Faces with “Lazy Sunday Afternoon.”

It’s the perfect song for ravers and partiers who know how it feels to struggle through the day after a hectic Saturday night clubbing with friends.

“Lazy Sunday Afternoon” by Small Faces was a hit for the English band, reaching number 2 on the UK Single Charts in 1968 and expanding their loyal fan base.


3. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – U2

Irish band U2 took a more serious approach to their song about Sunday, with “Sunday Bloody Sunday” exploring themes of conflict and war.

One of the best-known releases from the megaband, “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” is a profoundly political work that is very much rooted in the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The song’s success helped establish the band’s growing reputation, including many chart hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts over the years.


2. “Young Girl Sunday Blues” – Jefferson Airplane

Like The Doors and The Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane has become synonymous with the psychedelic rock movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Their song “Young Girl Sunday Blues” was released in 1967, exploring themes of love and loss with lyrics that describe a narrator’s deep involvement in a relationship.

It was featured on the Jefferson Airplane album After Bathing at Baxter’s, their third long player that saw the band venturing into challenging rock territory.


1. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – Johnny Cash

Returning to Johnny Cash for our last track on this playlist of the best songs about Sunday with “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

It’s another impressive track that uses the Sunday morning hangover as its source of inspiration, with the singer describing cradling his head after too many beers.

Johnny Cash wrote many moving songs about emotions, and “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is a worthy addition to his outstanding and lengthy discography.



So, there you have it, our playlist of the best songs about Sunday to help you ease your hangover or unwind and relax before heading back to work.

These beautiful tunes showcase their respective artists at their very best, with many chart-topping hits in this music selection.

Whether you’re looking for a sad song or a love song, these tracks exploring Sunday in its many facets are worthy additions to any self-respecting playlist.

What’s the best song about Sunday, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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