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The 10 Most Famous DJs of All Time

These world-famous DJs are the rockstars of the music scene.



Most Famous DJs of all time

Over the last 20 years, the most famous DJs of all time have driven a wave of electronic dance music across the world.

Starting as a niche sub-culture in Europe, the best DJs in the world introduced a mix of electronic and pop music to a receptive young audience.

EDM invaded the music charts, moving from music festivals and clubs onto commercial airwaves and advertising backing tracks.


The 10 Most Famous DJs of All Time

The best DJs in the world are known for their impressive beats and mixes, raising them to the same status as the most elite pop and rock stars.

From their iconic stages at global clubs and parties, the top DJs released albums and compilations that ushered in an innovative new soundscape.

We’ve selected the best DJs in the world, from house and trance to techno, defined by their superb talent and enduring popularity.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 most famous DJs of all time:


10. Avicii

In the relatively short time that Avicii appeared on the music stage,  he created an impact still felt worldwide today.

Avicii, born Tim Bergling, hailed from Stockholm, where his undeniable talent as an EDM maestro saw him produce his 2011 sensation, “Levels”.

It cemented his reputation as a trailblazing DJ and music producer, seamlessly uniting the electronic and pop realms into a cohesive and addictive beat.

Avicii’s enchanting melodies, interwoven with underground house music beats, redefined the sonic landscape, capturing the essence of his style in the acclaimed albums, “True” and “Stories.”

His collaborations with music stars like Chris Martin and Aloe Blacc underscored his genre-defying artistry, creating dance masterpieces that we still hate today.

Yet, his success came at a significant cost, as a relentless touring schedule saw Avicii battle health problems, eventually ending his touring career.

In 2016, he chose to retire from the road, a decision fueled by self-preservation, but tragically, on April 20, 2018, his life came to an end, aged only 28.

Avicii’s legacy lives on through his melodies, with his mental health struggles a haunting reminder of the pressures placed on this talented artist.

His music’s continued popularity is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft, leaving an enduring impact on electronic dance music fans.


9. Alan Walker

Emerging from the crossroads of the British and Norwegian dance scene, Alan Walker is famous for his mix of electronic, house, and electro music.

Born on August 24, 1997, Walker initially gained traction and popularity through YouTube, where he uploaded his music tracks complete with evocative visual content.

His defining moment came with releasing the emblematic, “Faded,” his debut single, which thrust him onto the global music stage.

Alan’s visual identity is characterized by the enigmatic “Walker Man” symbol, which sets the stage for his audience’s multisensory musical experiences.

His collaborations with Iselin Solheim and Noah Cyrus underscore his impressive versatility, showcasing his ability to combine diverse musical influences.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter Iselin provided the vocals on Walker’s singles Sing Me to Sleep and Faded, contributing to his album’s success.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter Iselin provided the vocals on Walker’s singles Sing Me to Sleep and Faded, contributing to his album’s success.

Walker is well aware of the challenges facing audiences today, embracing philanthropy and advocating for mental health and environmental preservation.

His music extends beyond melodies, intricate visuals, and sound effects, using his popularity to create positive change with an ever-evolving narrative woven into musical performances.


8. Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold is a DJ and music producer whose name reverberates through the corridors of music history for his pioneering work in this musical genre.

He played a pivotal role in popularizing trance music, with his influence extending beyond his decks with the creation of the Goa Mix under the Perfecto label.

Oakfield’s remixes for icons like U2, The Rolling Stones, and Madonna showcased his mastery of re-imagining their original tracks.

His albums, like Tranceport and Creamfields, are a testament to his iconic skills, producing beats and melodies that intertwine to create a spectacular sound.

Oakenfold’s stage presence and intriguing venue leave an indelible mark on iconic locations like the Great Wall of China and Everest’s base camp.

His role in bringing electronic dance music to the mainstream music scene ensures that the beats of yesterday continue to inspire the beats of tomorrow.

He continues performing worldwide – a talented and respected figure in the music scene’s global culture.


7. Daft Punk

In the music constellation, the Daft Punk DJ duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo shine as a brilliant star of the music genre.

Their French personas are enshrined in the iconic robot helmets that defined them – a visual complement to their musical ingenuity.

Albums like “Discovery” and “Random Access Memories” are milestones of the genre, redefining the limits of electronic and pop fusion.

The tracks, Around the World, One More Time, and Get Lucky, are anthems of an era, echoing in the hearts of French house enthusiasts.

Daft Punk’s innovative music videos and groundbreaking live performances took the genre to new heights, garnering Grammy recognition while leaving indelible imprints on music history.

Their 2021 exit marked a poignant farewell to an era defined by robotic EDM but continues to inspire with their contribution to the electronic music scene.

While  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are no longer together, they play an essential role in developing techno music worldwide.


6. Skrillex

Skrillex, christened Sonny John Moore, epitomizes the transformation of American music, having popularized dubstep across the United States.

The release of his extended play, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites heralded a new era in North American popular music culture.

