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23 Best Songs About Sons of All Time

Beautiful music celebrating all the sons in the world.



Songs About Sons

The best songs about sons reflect sons’ multi-faceted relationships with their families and the love parents feel for their sons.

It’s a subject that can quickly bring up powerful emotions, as evident in these touching and heartfelt songs that speak to the artist’s experiences.

Whether you’re a son yourself or have raised a young boy, these great songs about sons will offer unique insights and a moving listening experience.


The 23 Best Songs About Sons of All Time

Singer-songwriters and bands have long made their family relationships the subject of their music, and sons are no exception.

We’ve hand-picked a broad selection of music from various genres to ensure this playlist caters to all tastes.

Read on as we begin our playlist of the 23 best songs about sons of all time:


23. “Lullaby For Wyatt” – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow wrote the sweet song “Lullaby For Wyatt” for her adopted son, whom she took under her wings in 2007.

It’s an ode to a mother’s love for her son and the realization that she’ll have to let him go as he approaches adulthood.

Crow has written many moving songs over her career, including one of the best songs about walking, “Every Day Is a Winding Road.”


22. “A Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men 

From a song from a mother to her son to one from men to their mothers with “A Song For Mama” by Boyz II Men.

It’s another touching song that shows a deep appreciation for mothers, as well as gratitude for them being there for you in times of need.

At the peak of their fame, Boyz II Men dominated the charts and set records comparable to Michael Jackson, and continue to release music to this day.


21. “Thank You For Loving Me” – Bon Jovi 

Bon Jovi released the track “Thank You For Loving Me” in 2000 as part of his album Crush, and it’s another powerful song from a son to his mother.

“Thank you for loving me,” Bon Jovi sings, “For being my eyes when I couldn’t see,” he continues in this soft and delicate song.

Bon Jovi had multiple number-one hits over his career and recorded one of the best songs of all time, “Livin’ On A Prayer.”


20. “To Zion” – Lauryn Hill

Collaborating with Rohan Marley, Lauryn Hill wrote “To Zion” for her son, exploring the uncertainty she felt about her ability to be a good mother.

In the song, Hill envisions an angel who helps her come to the understanding that the birth of her boy will be something joyful.

It’s one of her most moving songs and was released on her best-selling album, The Miseducation of Lauryn HillI, released in 1998.


19. “My Wish” – Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts weighed in on the subject of sons with the song “My Wish,” a lively country song that is frequently played at graduation ceremonies around America.

“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,” sing the lyrics, continuing, “Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small.”

“My Wish” is a great song that celebrates how parents only want the best for their children, giving them unconditional love and support.


18. “Blessed” – Elton John

Elton John’s song “Blessed” is a popular song from a performer who picked up multiple Grammy Award wins and nominations throughout his career.

In this song, he sings about a person who dreams of having a child of their own and how they picture this imaginary future child in their mind.

“Hey you, you’re a child in my head, you haven’t walked yet,” the lyrics go. “Your first words have yet to be said but I swear you’ll be blessed.”


17. “You’ll Be In My Heart” – Phil Collins

Phil Collins has written several moving songs about sons, with “Son of Man” a popular entry into his discography that was featured in the Disney animated movie Tarzan.

“You’ll Be In My Heart” is another moving pop ballad from Collins that was also featured in the popular 1999 animated adaptation.

No stranger to music that explores deep feelings, Collins also performed one of the best songs about guilt, “Against All Odds.”


16. “I’ll Stand By You” – The Pretenders 

Sons can always rely on their mothers to stick by them, as “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders appreciates.

They sing loudly and proudly about the love and support they’ve received, singing, “Don’t be ashamed to cry; let me see you through.”

Released in 1994, “I’ll Stand By You” was featured on the sixth studio album released by the Pretenders, Last of the Independents.


15. “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” – John Lennon

One of the most prolific singer-songwriters in the history of modern music, John Lennon has enjoyed many chart-topping hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

“Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” is perhaps a lesser-known Lennon song, but it’s undoubtedly as moving as anything else he wrote over the years.

Released on his final album Gimme Some Truth, “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” is a touching swansong from a well-loved artist.


14. “Cat’s In The Cradle” – Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin released “Cat’s In The Cradle” in 1974, and while it was his only number-one hit, its impact is still felt to this day.

One of the best-known songs about a father-son relationship, “Cat’s In The Cradle,” is one of the classic songs about a busy father who misses his son growing up.

If you’re experiencing any father-son blues, listening to Cat’s In The Cradle” is a good place to start dealing with them.


13. “I Got You” – Ciara

Ciara begins her song about sons “I Got You,” with a classic lullaby, setting the tone for another moving and personal song.

It’s another song that is dedicated to a newborn son, in this instance, Ciara’s own son, Future Zahid Wilburn.

