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Crate Connect Review - DJ Record Pool

This Crate Connect review breaks down how DJs and music professionals can expand their playlists by using Crate Connects record pool.

Established in 2003, Crate Connect allows DJs access to high-quality premium tracks from some of the best record labels in the music industry.

With an emphasis on hip-hop and electronic music, Crate Connect’s archives are vast, ranging from AfroBeats and Dancehall to Tech House and Reggae.

We’ve reviewed the full range of features on offer from a Crate Connect subscription to present you with this comprehensive review.

Let’s dive in!


Crate Connect Review

Crate Connect brings together an extensive library of music available for professional DJs to use in their sets.

With a catalog that includes labels such as EMI and RCA, Crate Connect subscribers can access both new releases and archived music across 70 genres.

The intuitive user interface and tools make Crate Connect a versatile resource for music industry pros.

And with new releases and promos added daily, Crate Connect makes sure your playlists are always fresh and up-to-date with the latest trending artists, tracks, and genres.


Key Points

  • Record Pool: Crate Connect
  • Best For: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggae & Soca
  • File Type: MP3 Audio / Hi-Res Audio (Wav Files)
  • Price: $22 Per Month / $55 For 90 Days / $99 For 180 Days
  • Unique Features: Full Record Pool Experience On Mobile
  • Label Partners: 100+
  • Audio Captain Record Pool Rank: #2 Best DJ Record Pool


Read on to discover how a subscription to this top DJ record pool can help you build a well-stocked professional playlist for your sets.


First Impressions

Crate Connect Record Pool

Crate Connect strikes first-time users with an incredibly clean and intuitive interface.

The home page covers their key features, new releases, and trending music which can be previewed at the touch of a button.

Additionally, industry-related information is included in a handy news section.

This covers everything from the latest tools used by professional DJs to articles celebrating genre-defining labels.

It’s a clean-looking and easy-to-use record pool, so you can expect to be digging through their digital crates in no time.

Navigating the Crate Connect interface is straightforward, and the core features can be quickly accessed via the home page’s top menu.

Details on subscription pricing, a list of genres, contact information, and news feeds can be obtained in a single click.

The record pool displays two core lists with a shortlist of trending tunes followed by new releases when first opened.

The core list of new releases includes information covering the artist/song title, track length, and genre.

There are also details on BPM and key, which are very handy for DJs putting together a continuous live set.

Each track includes an option to play a preview (which loads up almost instantaneously), download the track, or add it to a playlist.

All in all, these features combine to make Crate Connect’s interface great for putting together extensive playlists with minimal fuss.


Crate Connect Record Pool Walkthrough

Crate Connect is an intuitive record pool and features a well-presented homepage that acts as a portal to a vast range of content.

Trending music and the newest releases are all available from the homepage, which also features the latest industry news.

From there, you can access a dedicated list of their new releases, as well as the record pool where the meat of their collection is found.

If you’re looking for specific genres, there’s a page listing all the music styles they feature.

And if you’re still stuck on anything, you can head over to their useful FAQ page and find out more about how the record pool works and what you’ll get out of your subscription.

Crate Connect also offers merchandise, ranging from shirts and hoodies to slipmats for your old-school turntables.


Search & Filter

Crate Connect Record Pool Search Filter

If you want to dig deeper into the extensive Crate Connect catalog, there’s a comprehensive search and filter tool you can access via the record pool’s main menu.

This tool allows you to search for:

  • Artist
  • Track Title
  • Key
  • BPM (Including A Range)
  • Year Of Release
  • Music Genre
  • Audio File Type/Format

Crate Connect Record Pool Filter Options

Additional filters will refine the results to either your downloads or the “Newest Added.” Or, if you prefer, you can set this to show all results.

With autofill enabled in the search box, digging through Crate Connect’s full music library is fast and easy.


Music Library

Crate Connect Record Pool Music Library

Crate Connect services some of the biggest record labels in the music industry and lesser-known ones as well.

EMI, Sony, Warner, and Universal are all featured in Crate Connect’s archives, including several household names among their artists.

Labels such as Last Tango, Juicy Music, and Dine Alone Records help bring an eclectic mix to their overall roster.

Together, these labels contribute a range of electronic-based tracks to Crate Connect, making it one of the best DJ record pools for track variety.

Popular mainstream genres such as House, Techno, and Drum & Bass sit alongside subgenres such as Moombahton and Brazilian Bass.

Other genres available include:

  • Bass House
  • Breaks
  • Chill-Out
  • Disco, Funk, & Soul
  • Electro House
  • Garage
  • Hip-Hop
  • Indie Dance
  • J-Pop & K-Pop
  • Melodic House & Techno
  • New Jack Swing
  • Progressive House
  • Synthwave

There are also a few niche categories, such as Halloween Edits, Intros, Transitions, samples, and other DJ tools.

This creates a broad mix of artists, from dance club icons Basement Jaxx to hip-hop legends like 50 Cent.

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File Types & Sizes

Crate Connect offers a variety of download options to meet the various quality demands of music professionals.

