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23 Best Songs About Islands

Pour a cocktail, relax, and enjoy these island songs.



Best Songs About Islands

The best songs about islands celebrate the laid-back experiences of island life with beautiful harmonies and lyrics that evoke the natural world.

It’s a popular topic that singers and bands have explored for many years, from niche rock bands of the 1970s to country icons such as Dolly Parton.

This playlist breaks down everything you need to know about these island songs, from the writers and producers to the chart-topping performances.


The 23 Best Songs About Islands

Songs about islands capture the natural beauty and atmosphere of these locations and the feelings being there can evoke in a person.

We’ve ensured this playlist covers a broad selection of genres and styles to reflect the different approaches taken by musicians to the topic.

Without further ado, here’s our playlist of the 23 best songs about islands:


23. “Rock Island Line” – Mano Negra

Mano Negra’s wonderfully upbeat song “Rock Island Line” was originally released in 1946 by the obscure act Leadbelly.

This popular cover version helped to launch the Skiffle craze, which would go on to influence the iconic founder of the Beatles, John Lennon.

Mano Negra’s version brings it into the 1980s with suitably loud and powerful guitar riffs that the decade has become well known for.


22. “Island Of Love” – Elvis Presley

Responsible for many of the best songs of all time, Elvis Presley has become an icon for rock and roll fans around the world over the decades.

His classic song “Island of Love,” flavored with a distinct Hawaiian guitar and crooning vocals, is the ideal song for a laid-back day in the sun.

Elvis Presley released “Island of Love” at the height of his fame in 1961, with the track featured on the album and movie Blue Hawaii.


21. “Lady Of The Island” – Crosby, Stills, Nash

From soothing Hawaiian guitars to the idiosyncratic folk melodies of Crosby, Still, & Nash and the song “Lady of the Island.”

Nash wrote this personal song while he was a member of the Hollies, who discarded the song for being too personal.

It’s a romantic song that Nash wrote while in a relationship with fellow folk musician Joni Mitchell and was released on the band’s self-titled debut album in 1969.


20. Islands” – Mike Oldfield Ft. Bonnie Tyler

Mike Oldfield, best known for Tubular Bells, joined forces with the iconic 1980s pop singer Bonnie Tyler for the pop ballad “Islands”>

Tyler’s controlled vocals are paired against Oldfield’s melodies and clarinet solo, with typically 1980s drums laid in the background.

Released as a single in 1987, “Islands” was considered by Oldfield to be the high point of the album of the same name on which it was also featured.


19. Island– Bow Anderson

A contemporary pop song about islands by Bow Anderson, “Islands,” was released in 2023 on her album Valentinstag 2023.

The official music video sees Bow Anderson cavorting on a beach while singing about her lover and her plans to head to a party that evening alone.

It’s a suitably summery and upbeat song considering the themes explored and was the third single to be released by the up-and-coming pop star.


18. Kokomo” – The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are no strangers to writing great songs about nature, and “Don’t Go Near the Water” is a great companion to “Kokomo.”

One of the best-known songs about islands, it’s another dreamy entry in the band’s impressive discography that conjures images of an island paradise.

“Kokomo” was released late in the Beach Boys’ career, hitting the charts in 1988 and featured on the hit movie Cocktail starring Tom Cruise.


17. “Islands” – Young The Giant

Young the Giant released their alternative indie song “Islands” in 2010 and featured it as the lead track on the album of the same name.

“Watch it rise and where you hide your pearl,” the lyrics sing, continuing, “Feel the tide low where you cast those stones you wear.”

It reflects frontman Sameer Gadhia’s unique approach to writing lyrics that draw on the subconscious to explore deep feelings and moods.


16. “Tropical Island” – Adam Green

Adam Green released “Tropical Island” on his 2008 album Sixes & Sevens, a minimalist, acoustic guitar song celebrated for its simplicity.

The lyrics describe a platter of emotions and sensations Green experienced on an island surrounded by natural beauty and contemplating life.

In addition to working as a singer-songwriter, Adam Green is also a filmmaker, releasing his debut movie, The Wrong Ferrari, in 2011.


15. 23 Island” – JayDaYoungan

JayDaYoungan’s contribution to this playlist of great songs about islands sees us heading into hip-hop territory with “23 Island”.

This powerful song captures the frustration many people feel when struggling with relationships and trying to put pride to one side.

JayDaYoungan released “23 Island” in 2019 on the album Misunderstood, which also featured the popular hip-hop song “Crying Out For Help.”


14. “Island Girl” – Elton John

Elton John’s “Island Girl” song is another great release from an era when rock and roll dominated the charts around the globe.

It’s a typically exuberant and energetic track from Elton John that urges the listener to get up and dance to the rhythm and sing along.

Elton John enjoyed a hugely popular career over several decades, with many chart-topping Billboard Hot 100 hits over the years.


13. My Island Home” – Warumpi Band

Warumpi Band’s 1988 song “My Island Home” is a fun children’s rock song that has become something of a national treasure in Australia.

The official lyric video features the lines, “For I come from the salt water people, We’ve always lived by the sea.”

The Aboriginal country and rock group Warumpi Band formed in the outback settlement of Papunya before breaking into the Australian music charts.


