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Free MIDI Files – The Ultimate Resource



Free MIDI Files - Best Free MIDI Files

Free MIDI files are invaluable resources for producers and remixers.

If you don’t know how to read traditional music, then MIDI files are a simple alternative to help you understand how songs are arranged.

This makes high-quality MIDI files perfect for those new to electronic music production, providing the basic framework to build their own unique songs.

With MIDI files available in all genres, they offer something for all tastes.

So whether you’re into EDM, metal, classical, or hip-hop, this guide will help you find all your favorite MIDI tracks that you can download right now.


The Best Free MIDI Files Online

We’ve reviewed a wide selection of websites offering free MIDI files to bring you the very best resources for your music needs.

Here’s our list of websites that offer the best free MIDI files:


1. BitMidi

BitMidi Free MIDI Files

BitMidi is one of the most popular free MIDI websites available, boasting many tracks spanning a broad spectrum of music genres.

Files can be downloaded instantly, and there’s a preview option for each tune, so you can check it out before saving it to your computer.

If you’re unsure what music to download, there’s a nice Random MIDI option to throw a musical curve ball your way.

Click on any MIDI file, and you’ll be given a useful list of related MIDI files, and if you’re looking for something specific, there’s the ubiquitous search function.

While the site is pretty bare-bones (there’s no search by genre, for instance), the overall selection of MIDI files makes this an exceptional resource.

Their most popular MIDI files are all archived on the home page, too. The lack of any registration requirements means you can get downloading immediately.


  • Large number of MIDI files available
  • No registration required
  • Covers a wide range of genres


  • Website is pretty basic
  • No option to view by genres


2. MidiWorld

MidiWorld Free MIDI Files

If classical music is your thing, then MidiWorld should be at the top of your go-to list for classical-based MIDI files.

Established way back in 1995, this MIDI website might not have been updated in a while, but this isn’t really an issue since its music genre of choice doesn’t exactly date.

There’s a huge selection of composers listed here, and you can easily search the site to find specific tracks.

It also features other genres, so if you want some rock or pop or prefer TV themes or even Christmas carols, it’s worth checking out.

The included forum is a nice touch and a good resource for those seeking advice on making the most from their MIDI files (while it’s relatively inactive these days, the information there is still valuable).

Best of all, the music available here is all in the public domain, so you can go wild with how you use it in your music productions.


  • Public domain music
  • Nice information resources in forum and FAQ


  • No preview option


3. Carlo’s Midi

Carlo's MIDI Free MIDI Files

Moving away from the classical-heavy MidiWorld to Carlo’s MIDI, a forward-looking site that caters its content towards the contemporary electronic music producer.

The first thing which strikes you is the neat-looking homepage, which gives you direct links to the latest and most downloaded MIDI files.

Carlo’s MIDI offers a great selection of dance-centric MIDI files, so if you’re a budding EDM producer, you’ll find plenty of material here to work with.

Content is free, although there are also three subscription tiers available, so you can choose to pay extra for early access to content and other site features.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Carlo’s MIDI is the fact it’s all run by one person.

And Carlo even takes requests for music to convert to MIDI, so if you can’t find something you’re after, it’s worth emailing him with the details.


  • MIDI conversion requests available
  • Nice and clean looking site
  • Can preview file and convert to mp3


  • Subscription required to unlock all site features


4. Free MIDI Files is a solid all-rounder in the world of free MIDI files websites, offering a little of something for everyone in terms of available genres.

The site offers the option to search by genre, which is often lacking on free MIDI files websites but makes a world of difference if you’re catering to specific tastes.

You can also view artists and songs in alphabetical order, as well as new additions to the site and the top downloaded MIDI files.

There’s also a great selection of commercial music available in MIDI format, and you’ll find a lot of video games, commercials, and seasonal music here, which isn’t available anywhere else. is a members-generated site, and you’ll need to sign up to gain access.

But this won’t cost you anything, and you’ll be able to upload MIDI files of your own once you’re on board.


  • Search options are impressive
  • Can request music for conversion to MIDI
  • Can upload MIDI files of your own creation


  • Requires a free membership and sign up to access content


5. Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme Free MIDI Files

Partners In Rhyme goes one step further than many free MIDI files websites by offering an additional selection of free music loops.

It’s a comprehensive resource for budding music producers, with a catalog spanning everything from rock and pop to jazz and movie soundtracks.

