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23 Best Songs About Dragons

Discover the most powerful songs about these folklore creatures.



Best Songs About Dragons

The best songs about dragons capture the awe-inspiring nature of these fearsome mythical creatures in all their power and glory.

Dragons are a ubiquitous presence throughout human history and can be found in folklore tales from all different cultures.

This playlist explores songs about dragons from all music genres, from the classic rock ballad “Dragon Queen” to the popular song “Puff the Magic Dragon.”


The 23 Best Songs About Dragons

Dragons have inspired singer-songwriters throughout the ages to write great music celebrating the power of these mythical beasts.

We’ve selected the greatest songs on this topic to cover all music preferences in this definitive playlist.

Now that you know our criteria, here are the 23 best songs about dragons:


23. “Dragon Attack” Queen

Stadium rock band Queen has released some of the best karaoke songs of all time, including the hit track “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Their song “Dragon Attack” is among their lesser-known works, exploring the attack on a village by these powerful mythical creatures.

“Dragon Attack” was released in 1980 on the Queen album The Game and was written by their lead guitarist Brian May.


22. Dance With The Dragon– Jefferson Starship

Another of the great songs about dragons to emerge from the rock music scene is “Dance With the Dragon” by Jefferson Starship.

Here, the lyrics talk about a woman’s encounter with a dragon that leads her to fall in love with this creature and her desire to dance with it.

It’s a passionate and intense song that was released in 1976 as part of the Jefferson Starship album Spitfire.


21. “Where Dragons Dwell” Gojira

Dragons have been the topic of songs for many different rock music genres, with Gojira’s “Where Dragons Dwell” coming from heavy metal.

The French metal band released “Where Dragons Dwell” in 2005 and use the mythical creatures as a metaphor for man’s destruction of the planet.

You can find this great song on the album From Mars To Sirius, released by Gojira in 2005 to critical and commercial acclaim.


20. “Tears Of The Dragon” Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson eschews the concept of literal dragons breathing fire for metaphorical dragons representing human emotions.

“Tears of the Dragon” is a moving popular song about dragons about overwhelming feelings, and the sensation of tears rolling down your cheeks.

Released in 1994 on the Balls To Picasso album, “Tears of the Dragon” is another beautiful song from the impressive discography of Bruce Dickinson.


19. “Guardians Of The Dragon Grail” Majesty

The title for Majesty’s song about dragons sounds like it has been pulled straight from a 1970s progressive rock album.

“Guardians of the Dragon Grail” is, however, a powerful metal song that explores how these ferocious creatures often guard priceless treasure.

It’s one of the most popular songs released by Majesty and was released as part of their album Hellforces in 2006.


18. El Dragón– Maná

While many of the best songs about dragons are sung in English, Maná brings their idiosyncratic Spanish flair to their song “El Dragón.”

It’s another song that uses dragons as a metaphor for love and the powerful memories and feelings associated with this concept.

Like dragons that breathe fire, love is a passionate and fiery force that deserves to be compared to these creatures of myths and legends.


17. Dragons Awake!– Guided By Voices

Guided By Voices released “Dragons Awake!” in 1999 on their album Do the Collapse, featuring lush acoustic guitars and vocals.

The song “Dragons Awake!” describes the awakening of several dragons and the rampage of death and destruction they unleash on the world around them.

While Guided By Voices has seen many changes to its members since forming in 1983, Robert Pollard has remained in the band over the years.


16. “The Dragon Of Judah” Canibus

We’ve covered plenty of great rock songs about dragons so far, but Canibus switches up the genres with a hip-hop take on the subject.

“The Dragon of Judah” by Canibus is a religious-themed song that references the dragon mentioned in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

Released in 2010 on the album Melatonin Magik, “The Dragon of Judah” addresses sensitive topics around the cost of living and police brutality.


15. Dragon– Miriam Bryant

Miriam Bryant is perhaps best known as the one-hit-wonder behind the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping song “Find You.”

Her dragon song called “Dragon” is a similarly haunting and touching piece of music that compares these creatures to destructive relationships.

Released on the album I Am Dragon, it’s another great example of the style of Miriam Bryant, one of the most underrated singers of her generation.


14. “The Curse Of Castle Dragon” Paul Gilbert

We’re heading back to modern-day metal music for “The Curse of Castle Dragon” by Paul Gilbert, released in 2006.

This dragon song is an instrumental track that uses guitars and other instrumentation to represent dragons and one of Gilbert’s heavier pieces of music.

“The Curse of Castle Dragon” was released as part of Get Out of My Yard and is regarded as one of the best songs by Paul Gilbert.


13. “Flight Of The Dragons” Evil Scarecrow

Another iconic metal band that used dragons as the topic for one of their songs is Evil Scarecrow.

Their song “Flight of the Dragons” takes these mythical creatures seriously, with lyrics about the narrator’s experiences witnessing them in action.

Drawing on the imagery of virgin sacrifices and villages being razed to the ground, “Flight of the Dragons” is a great song for folklore enthusiasts.


