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21 Best Songs About Dentists



Best Songs About Dentists

The best songs about dentists reflect the anxiety and apprehension many feel about their oral health and visiting dentists for a check-up.

Many classic songs are also designed to help parents encourage their kids to brush their teeth and avoid overeating sugar.

Continue reading for an overview of the essential dental care song you can play to your kids whenever they object to brushing their teeth in the morning.


The 23 Best Songs About Dentists

While dentist visits are something many people dread, it’s unsurprising that singers and songwriters have explored the occasion in their music.

This playlist covers the songs that reflect this anxiety and plenty of valuable tunes you can play your children whenever they forget to brush their teeth.

So, here’s our playlist of the 21 best songs about dentists:


23. “Going To The Dentist” – Sam Moran

Sam Moran made a name for himself as part of the popular children’s music act the Wiggles, before releasing “Going to the Dentist” as a solo artist.

It’s a lively song with fun lyrics that encourages children to brush their teeth regularly to avoid unnecessary visits to the dentists.

For his efforts, Sam Moran picked up the ARIA Award for Best Children’s Album, cementing his reputation as one of the world’s leading entertainers.


22. Dentist Song” – Let’s Go Martin!

Another tremendous and aptly-titled song about visiting dentists is “Dentist Song” by Let’s Go Martin!, which takes a wry look at regular check-ups.

With lyrics and a tone that resembles classic nursery rhymes, “Dentist Song” captures the dreaded feeling kids feel when it’s time to sit in the dentist’s chair.

An upbeat rhythm complements the playful lyrics, and it’s another catchy tune urging children to take care of their dental hygiene.


21. “Dentist” – Juny & Tony

Juny and Tony have won over millions of fans thanks to their combination of upbeat music, lovely animated videos, and desire to help parents.

Their song “Dentist” is about helping kids keep their teeth healthy and regularly visit the dentist, so filling won’t be needed. 

Released in 2020, “Dentist” by Juny and Tony is another fine entry in the long list of kid-friendly music encouraging listeners to find self-confidence.


20. “Crooked Teeth” – Death Cab For Cutie

Having produced and performed “Gold Rush,” one of the best songs about gold, Death Cab For Cutie took on oral health with another great tune, “Crooked Teeth.”

This upbeat pop song fuses indie rock and dance music elements to significant effect, with poetic lyrics and impressively arranged instrumentation.

Death Cab For Cutie released “Crooked Teeth” in 2005 as part of their hit album Plans, which helped the American rock band rise to fame.


19. “Music For Dental Clinic” – Day Of Delight

If you’ve ever wanted a great song to listen to while waiting for your dental check-up, “Music for Dental Clinic” could be the best one to go for.

It’s an ambient-sounding instrumental track with melodic pianos and strings designed to set you at ease and relax before entering the dentist’s office.

Fans of laid-back classical music with a minimalist vibe will appreciate the subtleties Day of Delight brings to the table here to help relieve anxiety.


18. “Dentist Song” – Lingokids

Returning classic songs for children about visiting the dentists with “Dentist Song” by the much loved Lingokids.

It’s another excellent dentist song that uses bright and colorful animation to draw kids into the message about heading to the dentist for a check-up.

Lingokids has established a solid reputation for providing parents with a broad selection of educational materials and resources to help them raise their kids.


17. “Long John Blues” – Dinah Washington

Dinah Washington uses her song “Long John Blues” to explore her experiences with her dentist, the titular Long John, in this 1949 song.

The song lyrics talk about his exceptional seven-foot-tall height and how his magic touch as a dentist means he thrills her even when he drills her.

Dinah Washington is widely regarded as one of the best female jazz singers of all time, and on the strength of “Long John Blues,” it’s easy to see why.


16. “Dentist Check Up Song” – Sunny Kids Songs

Sunny Kids Songs is another hugely popular YouTube channel that features many amazing tunes to help educate children across various topics.

“Dentist Check Up Song” is another example of how kids’ songs about dentists use bright imagery combined with catchy lyrics to engage children.

Sunny Kids Songs have covered washing your hands, the best morning routines, and much more to help children develop life habits to live by.


15. “Fresh Out Da Dentist” – Poody

Hip-hop artist Poody brings a different take to the table with “Fresh Out Da Dentist,” released in 2021 on his album of the same name.

The lyrics explore various topics, ranging from winning money in a casino to mundane activities like shopping in Home Depot and drinking Mountain Dew.

It’s a strong example of how Poody brings a sense of energetic swagger and dynamism to his performances that reflect his unique experiences.


14. “Baby Dental Care Song” – SurpriseJoe

“Baby Dental Care Song” is perhaps the perfect follow-up song to the great songs about candy, and was written to help youngsters brush their teeth.

The animated video accompanying “Baby Dental Care Song” features brightly colored animals to help the young audience engage with the content.

With a dedicated team of musicians and artists, SurpriseJoe has produced many educational songs for children to help them learn and grow.


13. “Dentist Song” – Vasiliy Kashevarov

Vasiliy Kashevarov’s contribution to this playlist exploring the best songs about dentists is another simply-titled tune that gets straight to the point.

“Dentist Song” was released in 2020 and features kids singing about the need for good oral health, set to punchy beats and an upbeat melody.

Vasiliy Kashevarov’s work focuses exclusively on entertaining children, with other songs exploring everything from names to the stars in the sky.


