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23 Best Songs About Mountains

Awe-inspiring music about nature’s most impressive landscapes.



Best Songs About Mountains

The best songs about mountains capture the awe and wonder these impressive landscapes inspire in everyone who sees them.

Whether you’re a fan of hard-hitting rock music or prefer folk and country, it’s something well-loved artists have covered in their musical work.

Read on, and we’ll break down everything you need to know about these mountain-themed songs from household names and more obscure music acts.


The 23 Best Songs About Mountains

Songs exploring the impact of mountains take various approaches, from literal tunes in admiration of the landscapes to metaphorical tracks about life’s challenges.

We’ve ensured this playlist features music to cater to all tastes, whether you love blues and folk music or prefer more upbeat pop songs.

So, without further ado, here’s our playlist of the 23 best songs about mountains:


23. “River Deep, Mountain High” – Ike & Tina Turner

Ike and Tina Turner were no strangers to hit records at the peak of their fame, with “River Deep, Mountain High among their best-known works.

The song was a huge hit and has regularly been ranked among the greatest songs of all time, helping to shape rock and roll as we know it today.

Ike and Tina Turner’s iconic song was produced by the legendary Phil Spector shortly before his decline saw him withdrawing from the music industry for good.


22. “My Tennessee Mountain Home” – Dolly Parton

Like Tina Turner, Dolly Parton is renowned for her exceptional singing voice and for recording some of the best karaoke songs you can sing along to.

Her song “My Tennessee Mountain Home,” released in 1973, is a classic example of her inimitable country music style.

If you’re looking for a wonderfully hummable tune that reflects the beautiful mountain landscapes of America, “My Tennessee Mountain Home” is essential.


21. “Mountains” – Sia feat. Diplo And Labrinth

We’re heading into electronic music territory for another great song about mountains from Sia, “Mountains,” produced in collaboration with Labrinth and Diplo.

This upbeat tune featured a gorgeous animated official lyric video when it was first released in 2018 and stands as a testament to the talent involved.

Diplo and Sia have become synonymous with excellence on the EDM scene in recent years, known for playing exuberant live shows at Tomorrowland and other major festivals.


20. “Mountains O’Things” – Tracey Chapman

Another wonderful mountain song worth your time is Mountains O’Things” by Tracey Chapman, a smooth and soulful tune with a breezy undertone.

Chapman’s lyrics describe working hard until the end of life and how the desire for fame and fortune can inevitably lead to personal destruction and loss.

It’s a powerful condemnation of greed that echoes through to this day from a singer-songwriter who came to prominence during the 1980s.


19. “Moving Mountains” – Usher

Rhythm and blues legend Usher followed up his classic song about cheating, “Confessions,” with a more optimistic appraisal of love with “Moving Mountains.”

This soulful tune celebrates the efforts people are willing to go to to please their loved ones and give them the best possible quality of life.

Released in 2008 on the album Here I Stand, “Moving Mountains” is one of Usher’s most famous songs, released with a fittingly powerful music video.


18. “Misty Mountains” – Richard Armitage

English actor and author Richard Armitage is perhaps best known for his performance as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s trilogy of The Hobbit.

Indeed, the song “Misty Mountains” comes from this film series, with lyrics exploring the mythical terrain the dwarves of Tolkien’s world explored.

While a dwarf song probably wasn’t on your radar for music to listen to, it’s a moving and sweet elegy for a fictional place that has endeared many people to Tolkien’s universe.


17. “Holy Mountains” – System Of A Down

The heavy metal rock band System of a Down is perhaps best known for their powerful songs about rebellion, but turned their attention to mountains for “Holy Mountains.”

Hard-hitting drums and thrashing guitars are complemented with sparse yet effective lyrics about murdering and thievery on a mountainside.

It’s one of the more aggressive mountain songs and a solid testament to System of a Down’s instrumental prowess and knack for songwriting.


16. “Mountains” – Biffy Clyro

“Mountains” by Biffy Clyro brings us into indie music territory, released in 2008, along with an official music video that features deeply symbolic imagery.

The Scottish band sings about a narrator who wants to take a bite out of a mountain range and how nothing lasts forever, no matter how much we wish it would.

Biffy Clyro released the song “Mountains” on their album Only Revolutions, a critical and commercial success that was certified gold in the United Kingdom.


15. “Blue Ridge Cabin Home” – Flatt & Scruggs & Foggy Mountain Boys

The song “Blue Ridge Cabin Home” by Flatt & Scruggs & Foggy Mountain Boys shares the same sentiments as Dolly Parton’s classic Tennessee tune.

It’s a reflective work demonstrating a unique fondness and appreciation for the American wilderness and a pioneering spirit that helped shape the nation.

Fans of bluegrass music and other traditional forms of mountain music will adore “Blue Ridge Cabin Home” by Flatt & Scruggs & Foggy Mountain Boys for its earthy, warm style.


14. “My Proud Mountains” – Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt brings his trademark bluesy vocals with a hint of folk music to full bear on the song “My Proud Mountains,” released in 1969.

This time, the subject of this mountain song is Colorado, another area of America known for its towering mountains and impressive stark landscapes.

Released on the album Be Here to Love Me, “My Proud Mountains” is beautifully moving music that evokes the natural wonder of the American terrain.


13. “Thunder On The Mountain” – Bob Dylan

Iconic country music singer Bob Dylan tackled the near-mythical American landscape throughout his career, with “Thunder on the Mountain” a quintessential example.

