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21 Best Songs About Gold With The Midas Touch

The most desirable songs about gold you can listen to.



Best Songs About Gold

The best songs about gold can be found throughout the history of music, with gold the most sought-after substance around the world.

It’s been sung about in everything from classic duets from the 1950s to modern-day rock and pop songs that have topped the charts worldwide.

Continue reading, and we’ll bring you all the great gold-themed songs you need to hear, from the most influential rock ‘n’ roll guitarists to today’s hottest rappers.


The 21 Best Songs About Gold With The Midas Touch

Songs that explore the subject of gold tackle the precious metal as the ultimate object of desire, sometimes using it as a metaphor for greed and ambition.

This playlist has been compiled to cater to all music tastes, with lyrics that reflect the many different interpretations that artists have about gold.

Without further ado, here’s our playlist of the 21 best songs about gold with the Midas touch:


21. “Gold” – John Stewart Ft. Stevie Nicks

“Gold” by John Stewart, one of the classic songs on the subject, featured Stevie Nicks and was released as a lead single back in 1979.

Written by John Stewart shortly after he left the band The Kingston Trio, “Gold” featured a smooth and catchy acoustic guitar solo set to a retro funk and pop rhythm.

Stewart and Stevie Nicks use the word gold as a subtle swipe at the music industry in Los Angeles, with the precious metal a stand-in for greed.


20. “New Gold Dream” – Simple Minds

The Simple Minds’ song “New Gold Dream” takes us to the early 1980s for another pop song about gold that’s well worth adding to your playlist.

“Sun is set in front of me, worldwide on the widest screen, new gold dream,” the lyrics sing, continuing, “Burning bridge and ecstasy, crashing beats and fantasy.”

Simple Minds released “New Gold Dream” on their album of the same name in 1982, and it became a critical and commercial success, marking a turning point in their career.


19. “Glitter & Gold” – Barns Courtney

Alternative indie music singer-songwriter Barns Courtney released “Glitter & Gold” on his 2017 album, The Attractions of Youth.

In this great song, Barns Courtney sings about gold as a powerful force and likens it to Biblical motifs about walking in the valley of kings.

Despite the success of his debut album, Barns Courtney dropped off the music scene in 2017 and was removed from his record label.


18. “Fields Of Gold” – Sting

Released on Sting’s 1993 album Ten Summoner’s Tales, “Fields of Gold” is one of the biggest hits the English musician enjoyed during this era.

It describes Sting’s view of the barley fields surrounding his Wiltshire manor house, which resembled shimmering gold in the sunlight.

Highly rated as a peaceful ballad from his discography, “Fields of Gold” is considered among the best pop songs of the decade, and it has a wistful undertone.


17. “Golden Slumbers” – The Beatles

While the Beatles are often associated with some of the best karaoke songs, “Golden Slumbers” veers into progressive and art rock territory.

“Golden slumbers fill your eyes,” the lyrics sing in this hit song, which was first released in 1969, continuing with, “Smiles awake you when you rise.”

It was released on the Beatles’ seminal album Abbey Road, known around the world for its iconic front cover featuring the band crossing the titular street.


16. “Golden” – Harry Styles

Fast forward several decades from the Beatles’ popular release to another of the great songs about gold that dominated the charts worldwide.

Harry Styles sings about gold as a metaphor for love and romantic entanglements, with lyrics expressing his desire not to be alone and instead have someone to hold.

This synth-pop chart hit was released on the 2019 album from Harry Styles, Fine Line, his sophomore album that explores many themes.


15. “Goldfinger” – Shirley Bassey

The James Bond movie Goldfinger needs little introduction, even for those with only a passing interest in the hit spy film franchise.

“Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey features blazing trumpet and instrumentation, and the song appeared in the movie of the same name in 1965.

It’s perhaps the best-known James Bond movie to feature the legendary Scottish actor in the title role, with Honor Blackman playing love interest Pussy Galore.


14. “Gold” – Imagine Dragons

One of the biggest hits from the impressive Imagine Dragons’ discography, “Gold,” was released on their album Smoke + Mirrors in 2015.

“First comes the blessing of all that you’ve dreamed, but then comes the curses of diamonds and rings,” the lyrics sing, “Only at first did it have its appeal, but now you can’t tell the false from the real.”

The American pop-rock band broke onto the music scene in 2013, drawing influence from a diverse range of artists, including Kurt Cobain and Paul Simon.


13. “When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again” – Elvis Presley

“When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again” by Elvis Presley showcases the inimitable singing style of a performer who popularized the electric guitar.

With Presley widely regarded as one of the best musicians of all time, it’s no surprise that this great song features exceptional guitar and vocals.

Elvis Presley performed “When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again” on the Ed Sullivan Show, which allowed him to reach a much larger audience.


12. “House Of Gold” – Twenty One Pilots

American indie rock band Twenty One Pilots have released a solid string of popular songs throughout the course of their career.

“House of Gold” is another sterling addition to their discography, and it was released in 2011 and featured on their hit album Regional at Best.

“She asked me, son, when I grow old will you buy me a house of gold,” lead singer Tyler Joseph sings, “And when your father turns to stone, will you take care of me?”