Released in 2015, “I Got You” dives into the lengths a mother is willing to go to in order to protect her son, something all mothers can relate to.


12. “Father & Son” – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens uses his unique musical style to explore the relationship between a son and his father in this acoustic-driven song.

“Father and Son” was influenced by Stevens’s own relationship with his father and how he didn’t follow the same path in life.

Cat Stevens wrote many beautiful songs on a wide range of topics, including one of the best songs about peace, “Peace Train.”


11. “My Boy” – Elvie Shane

“My Boy” by Elvie Shane is another tender song that celebrates the power of love between a parent and their child.

Reflecting on the joys and sorrows of this relationship, it’s about how these feelings remain just as strong even though he’s raising a son who isn’t his own.

Shane reportedly gained inspiration for the song after reading a Facebook post saying, “I don’t have a stepson, I have a son that was born before I met him.”


10. “Anything Like Me” – Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’ gorgeous country song from 2009, “Anything Like Me,” is a powerful piece of music that should be required listening for any dad-to-be.

Paisley sings about his concern that his son will turn out the same as he is, finally realizing that he should accept his son for who he is.

Country songs often explore themes of masculinity and manhood, and “Anything Like Me” is one of the finest examples.


9. “When You Need Me” – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s song “When You Need Me” skips the expectant phase and heads straight to the relationship between a father and their son.

Springsteen sings about how he will always be there for his son, whether it’s to give him advice or listen to his problems.

While the song was originally recorded in 1987, it wasn’t released until the following year, when Springsteen’s sons were eight and four.


8. “Letter To My Son” – DMX

Moving into the hip-hop genre for another example of a classic song about sons with “Letter To My Son” by DMX.

As the title implies, this is a message from DMX to his eldest son, who struggled growing up having to compete with many siblings.

DMX wrote “Letter To My Son” for the album Exodus, which he recorded shortly before his untimely death.


7. “Little Lion Man” – Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons were inevitably going to write a song about sons, given their band name, and “Little Lion Man” was the result.

Boasting a lively music video and composed by Marcus Mumford, it’s a personal song that some speculate is about his son with actress Cary Mulligan.

Some also view it as an apology from Mumford, and is the go-to song for dads who have messed up and want to reflect on their mistakes.


6. “My Little Love” – Adele

One of the most successful singers of her generation, Adele has released many catchy tunes that include some of the best karaoke songs you can sing along to.

“My Little Love” is all about imperfect parenting and how mothers seek forgiveness from their children when they don’t live up to expectations.

Regardless of these imperfections, they still tirelessly devote themselves to their sons, making this a perfect song celebrating unconditional love.


5. “Boy” – Lee Brice

Lee Brice’s song “Boy” cuts straight to the point and is about the feeling a man has when his son grows up too quickly.

One of the biggest concerns any parent has about their sons is when they reach adolescence and can spiral out of control.

Brice captures this and other parenthood fears in this lively and infectious country song that was released in 2017.


4. “Child Of Mine” – Carole King

“Child Of Mine” by Carole King was released back in 1970, a touching song performed on piano with King’s soothing vocals.

In it, King sings about she views her child as independent and hopes to see the world in the same fresh and unique way they do.

Some have speculated whether or not “Child Of Mine” inspired the Guns N Roses song “Sweet Child O Mine” due to the strong similarities.


3. “Just The Two Of Us” – Will Smith

Before Will Smith began to dominate the box office with his Hollywood starring roles, he enjoyed huge success as a rapper and singer.

“Just The Two Of Us” is another father-son relationship song that reflects on the bond a father has with a young boy.

This beautiful song was released in 1997 and was featured on the hit Will Smith album, Big Willie Style.


2. “He Gets That From Me” – Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire’s “He Gets That From Me” is a song that doesn’t hold back and was written in honor of her son, Shelby Blackstock.

The song describes how her son inherited many things from his parents, from personality traits to the first car that led him to become a race driver.

It’s a sassy and heartfelt song that urges her son not to make the same mistakes while still celebrating the similarities that many parents have with their kids.


1. “Father, Son” – Peter Gabriel

Our final entry in this playlist of songs about sons is one of the great songs by Peter Gabriel, “Father, Son.”

Composed from the perspective of an adult son, Gabriel explores how sometimes bonds between father and son only form later in life.

Gabriel also wrote one of the best songs about searching, “In Your Eyes,” which was a chart hit when it was released in 1986.



We hope you’ve appreciated this comprehensive playlist exploring the best songs about sons, whether you’re a son yourself or a close relative.

These songs explore all facets of relationships people have with their sons, as well as the strong bonds sons have with their parents and siblings.

It’s a timeless topic that spans all genres and styles of music and one that stirs up powerful emotions that speak to many people.

Which songs dedicated to sons have most moved you? Leave a comment below. 

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