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DJcity Review



DJcity Review - Best DJ Record Pool?

Our DJcity review breaks down everything you need to know about this popular record pool.

With a good selection of mainstream music and a simple, intuitive user interface, DJcity’s pool is a great resource for DJs geared towards house music and hip-hop.

Read on as we review DJcity in full, covering all the music and features you’ll have access to when signing up.


DJcity Review

DJcity’s extensive library is complemented by excellent playlists and provides a platform for top remixers to share the remixes.

In this review, we’ll explore the genres you can expect to find, as well as the features you won’t find on any other record pools.


Key Points

  • Record Pool: DJcity
  • Best For: House, Hip Hop, R&B
  • File Type: 320kbps MP3
  • Price: $30 Per Month / $150 For Six Months
  • Unique Features: DJcity Exclusives, Desktop/Mobile App, Light/Dark Mode
  • Audio Captain Rank: #4 Best DJ Pool

Now you’re a little more familiar with the record pool, let’s get this review rolling, so you can decide if DJcity is right for you.


First Impressions

DJcity Review - DJcity DJ Record Pool

Arrive at the DJcity landing page, and users are presented with a clean interface, with black text displayed prominently on a white background, making sure everything is clear and legible.

If you prefer a darker theme, you can flip the black text on a white backdrop to white text on a black background by selecting the day/night switch icon in the top right of the screen.

The interface is pleasantly uncluttered, with a banner image for updates located over the main list of new releases and the current most popular tracks in the right-hand column.

Two dropdown menus grant access to the bulk of the platform, with the main Record Pool tab listing the various playlists and release categories, and an ambiguously-named “More” tab, which accesses unique tools, contact forms, FAQ, and DJcity’s store.

You can also access the DJcity podcast or DJcity Mixcloud pages for more related content.

The overall effect is neat, intuitive, and not stuffed with unnecessary options, making for strong first impressions that you’re in for a professional experience.


DJcity Walkthrough


Search & Filter

DJcity Review - DJcity Search & Filter

DJcity’s primary search tool is located at the top left corner of the interface and allows users to search for artists, titles, and genres.

Results are delivered promptly, and while the addition of label searches would have been nice, the addition of a “sort by” option for search results is helpful, allowing you to reorganize the list by relevance (default), date, or beats per minute.

Filter options are accessed whenever viewing one of the subcategories from the Record Pool tab, which includes the option to choose which song key you’re looking for, as well as the BPM range selected via a sliding bar.

There’s also a “Show only” option, so you can filter the results to include:

  • All
  • Acapella
  • Instrumental
  • Intro
  • Clean
  • Dirty

If you’re viewing the new releases and most popular tracks from the site’s homepage, these filter options aren’t listed due to layout issues, but it’s not much trouble to head over to these categories via the menu tab.


Music Library

DJcity Review - DJcity Music Library

DJcity’s impressive music library covers a near-endless list of genres, as is apparent when viewing the complete genre list on the site (which fortunately has its own search tool).

Filter these genres by popularity, and the most popular music genres featured on the record pool will be listed as follows:

  1. House
  2. Hip Hop
  3. DJcity Exclusive tracks
  4. Latin
  5. Urbano
  6. Reggaeton
  7. Dance
  8. Pop
  9. Other
  10. Instrumental

Delving beyond these popular genres, you can also filter from A-Z, and there’s some truly niche material for DJs looking to mix up their live sets.

Dembow, Latin EDM, and Afro Bashment are just some of the more obscure styles listed, which makes for a great overall selection of tracks featured across the pool’s various playlists.

New Releases and Most Popular categories are both updated in real-time and feature useful genre tabs, so you can cut to the chase and list the results for your music style of choice.

The most popular results are enhanced by another related category that covers monthly DJcity charts. These top 50 lists allow users to view results for the UK, Germany, Asia, or Latin American releases.

Across the numerous genres available on DJcity, there are plenty of big-name artists to satisfy DJs looking to please big crowds, such as:

  • The Weeknd
  • Bruno Mars
  • Anderson Paak
  • Missy Elliott
  • Rihanna
  • Justin Bieber
  • ABBA

If you’re interested in building a collection of more niche and underground music, this perhaps isn’t the best record pool for you, although there are some obscure tracks listed among their niche genres.


DJcity Exclusives

DJcity Review - DJcity Exclusives

What separates a good record pool from a great one is the selection of exclusive music you can access, and DJcity boasts an entire category dedicated to music you won’t find anywhere else.

These edits and remixes cover a range of genres and artists. For example, Missy Elliott and 50 Cent hip hop record pool remixes are listed alongside exclusive house music record pool edits from producers including Tiësto, Cherish, and Swedish House Mafia.

The same filter options in other categories are also available here, while buttons allow you to tab easily between recently added exclusives and the most popular tracks.

DJcity exclusives are extensive, with dozens of pages of tracks listed in this catalog to add to your library for exclusive DJ sets of your own.

Of course, each record pool has its pros and cons, and comparing DJcity to ZIPDJ or another competitor will reveal each has its strengths and weaknesses.



DJcity Review - DJcity Playlists

DJcity’s playlist catalog is organized by month and broken down into genres, although the selection of genres for this category is more limited when compared to their full genre selection.

The playlist genres available here are:

  • Trap/Twerk
  • House
  • Big Room
  • West Coast Hip Hop/R&B
  • Southern Hip Hop/R&B
  • East Coast Hip Hop/R&B
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Afrobeats/Dancehall
  • UK Hip Hop
  • DE/Germany
  • South Asian
  • Japan

Each of these playlists has been meticulously curated by a range of “influential” DJs from around the world, although details about which DJs this record pool uses for these lists aren’t available.

