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21 Best Songs About Sharks

The soundtrack to your next day out at the beach.



Best Songs About Sharks

The best songs about sharks range from fun and quirky tunes aimed toward children to hard-hitting rock songs that reflect the predatory nature of these incredible fish.

Shark songs also reflect the darker side of human nature and the dangers people face when romantic relationships start to fall apart.

Continue reading, and we’ll share a broad selection of incredible music about sharks from well-known bands and singers as well as more obscure artists.


The 21 Best Songs About Sharks

Sharks are among the most powerful creatures on the planet, and this is reflected in the music they have inspired over the decades.

We’ve ensured this list covers a wide range of music genres and includes songs that explore the nature of sharks from a variety of angles.

Now that we’ve established our criteria, here’s our playlist of the 21 best songs about sharks:


21. “Petting Zoo Justice” – Dance Gavin Dance

The 2016 song from Dance Gavin Dance, “Petting Zoo Justice,” takes a lighthearted approach to the subject of sharks with plenty of other animals thrown in.

“Puppy dog had an accident, damn it, mammal, kangaroo cracks its dick in half, the crowd sprayed crimson,” the lyrics sing, “Shark dad ate a baby calf, you still like burgers.”

Dance Gavin Dance released “Petting Zoo Justice” on their album Mothership, which also features the animal-themed song “Chucky vs. the Giant Tortoise.”


20. “Megladon” – Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd brings out the ultimate shark from the prehistoric age with their song “Megladon,” another powerful rock song about sharks.

Released in 2020, “Megladon” features the lyrics “April, it’s Shark Week / I need a body, I can feel the flesh and blood, huh, I’m coming, I’m coming for you.”

“Megladon” is a great track to accompany the band’s earlier song about loyalty, “Loyalty Before Royalty,” which shares its infectious vocals and driving guitars.


19. “Sharks Patrol These Waters” – Morphine

American rock band Morphine’s song “Sharks Patrol These Waters” fuses elements of jazz and blues to wonderful effect.

The lyrics talk about the dangers of swimming in shark-infested waters and surviving on a raft while stranded on the open ocean waves.

“Sharks Patrol These Waters” was released in 1994 on the Morphine album Volume Nine, notable for its multi-genre approach to music production.


18. “A Swim With The Sharks” – Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 took aim at the subject of sharks a year after Morphine tackled the theme with their song “A Swim With the Sharks.”

“Well, is a swim with the sharks like weak is for strong, nobody knows it yet not right from wrong,” the lyrics sing, “Deep is the dark from the depths of the dive.”

Powerman 5000 released “A Swim With the Sharks” on the album The Blood Splat Rating System, the title of which is fitting considering the topic at hand.


17. “The Shark Fighter” – The Aquabats!

Like many of the best songs about animals, “The Shark Fighter” features vocals and instrumentation that match the vibe of these man-devouring creatures.

The lyrics describe the toughest man on the sea and his ongoing battle with the titular fish, as he fights sharks, not for money but to avenge his deceased girl.

The Aquabats were known throughout the 1990s for their intricate arrangements, with up to 14 band members appearing on stage at some of their performances.


16. “Shark” – Oh Wonder

The song “Shark” by Oh Wonder is an indie pop hit from 2015 that takes its cue from the long-standing tradition of music that uses animals as a metaphor.

The song lyrics talk about the feelings of the narrator in the context of blossoming love and his self-perception as a sharp trapped in a “love landslide.”

“Shark” was featured on the debut album from Oh Wonder, which included the tracks “Technicolor Beat” and “Without You.”


15. “Lydia” – Highly Suspect

Another example of catchy shark songs from 2015 is “Lydia” by the rock band Highly Suspect, which also featured lyrics with the narrator as a shark.

“Black ocean, cold and dark I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless,” the lyrics sing, “But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn’t swim, tell me what’s worse than this.”

“Lydia” remains the most popular song to date from the American rock band, and it was released as their first single from their debut album Mister Asylum.


14. “Shark” – Dwight Twilley Band

We’re switching genres for another shark song to add to your playlist, this time from the pop act the Dwight Twilley Band.

The Dwight Twilley Band became known for their power pop style, which runs through the song “Shark” and drives the tune forward.

First formed in the 1970s, the band remains active to this day and has released several albums in addition to many solo albums from Dwight Twilley.


13. “Baby Shark Dance” – Pinkfong

If you’re looking for a child-friendly song about sharks, then “Baby Shark Dance” is essential for your playlist on the topic.

It’s a catchy and fun tune for all the family, with easy-to-remember repetitive lyrics about a baby shark and its daddy and grandpa shark relatives.

While its simple melody and childish lyrics might not be to everyone’s taste, it’s nevertheless a great way to introduce kids to the subject of sharks.


12. “Mack The Knife” – Bobby Darin

“Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin is a wonderful companion piece to his popular song about water, “Splish Splash,” and it was produced in a similar style.

“Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear, and it shows them pearly white,” Bobby Darin sings in his unique style, “Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe, and he keeps it, ah, out of sight.”

Bobby Darin was renowned for his diverse approach to his songs, influenced by genres including jazz, folk, swing, and country music over the years.


11. “Shooting Shark” – Blue Oyster Cult

1980s rock band Blue Oyster Cult continued the fascination with sea life as indicated in the name of the 1983 song “Shooting Shark.”