The quality of the files available here is high, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a library of sound effects thrown in for good measure.

Site navigation is intuitive, and you can search for royalty-free music and browse their catalog by genre.

However, not everything on Partners in Rhyme is free, so you should be prepared to shell out some cash if you want to access their premium content.

But the free content they do have covers many bases, so it gets our recommendation as one of the best free MIDI file resources available.


  • Diverse library of MIDI files and music loops
  • Easy to use website
  • Quality is high


  • Payment required for some content
  • Site retains all copyright to files


6. Cymatics

Cymatics Free MIDI Files

Cymatics has long established its reputation as an invaluable resource for music producers around the world.

They have an extensive selection of synth presets, sample packs, and drum loops in their archives, in addition to a library of free MIDI files.

Their MIDI files library is relatively limited compared to other free MIDI files resources, but it’s worth checking out if you’re an EDM producer.

If you’re looking for additional free downloads, their blog is a great source of information with lots of links to useful resources.

A fair bit of the content here does require cash for purchasing, so bear that in mind when you’re checking this site out.


  • Includes a nice selection of additional music production resources
  • Features MIDI packs based on style and genres


  • Selection is limited compared to other MIDI sites
  • Payment required for some content
  • No preview options



MIDIdb Free MIDI Files

MIDI DB offers some of the very best free MIDI files available, covering all styles and even throwing in a nice selection of world music arranged by country.

While the site is relatively basic, it’s easily navigable and features a useful search function to help you track down your files.

If you’re not looking for anything specific, you can take your chances with their most popular and latest free MIDI downloads, too, which are displayed on the home page.

While the total number of free MIDI files isn’t stated on their site, the range of genres suggests a comprehensive selection is available to download.

If you want demo tracks that feature all the song’s instruments, you’re in luck, as these are also available from MIDI DB.

There’s also premium content available, so if you want their full MIDI pro tracks, you’ll need to head over to their Australian site to pick these up for a fee.


  • Broad selection of music includes some obscure genres
  • Preview option for all MIDI files


  • Site could be more intuitive


8. MIDIs Free

MidisFree Free MIDI Files

There are thousands of files available for free download from MIDIs Free, and no stone has been left unturned in genres and music styles.

Navigating the MIDIs Free website isn’t the easiest since their Categories tab is actually just an alphabetical search tool.

If you want to hunt through a specific genre, you’ll be out of luck, although the search tool does mean you can track down specific music easily enough.

Top downloads feature everything from Dr. Dre to music from One Piece’s popular anime series, reflecting their commitment to all genres.

You can also submit your own MIDI files, making MIDIs Free a great site for collaborative types who want to get involved in the community.

Issues with categorization notwithstanding, MIDIs Free serves up a comprehensive selection of amateur and professional MIDI files.


  • Large selection of files available
  • Opportunity to submit your own MIDI creations


  • Slight delay when launching downloads
  • Categories/genre search would be nice


9. Nonstop2K

Nonstop2k Free MIDI Files

Nonstop2K is a free MIDI files website dedicated to electronic dance music, and as such, is an essential resource for remixers and producers working in this genre.

It boasts one of the most attractive and professional-looking homepages, with their curated selection featuring all the cover artwork for the relevant tracks.

There are over 10,000 MIDI files to choose from, and searches can be refined by artist or track title for easy access.

There are also handy tabs for their new releases and trending files, allowing users to jump straight into popular releases off the bat.

A variety of EDM-related genres can be easily viewed via their genre tabs, ranging from big room and deep house through to trance and trap.

As with some of the other best free MIDI files websites, there’s the option to upload your own MIDI files and contribute towards the ever-growing archives.


  • Great website functionality
  • Option to filter on key and track length
  • Library is ideal for EDM fans


  • Premium subscription required for some content and features
  • Download limit per day for free MIDI files


10. Metal MIDI

Metal MIDI Free MIDI Files

Metal MIDI is a fantastic resource if you’re a big fan of — you guessed it — metal music.

This website is fairly limited, but this can be forgiven since it focuses exclusively on a single genre.

It delivers a great range of MIDI files covering bands from Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to Sepultura and Slayer for metal fans.

It’s very easy to use, and the lack of a preview feature for each tune isn’t sorely missed compared to sites with a host of genre options.