That aside, the playlists themselves are of high quality, and if you’re not sure where to start when building your music library, they’re an excellent way to get some inspiration.



DJcity Review - DJcity Remixers

DJcity bucks the visual trend for users when heading over to their Remixers category, where featured remixers are all listed together in alphabetical order.

Each listed remixer’s country of origin is also stated, so you can easily access DJcity Latino remixer content and other DJcity mixes from across the globe.

If you can’t find the remixer you’re looking for at a glance, there’s an option to search all remixers, although, with a total of 40 remixers listed on the page, it’s unlikely you’ll need to use this tool.

Click on any remixer, and you’ll be taken to their profile page, which lists a brief bio of the DJ or producer followed by a list of all the remixes and edits they have featured in the record pool.

All the filter options are present and correct (including the useful BPM and key filters), and you can sort the results by date or popularity with a quick press of a button.


File Types & Sizes

All tracks downloaded from DJcity come as 320kbps MP3 files, which means download times are minimal.

The audio quality is great, with crisp and resonant basses and defined high frequencies, making them suitable for professional-level DJ sets or radio broadcasts.


Preview Player

DJcity Review - DJcity Preview Player

Accessing the preview player on DJcity is easy: tap the play icon for a track on any playlist, and the preview player will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The preview player’s aesthetics match the rest of the record pool, with white text and graphics on a black background making everything legible.

To the left sits all the track information, including the name of the artist and any remixers involved in the production, as well as the track name.

There’s also a link to bring up your preview queue, displaying the same track and artist information and the option to play a given track or remove it from this queue.

A useful feature of this preview queue list is the ability to add this to your crate, send it to the desktop app, or download it directly without the need to interrupt whatever track you currently have playing.

Track progression is depicted with a soundwave graphic so that you can pick out the peaks and troughs for easier integration into your sets.

Finally, buttons to play or pause the track, or skip forwards and backward through your preview queue, are found on the right side of the preview player.


Performance & Downloading

DJcity Review - DJcity Performance & Downloading

DJcity’s neat and minimalist design lends itself to high-end performance, and the various catalogs available here all load up with efficient loading times.

Likewise, the preview player is nice and responsive, and tunes can be added to the preview queue – or sent to play immediately – with no noticeable delays.

The principal record pool catalog listings detail the key information about the artist, track name, and, if applicable, who produced the remix or edit.

The BPM is also listed, along with the tracks’ main genre, and a final option allows you to choose which version you want (for instance, clean or dirty), download it immediately, add it to your crate for later or add it to the preview queue.

A column including the track’s key would have kept the listings in line with the filter options, but this is a minor criticism, and we’re pleased that there’s a key filter available.

Download times for tracks and batches of music are equally impressive, landing on your hard drive in good time so that you can build up your collection quickly.

Likewise, add a tune to your crate, and it’ll be there instantly, making stacking up a comprehensive selection of tracks while on the go, so they’re ready to bulk download later on a painless experience.


DJcity Desktop App

Using DJcity on desktop and laptop devices can be easily done via the website, but there’s also a desktop app available, delivering a more streamlined experience.

The desktop app allows you to browse the site as usual, but rather than clicking on the download icon, users select the plus icon instead to send it to the crate.

Now, the desktop app downloader will pick up whatever you have in your crate and start to download the content, regardless of where you’re browsing their content.

This makes building your library from different devices much easier since you can start downloading content on your home PC wherever you are.


DJcity Mobile App

The DJcity mobile app brings another layer of efficiency to gathering content from their record pool.

Users can browse the entire library and send any tracks they want to download to their crate or directly to the desktop app’s download manager.

Typically, mobile apps allow users to store music in their crates, but they will need to initiate downloads to their desktop or laptop devices when they’re back home.

With DJcity’s apps, these downloads can be initiated while you’re on the go, making it one of the best DJ pools for people who travel frequently.



Whichever subscription plan you choose to sign up for with DJcity, you’ll gain access to all of their features and playlists.

Payment plans start with a $10 payment for the first month, then switch to either monthly or six-monthly payments.

DJcity pricing for each of these options are as follows:

  • $30 monthly payment
  • $150 six-monthly payment

Choosing the second option makes the overall membership of DJcity cost $60 less each year.



Should you experience any issues with the DJcity record pool, contacting their support team is easy to do, with multiple options available.

Head over to the Contact Us page via the More tab (or find the link at the bottom of the page), and you can send them a message through their internal contact page by following the appropriate red button link.

Alternatively, there’s a US-based phone number (and another for non-US residents), a mailing address in Los Angeles, and links to their social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The support team at DJcity responds within 48 hours, but if you’re in a rush for an answer, there’s a fairly comprehensive FAQ section you can check out first.


Things To Consider

Before deciding which record pool to subscribe to, you should check to ensure it meets your requirements, both in music content and the right tools and features.

If you’re a DJ who plays popular mainstream hits from genres like house, hip-hop, and R&B, then DJcity is a good option.



We’ve covered the key tools, unique features, and available music in this DJcity record pool review, so you know what you’ll get if you subscribe.

Overall, it’s a decent record pool for mainstream DJs, and the mobile and desktop apps make downloading your crate selections even easier.

However, in our opinion, DJcity falls short compared to top DJ pools like ZIPDJ, which offers a more comprehensive library and unique features.

So, if you’re an amateur DJ looking for a good selection of music and user experience, then it’s worth giving DJcity a try.

Is DJcity the best DJ pool on the market? Leave a comment below. 

Andy has been producing music since the early days of Cubase and spent much of the 2000s mixing house and techno with his trusty Technics 1200s. Fast forward two decades, you'll find him in his home studio experimenting with the latest music production software, tinkering with Ableton plug-ins, and occasionally trying (and failing) to complete Cuphead for the hundredth time.