Despite the song’s title, there are no references to sharks in the lyrics, which instead talk about a magic man with a bag of tricks, mysterious phone calls, and golden rings.

“Shooting Shark” was included on their album The Revolution by Night, merging rock and pop elements and a new drummer, Rick Downey.


10. “The Rapper Eater” – Lil Wayne

The prolific rapper Lil Wayne has worked with artists responsible for some of the best songs of all time, and this expertise is evident in the song “The Rapper Eater.”

The song uses the predatory nature of sharks as a metaphor for the cutthroat music industry, in particular, how hip-hop can be a challenging genre to work in.

Like the best rap songs, “The Rapper Eater” features plenty of NSFW lyrics and is underscored by pounding basslines and vocals as sharp as a shark’s teeth.


9. “Sharks Can’t Sleep” – Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham’s 1996 song “Sharks Can’t Sleep” was featured on her album The Burdens of Being Upright, and it was an alternative indie rock smash hit.

Bonham’s lyrics talk about a man suffering from a shark attack, with simple yet effective vocals that drive the music forward like a shark cutting through the water.

Tracy Bonham draws upon her experience as a classical musician, having been trained to play violin as a youngster as well as to become a classical vocalist.


8. “Deepest Bluest” – LL Cool J

“Deepest Bluest” by LL Cool J was featured on the soundtrack to the film Deep Blue Sea, released in 1999 and starring Samuel L. Jackson.

“Uh my hat is like a shark’s fin, deepest bluest my hat is like a shark’s fin,” the lyrics sing, continuing, “I cause you to sink down 40,000 leagues, bleeding to death with no arms and short sleeves.”

The film Deep Blue Sea performed well at the box office, partly thanks to the participation of Grammy Award-winning singer LL Cool J.


7. “Hammerhead Shark” – David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth released “Hammerhead Shark” in 1991 on the album A Little Ain’t Enough, his third studio album featuring Jason Becker on lead guitar.

It’s another powerful rock song that uses the strong visual imagery of sharks as an analogy for human behavior and a night on the town drinking and fighting.

At the time of its release, the grunge movement in Seattle was beginning to take shape, with “Hammerhead Shark” sometimes dismissed as a relic of a bygone era.


6. “Shark In The Water” – VV Brown

VV Brown blended rhythm and blues with pop and soul for the great song about sharks, “Shark in the Water,” which she released in 2009.

“Baby, there’s a shark in the water (water), there’s something underneath my bed,” she sings, “Oh, please believe, I said baby, there’s a shark in the water (water) I caught them barking at the moon.”

“Shark in the Water” was included on the VV Brown album Traveling Like the Light, her first studio album, which utilized samples from the Nintendo Game Boy console.


5. “Shark” – Throwing Muses

“Shark” by Throwing Muses is another fine example of indie rock music that explores the themes and imagery of these powerful man-eating fish.

Its lyrics use the image of dead shark’s eyes with vocals that sing about “Shark in your brain, spin the shot glass, kill the bottle, shark in your brain ’cause she’s warm.”

A mid-1990s alternative rock hit, “Shark,” reflects the band’s unorthodox approach to songwriting with their use of surreal lyrics and unusual song structures.


4. “Jaws Theme” – John Williams

One of the best-known songs about sharks of all time is the “Jaws Theme” by John Williams, which enhanced the atmosphere during each shark attack in the movie Jaws.

With its simple yet highly effective use of three notes played on double bass, it helped transform the motion picture into the biggest hit of the year.

In fact, the movie Jaws would go on to become one of the most successful movies ever made and serve as the template for summer blockbusters for many decades.


3. “Fins” – Jimmy Buffett

Combining pop, folk, and rock, Jimmy Buffett’s “Fins” is another classic song, which was featured on his 1979 album Volcano.

Like the best songs about the sea, “Fins” evokes feelings everyone associates with a day on the beach surrounded by coral reefs full of wonderful sea creatures.

The song ends by breaking the idyllic mood with imagery of a person surrounded by fins on all sides, with the implication that large white teeth will soon be enjoying their next meal.


2. “Shark Attack” – Split Enz

Split Enz cut to the chase with their song “Shark Attack,” a track which marked the New Zealand-based band’s breakthrough outside their home country.

“I was swimming in the harbor of your smile, splashing in the ocean like a child,” the lyrics sing, continuing, “I didn’t know what dangers lurked there, just beyond the waves, shark attack.”

Split Enz were renowned for their ostentatious visual style and flair for the flamboyant, later moving away from rock and into pop music territory.


1. “Sharks” – Imagine Dragons

We’re concluding this playlist exploring the best songs about sharks with the Imagine Dragons track “Sharks,” which was released in 2022.

Like the best karaoke songs, “Sharks” features punchy and memorable lyrics and a simple yet effective melody that helped make the song a big hit.

Imagine Dragons has enjoyed a hugely successful career, with many millions of copies of their work sold worldwide, in addition to winning numerous music industry awards.



We hope you’ve found some great songs about sharks you can add to your playlist to listen to the next time you’re heading out for a day on the beach.

These range from fun and upbeat pop songs to ones that use sharks as a metaphor for something deeper and more profound.

Sharks will no doubt continue to conjure up powerful and primal feelings that inspire future singer-songwriters in their music over the years.

What’s the best song about sharks, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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