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23 Best Songs About Clouds

Great music that captures the beauty of clouds.



Best Songs About Clouds

The best songs about clouds explore these natural phenomena in all their power and beauty throughout the history of music.

Whether they’re taken literally or figuratively, clouds bring up images of deep emotional challenges and represent hope for the future.

Continue reading, and we’ll break down these gorgeous songs about clouds from a wide range of genres and some of the world’s best-known performers.


The 23 Best Songs About Clouds

Clouds have been featured in dozens of songs over the decades from across the spectrum of musical genres and styles.

We’ve covered this range of styles and influences to bring you a comprehensive selection of music that draws on the imagery of clouds.

Now that you know how we’ve compiled this playlist, here are the 23 best songs about clouds:


23. “Thunderclouds” – LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo)

We’re starting off this playlist by exploring the best songs about clouds with “Thunderclouds” by dance music trio LSD.

Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo bring the full weight of their production prowess to bear on this dance music classic that urges listeners to overcome life’s challenges.

It’s a beautiful song with a stunning music video that asks us to view cloudy days as a brief moment in time before the sunlight reemerges.


22. “Mr. Blue Sky” – Electric Light Orchestra

Long before Electric Light Orchestra released their great song about magic, “Strange Magic,” they produced this excellent hit song about clouds.

“Mr. Blue Sky” is an uplifting track that oozes the optimism and hopes people feel when the clouds pass and a bright summer’s day returns.

Electric Light Orchestra released “Mr. Blue Sky” in 1978, and it has since been featured in the hit Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy.


21. “Little Fluffy Clouds” – The Orb

Another iconic track that uses the imagery of clouds as its core theme is “Little Fluffy Clouds” by the British electronic music act the Orb.

Among the most popular songs released by the Orb, “Little Fluffy Clouds” was a huge hit among clubbers and party-goers during the early 1990s.

It’s a song that reflects the writer’s passion for psychoactive substances at the height of the United Kingdom’s Summer of Love.


20. “Clouds” – BØRNS

“Clouds” by BØRNS, whose real name is Garrett Clark Borns, uses the image of clouds as a metaphor for his love for another person.

“I can’t stop thinking ’bout your face / clouds are rolling by,” he sings, continuing, “I open my mouth, and I breathe them right in / all my thoughts slip away.”

“Clouds,” which was released on his debut studio album in 2015, perfectly captures the feeling of having your head in the clouds when you’re in love.


19. “Heavy Cloud No Rain” – Sting

While some songs about clouds use them as a metaphor, Sting’s song “Heavy Cloud No Rain” treats them in their literal form.

It’s a powerful song about the lack of water in Ethiopia during the 1990s, with a tone of reflection and regret running through the music.

A prolific artist with multiple Grammy Awards to his name, Sting released “Heavy Cloud No Rain” on his album Ten Summoner’s Tales in 1993.


18. “On My Cloud” – Olly Murs

British singer-songwriter Olly Murs released this song, “On My Cloud,” in 2011, returning once again to themes about love and relationships.

The lyrics talk about a boy asking the girl he loves to join him on a cloud and let him “Lift your feet right off the ground.”

It’s another great song that uses a flying cloud as a clear symbol of the endless possibilities that life has to offer when you’re in love.


17.Cloudy” – Simon And Garfunkel

The highly regarded American duo Simon And Garfunkel used imagery of dark clouds in their song “Cloudy” to dive into hope and faith.

“Cloudy,” which has a slightly jazzy vibe not common with the music of Simon and Garfunkel, is an upbeat tune from their impressive discography.

This Simon and Garfunkel song was released in 1966 to critical and commercial acclaim, and it featured beautiful vocals and instrumentation.


16. “Born On A Different Cloud” – Oasis

At the height of their fame during the 1990s, Oasis was a household name, with their song “Wonderwall” one of the best karaoke songs of the era.

“Born on a Different Cloud” features lyrics that are open to interpretation, with many viewing them as being about how some people are different from the rest.

Written by Liam Gallagher, “Born on a Different Cloud” was released in 2002 on the Oasis album Heathen Chemistry.


15. “Obscured By Clouds” – Pink Floyd

“Obscured by Clouds” by Pink Floyd, a great example of a progressive rock cloud song, was released in 1972 to coincide with the movie The Valley.

This song talks about dark clouds hiding a bright and vibrant light, and it features the band’s idiosyncratic psychedelic instrumentation.

It offers a stark contrast to the Pink Floyd song “Paranoid Eyes,” one of the best songs about paranoia from this iconic rock band.


14. Cloudlifter– Dirty Heads

Hip-hop, rock, and reggae collided for the Dirty Heads song “Cloudlifter,” one of the most unusual songs about clouds on this playlist.

In this song, clouds are “soft, fresh, and clean” objects in which mythical creatures such as unicorns can be found in action.

Dirty Heads released the song “Cloudlifter” in 2019 on their album Super Moon, exemplifying their laid-back California sensibilities.


13. “Clouds” – NF 

NF is an American rapper and songwriter who has written many songs on a variety of topics over the course of his discography.

“Clouds” is one of his more heartbreaking and moving songs, and it expresses his desire to reunite with his partner.