12. Island In The Sun” – Harry Belafonte

“Island in the Sun” by Harry Belafonte was released in 1957 as part of the soundtrack to the movie of the same name.

It’s a song that explores concepts of racial tension and interracial romance in an era where these ideas were largely considered taboo in society.

“Island in the Sun” was accompanied on the movie by another popular Harry Belafonte track, “Lead Man Holler,” co-written with Irving Burgie.


11. “Island Song” – Zac Brown Band

The aptly-titled “Island Song” by Zac Brown Band is another warm and welcoming song about islands from the country music genre.

It celebrates the feeling of laying around in the sun and drinking a cold beer while playing great music with the people you love.

The Zac Brown Band released “Island Song” in 2012 on the album Uncaged, which received positive reviews across the board from fans and critics.


10. “Island Of Lost Souls” – Blondie

The 1982 song “Island of Lost Souls” by Blondie takes a different approach to the subject, exploring her desire to escape from life’s luxuries.

The lyrics describe, “The sky is blue the sea is warm and clear, And golden sands are calling out to you inviting, Make a new man out of you.”

It’s a great companion piece to Blondie’s iconic song about revenge, “One Way Or Another,” which also explores relationship themes.


9. “Islands” – John Denver

John Denver’s song “Islands” was released in 1982 as part of his popular folk and country music album Seasons of the Heart.

The song evokes imagery of an island surrounded by crystal clear blue ocean waters and how the island really belongs to the sea.

The album Seasons of the Heart was dedicated to John Denver’s estranged wife, Annie, and is considered a love poem to her memory.


8. “No Man Is An Island” – NOËP

No Man Is An Island” by NOËP takes its title from the quote by John Donne, the English poet, and scholar who lived and worked in the sixteenth century.

The band’s drummer explained in an interview how, “So often we go through life and struggles, trials and difficult times, or even great times, and we try to do it by ourselves.”

It’s a complex and layered piece of music that reflects the band’s deep contemplation on a wide range of fascinating subjects through their music.


7. “On An Island” – David Gilmour

The title track from David Gilmour’s third studio album, “On An Island,” also features lyrics performed by Polly Samson alongside Gilmour.

While the song didn’t make waves in the charts, it reflects David Gilmour’s wonderful musicianship and cemented his post-Pink Floyd reputation.

The album itself performed much better, debuting at the top spot on the UK Album Charts and peaking at number 2 on the European Charts.


6. “Thunder Island” – Jay Ferguson

“Thunder Island” by Jay Ferguson takes us firmly into rock music territory with a song that epitomizes the genre in the late 1970s.

Like the best songs about the sea, “Thunder Island” evokes powerful visual images of rolling clouds set beneath tumultuous storm clouds.

It was the title track of the second studio album released by Jay Ferguson, charting in America and later being reissued on the Collector’s Choice label.


5. “Island Lover” – Shaggy

Shaggy’s 1995 album Boombastic catapulted the singer-songwriter into the public eye and made him a household name worldwide.

The song “Island Lover,” featured on this album, uses the concept of an island as a metaphor for a woman and how it feels to lose a partner.

The biggest hit of Shaggy’s career by far was the song “It Wasn’t Me,” which is still frequently played on radio shows and in bars to this day.


4. “Island In The Sun” – Ringo Starr

Former Beatles drummer turned solo artist Ringo Starr released his rock song “Island in the Sun” late in his career in 2015.

Preceding his inauguration into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s a great song that sums up Starr’s musical style and distinct vocals.

“Island in the Sun” was released as part of the album Postcards From Paradise, which was written and produced entirely by Ringo Starr.


3. “La Isla Bonita” – Madonna

Madonna is known for writing and singing some of the best karaoke songs of all time, and “La Isla Bonita” is a worthy addition to this accolade.

It’s a great example of her output in the 1980s, a peppy and catchy song with infectious vocals and a sweet and engaging melody.

The first song released by Madonna with Latin influences such as Cuban drums and maracas, the island in question is said to be San Pedro.


2. “Island In The Sun” – Weezer

Another catchy and popular song about islands called “Island in the Sun” comes from the alternative rock and indie band Weezer.

“On an island in the sun we’ll be playing and having fun,” the lyrics sing, continuing, “And it makes me feel so fine I can’t control my brain.”

Weezer released “Island in the Sun” in 2001 on their second, self-titled album, although it wasn’t originally intended to be featured on the track listing.


1. “Islands In The Stream” – Kenny Rogers Ft. Dolly Parton

Two titans of the music industry, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, teamed up and worked together on the beautiful song “Islands in the Stream.”

Released on the album Eyes That See in the Dark, it’s a hugely popular piece of music that was even more successful on account of the iconic collaboration.

Dolly Parton is no stranger to chart successes and awards, having received multiple Grammy Awards and many more nominations over the years.



So there you have it, our recommended songs about islands you can add to your playlist today to listen to while relaxing in the sun.

It’s a popular topic for singers looking to evoke warm and uplifting feelings, whether they’re working on country music or producing chart-topping pop hits.

We can expect many more great songs about islands to be released in the future to brighten up a summer’s day and celebrate a new island getaway.

What’s the best song about islands, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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