12. “Brush Your Teeth” – Sesame Street

It’s perhaps not surprising that Sesame Street has covered the topic of dental hygiene in their works, with the show designed for children’s education.

“Brush Your Teeth” brings everyone’s favorite puppets together for a friendly public service announcement to help kids brush, floss, and rinse.

First established in the late 1960s, Sesame Street has remained an enduring feature on the children’s entertainment landscape over the decades.


11. “Teeth” – Lady Gaga

For an altogether different take on dentists, we’ll turn to one of the most popular entertainers of her generation, Lady Gaga.

The Lady Gaga song “Teeth” is another upbeat pop song showcasing her inimitable vocal range and knack for fusing various styles.

Responsible for writing and performing some of the best songs of all time, Lady Gaga has become a household name and sold millions of albums worldwide.


10. “Shoutout To My Dentist” – Almighty Jay

American rapper Almighty Jay initially performed as part of the YBN collective before going solo and releasing the song “Shoutout to my Dentist” in 2021.

This lyrically dense hip-hop track features explicit vocals that set it apart from the children’s songs that tend to dominate lists of the best songs about dentists.

Almighty Jay released “Shoutout to my Dentist” on the album Battling My Spirit, cementing his reputation as a strong solo artist in his own right.


9. “Go See The Dentist” – Dr. Alban

Dr. Alban blends elements of reggae, pop, and electronic music throughout his discography, as is evident in the song “Go See the Dentist.”

Released in 1994, this song explores the artist’s dentist check-up and how prevention is better than cure with looking after your health.

Dr. Alban released “Go See the Dentist” as part of the album Look Who’s Talking, which featured the hit song “Let the Beat Go On” to critical acclaim.


8.“Dentist Song” – Maya & Mary

Another simple title song about dentists that draws inspiration from classic nursery rhymes is “Dentist Song” by the entertainers Maya and Mary.

Released in 2020, “Dentist Song” takes a light-hearted look at the subject, and the song encourages listeners to keep their visits to the dentist up to date.

Like the best karaoke songs, the lyrics are easy to remember, while the melody is simple, so children can easily remember the core message.


7. “Dentist” – Pierce Brothers

The Australian-based alternative indie band released the song “Dentist” in 2021, featuring the track on their album Into the Great Unknown to critical acclaim.

Featuring a wonderfully produced official music video, “Dentist” is a song steeped in folk music influences, with exceptional guitaring skills on display.

The twin brothers who make up the band remain active today, with the song’s range an excellent example of their unique and compelling style.


6. “Dental Care” – Owl City

If you’ve recently enjoyed some of the best songs about chocolate and need a pallet cleanser, “Dental Care” by Owl City could be just what the doctor ordered.

The song lyrics explore the narrator’s start to the day, brushing their teeth and flashing their pearly white teeth as they prepare to visit the dentist.

Over the years, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Adam Young, Owl City has earned a reputation for its experimental take on electronic music.


5. “Go Dentist” – Adventure Time

The hugely popular children’s animated television show Adventure Time has produced many great episodes that revolutionized the medium.

Like other great animated shows, Adventure Time has had its fair share of songs, with “Go Dentist” among the most memorable ones featured.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek take on visiting the dentist, with a catchy melody and instrumentation set to a colorful animated video in the show’s unique art style.


4. “I’m Your Dentist” – Pinkfong

For Pinkfong, dental hygiene is one of the most fundamental aspects of raising children correctly, as their excellent song “I’m Your Dentist” reflects in full.

It was released with a vibrant animated video to draw children into the core message and take care of their dental hygiene daily.

Like the lovely tunes released by Sunny Kids Songs, this hugely popular track has received millions of views on their popular YouTube channel.


3. “Teeth” – 5 Seconds Of Summer

The Australian pop band 5 Seconds of Summer enjoyed their biggest chart hit in 2018 with the song “Youngblood,” bringing them to international attention.

One of their lesser-known songs is “Teeth,” which saw the band further exploring the industrial sounds that helped them stand out from the crowd of indie bands.

Featuring a darker music video, “Teeth” is another departure from the proliferation of children’s themed songs about dentists featured on this list.


2. “Going To The Dentist Song” – Moonbug Kids

“Going to the Dentist Song” by Moonbug Kids is another return to classic children’s music that combines fun and engaging lyrics with educational purposes.

It’s a great song for young kids and toddlers that parents can play to help them remember to care for their teeth and avoid unpleasant dentist visits.

Moonbug Kids, the UK-based children’s media company, has released an extensive discography of music designed to make parenting easier.


1. “Dentist!” – Little Shop Of Horrors

Our final pick for the best songs about dentists comes from the popular musical movie Little Shop of Horrors, which hit theatres in 1986.

Featuring lyrics performed by the iconic comedian Steve Martin, it’s about a sadistic dentist that anyone who fears their check-ups will identify with.

The film was adapted from the off-Broadway play of the same name and was directed by Frank Oz, who worked closely with Jim Henson to create the Muppets.



So, that’s a wrap on this playlist breaking down all the essential songs about dentists you need to hear the next time you’re heading in for a check-up.

While children’s songs tend to dominate the topic, adults can enjoy many options, from pop classics to alternative indie music and hip-hop.

It’s a subject we can anticipate many more songs about in the future, particularly those emphasizing helping kids learn good habits.

What’s the best song about dentists, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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