His collaboration with Jack Ü, his partnership with Diplo, and the union with Boys Noize as Dog Blood showcased his genre-defying versatility.

Unsurprisingly, many Grammy Awards followed thick and fast, cementing his place among the music elite worldwide.

His high-energy performances and intense stage presence added depth to his performances, having fronted as the lead singer for the band From First to Last.

Skrillex’s legacy pulses through soundwaves and continues to influence music’s production and sound design today.


5. Deadmau5

In the enigmatic world of electronic music, Deadmau5, born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, stands out – and not only for his famous mau5head mask.

His mastery of progressive house music led to hit anthems like Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff and Strobe, carving out a unique niche.

Mau5trap, his record label, serves as a nursery for emerging electronic talent, attesting to his focused dedication as a music producer.

Grammy nominations underscore his global impact, while his online persona entertains and enlightens with his outspoken and often humorous personality on social media.

Deadmau5 is well-known for his captivating live performances and futuristic stage setups that turn his shows into immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Deadmau5’s musical talents transcend time as he continuously experiments with various music styles, pushing his artistic boundaries.


4. Carl Cox

Carl Cox is a crucial figure in the tapestry of electronic music, with a name synonymous with rave and club culture’s genesis in the UK.

His allegiance to techno and house rhythms defined an era, igniting dance floors across multiple decades as he produced energetic and captivating sets.

Hosting the “Music Is Revolution” residency at Space Ibiza is an illustrious journey spanning 15 years, epitomizing his unrelenting dedication to his craft.

He founded the record label Intec Digital and released a slew of tracks and remixes that solidified his impact as a record producer.

He was acknowledged with the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Legend Award, with the Cox legacy echoing through the relentless techno and house music beats.

He influences the techno and house music scenes, playing a pivotal role in shaping electronic music while prioritizing the preservation of EDM history and culture.


3. Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is the Dutch DJ and record producer who casts an enchanting spell over the music scene with his uplifting trance wizardry.

Aside from his live performances, A State of Trance, the radio show he’s hosted since 2001, serves as a beacon for trance enthusiasts worldwide.

He has established himself as one of the most famous DJs and one of the world’s highest-paid DJs.

The Armada Music label, established to help influence the dance music scene, became one of the world’s most prominent independent record labels.

With his DJing background, van Buuren is well-placed to recognize the most popular music genres and best dance music for his audience.

Armin’s critically acclaimed studio albums 76, Shivers, and Mirage are iconic productions that led to a DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll consistently reflecting his top position.

He co-founded the Sensation event and collaborated with Trevor Guthrie and Nadia Ali, forging connections beyond the dance floor.

Armin van Buuren is a legend in the making, from Grammy nominations for Best Dance Recording to epic performances at the Tomorrowland and ASOT dance festivals.


2. David Guetta

Pierre David Guetta is a French DJ who rewrote the music playbook, merging EDM with pop, setting stages afire with infectious beats and soaring vocals.

Titanium and Hey Mama resonate as anthems of David Guetta’s generation, with Titanium nominated for the Best Dance Video by the UK Music Video Awards.

With Ibiza residencies and a host of Grammy Awards, Guetta’s prowess is undeniable, with the “F* Me I’m Famous!” series underscoring his flair for the grandiose.

His remix of Madonna’s Revolver won him a Grammy Award, cementing his influence on pop’s trajectory through dance floors and charts.

David Guetta’s legacy remains a beacon in the annals of electronic music history, being named the World’s No. 1 DJ by DJ Magazine in 2011.

He is the iconic figure who harnessed the power of beats to ignite the mainstream fusion of the pop and dance music crossover.


1. Tiësto

Tiësto is a phenomenon and arguably the most famous Dutch DJ and record producer of all time, having pioneered trance progressive house, and electro-dance music.

With the transformation of the house music scene to include cutting-edge trance music and electro dance, Tiesto’s debut studio album took off.

Adagio for Strings and Traffic are two of his many successful albums, leading to him becoming the first DJ and record producer to perform at the Olympic Games.

Tiësto established Black Hole Recordings, his record label, followed by Musical Freedom, winning a Grammy Award for the remix of John Legend’s All of Me.

His impact is measured in sound and his numerous accolades, including DJ Mag’s No. 1 spot for his brilliance and DJ mastery.

Tiësto’s journey to the top transcends time, with his collaboration with various mainstream artists contributing to integrating EDM into popular culture.

He is one of the richest DJs in the world, attending international music festivals with stars like music producer Steve Aoki.



The best DJs in the world are defined by their determination and self-awareness, enabling them to effortlessly produce music that resonates with a wide audience.

The world’s finest DJs, from David Guetta to Tiësto and Avicii to Deadmau5, have created a harmonious convergence of music genres that’s reshaped music history.

Through pioneering genres, enthralling live performances, and transformative remixes, the best DJs of all time have introduced electronic beats to global music prominence.

Who is your favorite DJ of all time? Let us know in the comments below.

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