It was released along with an impressive music video that featured some of the best editing techniques in recent years.


12. “Cloud Nine” – The Temptations

The Temptations were no stranger to writing hit songs, with several No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts over the years.

“Cloud Nine” is a great song that showcases their wonderful soulful style of music, with an additional dose of funk thrown in for good measure.

The Temptations released “Cloud Nine” in 1969 to critical and commercial acclaim, despite their reservations that the experimental style might put off fans.


11. “Clouds” – Imagine Dragons 

Released in 2013, “Clouds” by Imagine Dragons is a more serious song that uses clouds as a metaphor for complex human emotions.

The lyrics talk about the singer’s frustrations and overwhelming emotions that are bottled up over time until they become too much to handle.

When these emotions finally boil over and are unleashed, they become like a torrent of rain pouring down from dark clouds overhead.


10. “Smoke Clouds” – James Arthur

In James Arthur’s “Smoke Clouds,” clouds are used to represent the personal attributes many people would prefer not to acknowledge.

It’s a powerful song that features lyrics that urge the listener to overcome these negative feelings and traits to become a better person.

James Arthur released “Smoke Clouds” in 2013, with the popular song picking up over 6 million views and counting on YouTube.


9. “Strange Clouds” – B.O.B. Ft. Lil Wayne

B.O.B. joined forces with one of the leading lights in hip-hop, Lil Wayne, for the powerful rap song “Strange Clouds.”

Blending rap and dubstep, “Strange Clouds,” is another popular song about clouds that encourages the listener to overcome their problems.

The effortless lyricism and flow of “Strange Clouds” helped the track become a huge hit, and it was certified platinum twice in the United States.


8. “Clouds” – Prince 

The simply titled song “Clouds” by Prince introduced the British singer Lianne La Havas to his trademark high-pitched vocal style.

This is a song that celebrates the small things in life that nevertheless add up to something much more meaningful and profound.

Like the great song about birds, “When Doves Cry,” “Clouds” is a testament to Prince’s impeccable singing and songwriting abilities.


7. “Just A Cloud” – Lusine

We’re back with the electronic dance music genre for “Just a Cloud” by Lusine, which combines lush vocals with exceptional percussion.

“I wish that I was just a cloud in the sky of the light,” go the lyrics to this gorgeous song, “I wish that I was just a cloud / take less shape and disappear.”

This excellent EDM track was released with a visually stunning official video that speaks to anyone who is feeling lost in the modern world.


6. “Cloudy Day” – Tones And I

Tones and I released their song “Cloudy Day,” with a wonderful official animated video that captures the joy that runs through the music.

Like the vibrant official video, this is a bright and colorful song that reminds the listener to look on the bright side of life even when surrounded by clouds.

Tones and I released “Cloudy Day” in 2021 and featured the song on their debut studio album Welcome to the Madness.


5. “Clouds” – Zach Sobiech

A considerably more sober and affecting song about clouds, “Clouds” by Zach Sobiech, touches on mortality and death.

For Zach Sobiech, clouds are a symbol of despair in the face of terminal cancer and the desire for them to clear so the narrator can reunite with loved ones.

The official acoustic video for “Clouds” sees Zach Sobiech in fine form, delivering a heartfelt performance that moved his fans to tears.


4. “From The Clouds” – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson’s song “From the Clouds” is a whimsical song that once again views clouds as a fleeting obstacle that gives way to good times.

In this song, Johnson sings about sitting on a cloud with his partner as they watch the world pass by in front of them.

“From the Clouds” is another optimistic piece of music that sees the bright side behind a black cloud through its powerful lyrics.


3. “Just A Cloud Away” – Pharrell Williams 

Pharrell Williams dominated the charts with “Happy,” one of the best happy songs ever produced, which cemented his songwriting talents.

“Just a Cloud Away” is another upbeat and happy song from Pharrell Williams that is full of hope and boundless optimism about the future.

This gorgeous song was featured in the blockbuster children’s animated movie Despicable Me 2, which was released in 2013.


2. “Cloudbusting” – Kate Bush 

“Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush references an old technique used by scientists to bring forth rain from the skies using technology.

Here, Kate Bush uses this concept as a launching point for her reflections on growing up in the countryside with her father.

Released in 1985 on the Kate Bush album Hounds of Love, “Cloudbusting” is one of the more unusual songs about clouds you can listen to.


1. “Get Off My Cloud” – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ song “Get Off My Cloud” concludes this overview of songs exploring the imagery and meaning behind clouds.

Released in 1965, “Get Off My Cloud” delivers an upbeat arrangement with expressive vocals that express the singer’s desire to be left to his own devices.

The Rolling Stones released some of the best songs of all time, with “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” released the same year as “Get Off My Cloud.”



So there you have it, our complete playlist of great music exploring the metaphorical and literal meanings behind clouds.

These fleeting visions that cross our skies on a daily basis have inspired songwriters of all genres to produce great music over the decades.

As clouds and other natural phenomena continue to inspire musicians around the world, it’s a topic we can expect to be revisited many times again.

What’s the best song about clouds, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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