11. “Gold Guns Girls” – Metric

Metric is well known for their release “Help I’m Alive,” a moving song about anxiety that showcases the quality musicianship of this rock band.

“Gold Guns Girls” is a ferocious rock anthem that was inspired by the movie Scarface, and it features rapid vocals and a driving guitar riff.

Singer Emily Haines spoke about her desire to film a $1 million music video for “Gold Guns Girls” that recreated the end montage sequence from the famous gangster movie.


10. “Golden Ring” – Tammy Wynette & George Jones

Another great song about gold from the 1970s, “Golden Ring,” was released in 1975 and performed by iconic crooners Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

“Waiting there (waiting there) for someone to take it home,” the duo sings in this song, “By itself (by itself), it’s just a cold metallic thing, only love can make a golden wedding ring.”

If you’re looking for a more laid-back song that explores the topic of gold that will put you in a good mood, “Golden Ring” is a worthy choice.


9. “Gold Lion” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

After releasing one of the best songs about dragons, “Dragon Queen,” the Yeah Yeah Yeahs turned their attention to the substance that dragons often protect in their lairs.

“Gold Lion” is a prime example of the energetic music released by the band, with the lyrics, “Gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is, take our hands out of control.”

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs released “Gold Lion” on their 2006 album Show Your Bones, which was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Alternative Music Album.”


8. “Gold On The Ceiling” – The Black Keys

“Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys is another great indie rock song from a band that enjoyed a huge amount of popularity during the 2010s.

The lyrics of this great song explore many vivid images, from lovers surrounded by barbed wire fences to a woman screaming and surrounded by towering waves.

“Gold in the Ceiling” was released on the band’s seventh studio album, El Comino, which was their third collaboration with Danger Mouse.


7. “Golden Brown” – The Strangers

One of the biggest hits released by The Strangers, “Golden Brown,” is a song that continues to get plenty of airtime on radio stations to this day.

It’s another classic soft rock song from the early 1980s, which is noted for its lush harpsichord instrumentation and smoothly performed vocals.

A popular song in the United Kingdom, it was especially well-received in the band’s home country, where it landed at No. 2 on the charts.


6. “Golden Years” – David Bowie

Another iconic British rock artist took a stab at the topic of gold in this catchy and highly regarded song, “Golden Years.”

This David Bowie tune was featured on the album Station to Station, and it blends themes of success, romance, and loyalty into the lyrics.

The album Station to Station was released in 1976 and is generally considered to be among Bowie’s most significant releases of this era.


5. “Fools Gold” – Stone Roses

Regarded by many as one of the best songs of all time, “Fools Gold” by the Stone Roses is a fine example of the popular indie music emerging from the UK in the 1990s.

The song combines elements of indie with the Madchester music genre that came and went over a few short years but nevertheless reshaped the industry.

“Fools Gold” was among the most successful releases by the Stone Roses and also one of the biggest chart hits of the style that dominated the music scene at the time.


4. “Gold Rush” – Death Cab For Cutie

“Gold Rush” by Death Cab for Cutie was released in the late 2010s along with a beautifully produced and directed official music video.

“(Gold rush) We kissed beneath the street lamp light, (Gold rush) / Outside a bar near the record store,” the lyrics sing, continuing with “(Gold rush) That have been condos for a year and more.”

This catchy and upbeat song was featured on the album Thank You for Today, the ninth release in their careers.


3. “Gold Dust Woman” – Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac released “Gold Dust Woman” in 1977 on the album Rumours, which wowed fans and picked up a nomination for a Grammy Award for “Album of the Year.”

“Rock on, Gold Dust Woman / take your silver spoon, dig your grave,” the lyrics to this classic rock song go, “Heartless challenge, pick your path, and I’ll pray.”

Influenced initially by British blues, Fleetwood Mac evolved their musical style over the years and went on to sell over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide.


2. “Heart Of Gold” – Neil Young

Like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young is ranked as one of the greatest rock musicians of all time, with a track record of hit releases to back up the claim.

Neil Young’s song “Heart of Gold” is ranked among the best songs ever recorded, widely regarded as the gold standard for acoustic guitar performances.

“Heart of Gold” has been covered many times since its initial release, including by artists such as Boney M, Kasey Musgraves, and Tori Amos.


1. “Gold Digger” – Kanye West Ft. Jamie Foxx

A titan of hip-hop, Kanye West teamed up with a titan of the movie industry, Jamie Foxx, for the chart-topping song “Gold Digger.”

This bouncy and addictive pop-rap song is all about the experiences of a man being tricked by a woman who’s more interested in money than love.

Kanye West has written and performed many iconic songs over the years, including one of the best songs about winter, “Coldest Winter.”



So, there you have it, the greatest songs with gold in the title that explore this precious metal in literal and figurative ways in various musical styles.

It’s a topic that touches on everything from greed and ambition to love and relationships, from classic rock ‘n’ roll icons to modern-day indie bands.

Gold remains the most sought-after substance to this day, and it will, no doubt, inspire future singer-songwriters and bands to write about its enduring appeal.

What’s the best song about gold, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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