12. I See Fire– Ed Sheeran

Responsible for some of the best songs of all time, Ed Sheeran has explored a broad selection of subjects over the course of his music career.

“I See Fire,” used in the Hobbit movie trilogy, is all about brotherhood in the face of danger, even if the threat is something as terrifying as a dragon.

The official video features footage from the movies as the song narrates the challenges of facing off against this indomitable threat.


11. Black Dragon Fighting Society– My Chemical Romance

“Black Dragon Fighting Society” by My Chemical Romance is a departure from their well-known song about suicide, “Cemetery Drive.”

This great song became a huge success after it was featured in various video game soundtracks and reached a much wider audience.

Featured on the album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, “Black Dragon Fighting Society” is an iconic example of the style of My Chemical Romance.


10. “Becoming The Dragon” Trivium

Floridian metal band Trivium dived into Norse mythology for their song “Becoming the Dragon,” which they released in 2006.

It’s a classic head-banging track that sees the narrator transform into a dragon and wreak havoc on the world around them.

“Becoming the Dragon” was featured on the Trivium album The Crusade, which peaked at number seven on the UK album charts.


9. “The Jaws Of The Dragon” Martie Peters Group

While Trivium explored the latent power held by dragons, Martie Peters Group dived into their terrifying power in this intense song.

“The Jaws of the Dragon” sees a group of people on the run as a dragon hunts them down to bring about their destruction.

Released on their album Turn Hate Into Fire, “The Jaws of the Dragon” hit the charts in 2022 and proved to be a popular song among fans of the Martie Peters Group.


8. “Peter Killed The Dragon” Josh Ritter

Defeating a dragon is a long-standing narrative component of folklore tales, as Josh Ritter understood when writing this great song.

“Peter Killed the Dragon” is a fun and catchy song that narrates a young boy’s victory over the titular creature.

The song was released on The Animal Years (Deluxe Edition) in 2006, Ritter’s popular album that helped him get listed on the “100 Greatest Living Songwriters” by Paste magazine.


7. “Heart Of A Dragon” DragonForce

Metal music is a consistently popular genre for songs about dragons, with DragonForce delivering the goods with “Heart of a Dragon.”

It’s another frenetic metal song that explores the adventures of a brave warrior who faces off against a powerful dragon and lives to tell the tale.

DragonForce released “Heart of a Dragon” as part of their 2003 debut album Valley of the Damned, released while they were known as DragonHeart.


6. Futuristic Dragon (Introduction)– T. Rex

Like DragonForce, T. Rex’s band name makes it almost inevitable that they would release a dragon-themed track at some point in their career.

“Futuristic Dragon” is an introductory piece of music to the album of the same name, running just under two minutes long before the album kicks in.

T. Rex mixed things up throughout their discography, releasing many songs that explored a wide range of subjects over the years.


5. “Dragon” Tori Amos

Tori Amos used dragons as an analogy for the various emotions people experience in a relationship in her simply titled song “Dragon.”

Amos aimed this song at her lover, exploring the baggage from their previous relationship and the struggle of committing to the long haul.

It’s an impeccably produced song thanks to Amos’s collaboration with one of the best music producers of all time, Trevor Horn.


4. “Puff The Magic Dragon” Peter, Paul, & Mary

You don’t have to be a music nut to be familiar with “Puff the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul, & Mary.

This classic children’s song narrates the encounter between a young boy and this mythical creature and finding a dragon friend in the wilderness.

“Puff the Magic Dragon” is one of the most popular songs from a group that picked up several Grammy Award wins, along with many more nominations.


3. Dragon– Fallulah

Fallulah’s song “Dragon” uses these creatures as a metaphor for toxic relationships and how these can create feelings of being smothered.

In it, the lyrics sing about “he burns me all the time. I can’t breathe, but I want more” and how unhealthy attraction is more complicated than we realize.

Fallulah released “Dragon” in 2013 on the album Escapism, which followed her platinum-selling album The Black Cat Neighborhood.


2. Dragon Queen– Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The punk band Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Dragon Queen” uses dragons as a symbol for powerful women who know exactly what they want.

“Dragon Queen” seeks to empower females to take charge of their destinies and use controlled aggression to get exactly what they want from life.

The band released “Dragon Queen” in 2009 on their album It’s Blitz! as well as released on various music platforms online.


1. “Dragons Of The North” Einherjer

We’re wrapping up this playlist about the best songs about dragons with “Dragons of the North” from the Norwegian metal band Einherjer.

Blending Norse mythology and mythology with a modern metal sensibility, “Dragons of the North” is a powerful tune with a great guitar hook.

It’s the perfect song for metal fans who like their music to be infused with mythical overtones that explore the deeper roots of modern culture.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of songs exploring dragons in all their forms, from mythical tales to their use as a metaphor for relationships.

The enduring nature of dragons throughout all cultures makes them a powerful symbol that musicians have drawn upon over the years.

As fantasy movies remain big hits and the genre develops, we can expect more great dragon songs to be released in the future.

What’s the best song about dragons, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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