It’s one of his more recent releases from 2006, which shows in the lyric’s references to Alicia Keys and other contemporary cultural events.

Like his great song about connection, “Tight Connection to My Heart,” “Thunder on the Mountain” is a moving piece of music from one of the twentieth century’s most enduring stars.


12. “Rocky Mountain Rangers” – Colter Wall

Coulter Wall is a lesser-known but worthy singer-songwriter from folk and country music whose “Rocky Mountain Rangers” was released in 2020.

This modern classic features lyrics that explore the Old West of America and the life of a ranger as they sling their guns in pursuit of law and order.

Colter Wall released “Rocky Mountain Rangers” on his lengthy-titled album Western Swing and Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs, featuring the single “Big Iron.”


11. “Mountain At My Gates” – Foals

“Mountains at My Gates” by Foals sees the rock band showcasing their trademark blend of traditional rock instruments with a hint of electronica.

With poetic and introspective lyrics that discuss the looming fate and mountains as a metaphor for life’s obstacles, it’s a rich and meaningful song for deep contemplation.

First formed in 2005, Foals has enjoyed several successful releases, picking up awards nominations from NME and the Brit Awards for their efforts.


10. “High On The Mountain Top” – Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn brings her stylish mix of pop and country music to the table for “High on the Mountain Top,” released in 2004 on the album Van Lear Rose.

It’s one of those songs about mountains that explores life above a rocky mountainway where the sun shines above the clouds and the air is thin but fresh.

Loretta Lynn’s discography was incredibly impressive, spanning six decades of work with many hit releases and millions of albums sold worldwide.


9. “Sugar Mountain” – Neil Young

Like Bob Dylan, Neil Young needs no introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in country music, and “Sugar Mountain” is a fine example of his singing style.

The song’s message speaks to everyone who has wanted to leave home in search of somewhere exceptional and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Throughout his career, Neil Young picked up many Grammy Award nominations, as well as two wins for his work that sold millions of copies globally.


8. “The Climb” – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus explored the seemingly impossible task of climbing up to the top of a mountain with her pop song classic “The Climb.”

Featuring a hint of country music along with more upbeat pop elements, “The Climb” was a massive hit for Miley Cyrus back in 2009.

It was also featured on the soundtrack of Hannah Montana: The Movie, serving as a power ballad that explored how difficult but ultimately rewarding life can be.


7. “Fire On The Mountain” – Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead are known for writing one of the best songs about snow, so it’s fitting that they’ve also tackled the subject of mountains in their work.

“Fire on the Mountain” heats things up both in terms of its lyrics and music, with powerful guitars guaranteed to keep the listener’s temperature rising.

The band dominated the music scene in San Francisco and beyond at the height of the Summer of Love, becoming synonymous with the hippy movement of the era.


6. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

The song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell is another classic many people have on their playlists for inspiration.

As the title suggests, this song is about facing life’s challenges with a can-do attitude and not letting them defeat you or get you down.

Released in 1967, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was a hit sensation and widely played around the world, inspiring a new generation of music fans.


5. “Big Rock Candy Mountains” – Harry McClintock

“Big Rock Candy Mountains” by Harry McClintock brings us back once again to the world of country music from the latter days of the American cultural experience.

Harry McClintock was a celebrated radio personality and singer at the turn of the twentieth century, with “Big Rock Candy Mountains” his best-known release.

The song was featured in the hit Coen Brothers comedy, O Brother Where Are Thou?, which starred George Clooney and John Turturro.


4. “Blue Ridge Mountains” – Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes bring their trademark combination of indie rock and folk to the song “Blue Ridge Mountains,” released in 2008 on their self-titled album.

It’s another great example of mountain music that heralds from Tennessee, with poetic and nostalgic lyrics that reflect the beauty of the countryside.

The song, like the album from which it came, garnered critical acclaim at the time of its release, widely regarded as one of the greatest debut releases of all time.


3. “You Gave Me A Mountain” – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is widely regarded as one of the greatest rock and roll singer-songwriters of all time, with several number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts to his name.

“You Gave Me a Mountain” is one of his later efforts, exploring themes of love and loss while using the landscape as a metaphor for a crumbling relationship.

It’s a wonderful example of Elvis Presley’s distinct vocals and powerful songwriting that secured his place in the annals of music history.


2. “Rocky Mountain High” – John Denver

John Denver and Mike Taylor joined forces to write “Rocky Mountain High,” which has since become the official state song for Colorado since its 1972 composition.

Written as a tribute to the state, John Denver felt compelled to produce “Rocky Mountain High” after moving to Aspen and falling in love with the landscapes.

It’s been covered by the American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey, as well as being featured in the movie Final Destination each time a character dies.


1. “Misty Mountain Hop” – Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop” wraps up this playlist in exceptional style from a band known for writing some of the best songs of all time that reshaped rock music.

Released in 1971, “Misty Mountain Hop” features lyrics exploring a narrator who decides to abandon the pressures of life and escape to the mountains.

It’s a must-listen for any dedicated rock music fans, as well as anyone else who has a deep appreciation for the iconic songs that shaped the modern music landscape.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this playlist exploring the best music about mountains from across the spectrum of genres over the last few decades.

It’s a topic that has motivated everyone, from country music singers who reside in the wilderness of America to heavy metal bands and contemporary pop icons.

With their rich symbolism and awe-inspiring presence, there’s no doubt that mountains will continue to provoke deep and evocative songs from artists and bands to come.

What’s the best song about mountains, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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