It’s a totally free resource, so you can be sure that everything on the site you see is ready for you to download at the touch of a button.

Metal MIDI does include a blog, although there’s no content here at the time of writing, so it’s a shame this resource has been overlooked.


  • MIDI heaven for fans of metal
  • All content is free
  • Cool looking site


  • No option to preview files
  • No updates since 2010


Free MIDI Files By Genre

Free MIDI songs come in every genre under the sun, catering to all tastes and production requirements.

Here’s a selection of the best free MIDI files by genre:


1. Hip-Hop & R&B MIDI Files

Hip-Hop and R&B are genres that continue to grow in popularity, with newcomers and established acts constantly out-performing their rivals in other music styles.

Here are some of the most popular Hip-Hop & R&B MIDI tracks:


2. Rock MIDI Files

The oldies are often still the best when it comes to rock songs, as this selection of popular rock MIDI files demonstrates.


3. Pop MIDI Files

The pop music scene continues to evolve and stay fresh by drawing on a range of other music genre influences.

Here are some of the most popular free pop MIDI files:


4. Country MIDI Files

Country music might not be the first style that springs to mind when you think of MIDI files, but they are well represented in various archives.

Here are 10 of the best free country MIDI files:


5. EDM MIDI Files

It’s probably no surprise that dance and electronic music are well-represented in the world of MIDI.

Check out these popular EDM MIDI files:


6. Electronica MIDI Files

Electronica resides among the cutting edge of dance music genres, and these popular electronica MIDI files will help you understand their structure and composition.


7. Metal MIDI Files

If you’re after something a little on the heavier side, these metal MIDI files are the way to go.


8. Classical MIDI Files

If you don’t have the knowledge to read traditional sheet music, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore classical music in more depth.

Check out these popular free classical music MIDI files:


9. Blues MIDI Files

If you’re in the mood for blues, there’s plenty to choose from in the world of free MIDI files.

Here’s a selection of some of the most popular MIDI blues tracks:


10. Jazz MIDI Files

Jazz can be a tough nut to crack, but these popular free jazz MIDI files will help you demystify the genre and take a peek under the proverbial hood at how it’s arranged.


FAQs About MIDI Files

If you’re still not quite sure what MIDI files are and how they can help you with your music production, then have a read-through of our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about MIDI files.


Q: How does a MIDI file work?

MIDI – which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface – works by storing information loaded into software or hardware and then played back through a sound card or device.

These files include information on the notes played and details on volume, sounds, and effects.


Q: What is a MIDI file used for?

MIDI files allow music producers to trigger sounds in their devices – for instance, through a MIDI keyboard – based on whatever music the files contain.

The information provided in MIDI files can be accessed and easily edited to create brand-new arrangements.


Q: How are MIDI files made?

MIDI files are created using a MIDI editor to input the relevant information, including the notes played, which collectively form the music.

These can be put together from existing music, or users can create MIDI files from scratch based on their own compositions.


Q: What does a MIDI file contain?

Various elements can be found in MIDI files, including sequences, melodies, drum patterns, and tempo/time signature information.

Additional track/artist names and any other descriptive information can also be included in a MIDI file.


Q: What are the benefits of using MIDI?

MIDI files are much smaller than other audio file sizes, making them easy to share.

The main advantage is the range of musical information they display, which can be easily understood, and the ability to hook these files up to electronic music equipment.


Q: Are MIDI files legal?

This depends on the MIDI file in question since there is a lot of music available on MIDI, which is subject to copyright laws.

However, there are also plenty of free MIDI files available, and if you’re using them for personal use or intend to edit them significantly, MIDI files offer lots of scope.


Q: What devices use MIDI?

You can use MIDI files across a range of equipment.

Some of the most popular include hardware sequencers, DAWs, and MIDI controllers (such as MIDI keyboards), or even using a MIDI interface through your PC.


Q: How do I convert MIDI files?

There are many free online resources that you can use to convert MIDI files to mp3 or WAV format.

If you’re using a DAW, there will be options here for converting MIDI files too.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best free MIDI files.

Whatever your genre of preference, one of the free MIDI file websites mentioned above will certainly help you find what you’re looking for.

Hopefully, our guide will set you on the right path to securing the best MIDI files for all your music production needs.


What’s your favorite resource for free MIDI files? Leave a comment below.

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