Available file types are easy to select, while information about the size of the file is readily available.

These include:

  • 320kbs MP3 Files — these are processed through the Platinum Notes program to reduce clipped peaks and improve quality
  • Hi-Res Audio Files — Crate Connect began incorporating these into their pool in July 2021
  • Lossless WAV Files — a selection of these high-quality audio files is also available

The availability of various file types is a great touch, especially if you’re working with other higher-quality files and want the resources here to match.

Overall quality is high across all formats, so you’ll get great results whether you’re performing a live DJ set or radio broadcasts.


Preview Player

Crate Connect Record Pool Preview Player

Crate Connect’s preview player is locked at the bottom of the record pool to provide near-instantaneous access to a given tune.

Information found in the central list, such as BPM, Key, and Track information, is duplicated here.

This means you won’t have to scroll back and forth through your playlist to verify these details.

A nice touch for Crate Connect’s preview player is displaying the track’s progress in the audio waveform.

This makes it easy to spot any peaks and troughs in the track, so you can better plan your mixes.


Performance & Downloading

Crate Connect Record Pool Download Crate

Overall, the performance of Crate Connect is impressive, with intuitive modules easily navigated via clear instructions and menus.

If you have any issues with Crate Connect’s service, there’s also a handy FAQ guide that offers answers to some of the more commonly asked issues users might face.

Search results are delivered promptly, and the filters help ensure these results are accurate, so you can find what you need with minimal fuss.

The on-board preview player is also swift and responsive, with a nice, clean design.

Downloads are delivered to your computer’s hard drive without any noticeable delays, even when setting a number of these on the go at once.

Crate Connect doesn’t restrict the number of tracks you can download on any subscription tier, either.

This means you can dive straight into their archives and pull out a wide range of playlists spanning their diverse music back catalog.


Crate Connect Mobile Application

Crate Connect understands that professional DJs are often on the move.

That’s why they’ve included a mobile version of their record pool which subscribers can download for free.

Their mobile application — known as Crate Connect Go — allows users to log into and access their record pool subscription wherever they are.

Crate Connect Go is a slick and user-friendly addition to an already excellent record pool with a slimmed-down visual display and mobile data-saving download options.

It’s a handy application for Crate Connect subscribers who aren’t always stuck at their desks, giving them the option to expand their collection when on the go.



Crate Connect offers three subscription packages, with savings available when you sign up for lengthier memberships.

The prices for each of these packages are:

  1. 30 days’ subscription – $22
  2. 90 days’ subscription – $55 (save $11)
  3. 180 days’ subscription – $99 (save $33)

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Each tier includes access to the following features:

  • Crate Connect Go – access your playlists and download new music via the mobile app
  • 70+ Styles Of Music – choose from Crate Connect’s extensive range of genres and labels
  • New Music Added Daily – gain access to all the new promos added to Crate Connect
  • Exclusive Intros & Remixes – bring more variety to how and when you use the music
  • High-Res Audio – upgrade the sound quality of your music of choice
  • Advanced Preview – Create your own playlists & preview songs by visual waveform

Additionally, all subscription levels grant access to promo codes that offer discounts on clothing sold in the Crate Connect store.

Each subscription tier also comes with a free keychain and stickers as part of their introductory gift pack.

You’ll also be signed up to their regular mailing list, keeping you up to date with promotions and giveaways.

If you’re interested in trying out what the record pool has to offer, you can get $5 off any subscription using the Crate Connect coupon code below:

Crate Connect Coupon Code



Crate Connect’s staff are available to help out, and typically respond within twenty-four hours, should you have any problems with their service or just want to inquire about an upcoming release.

You can contact them via their contact form by simply entering your subscription status, email address, and topic.

You can choose from “Record Pool Inquiry” or “Music Submissions,” and if these don’t apply, there’s an “Other” option.

Alternatively, Crate Connect has included a useful FAQ section that answers a range of questions,

General information regarding the nature of promotional-only singles and the various labels included is listed here.

If you’re experiencing issues with the record pool, additional FAQs are included to help you navigate this section of their website.

This also explains some of the great features Crate Connect includes as part of their subscription packages, for instance, “Quick Hits.”

Quick Hits shortens the regular 32 bar intro edits, giving you a great overview of the full track.

Tracks are broken down into intro, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, and outro, so you can get a much better feel for its overall structure without sacrificing too much time.

Lastly, if you have any queries concerning your subscription, the FAQ section finishes off with a segment dedicated to troubleshooting potential issues for you.


Things To Consider

If you’re still unsure whether Crate Connect is what you’re looking for, consider the following points.

  • Are you happy with the selection of music genres and artists?
  • Do you understand how the service works and how promotional releases can give you the edge over your competitors?
  • Are you keen to use audio files of the highest possible quality?
  • Is it worth trying a tier 1 subscription first to ensure it’s right for you?

If you have any concerns at all, contact the kind folks at Crate Connect, and they’ll answer any queries you have, typically within twenty-four hours.



Crate Connect is an invaluable resource for professional DJs and music enthusiasts who need to deliver high-quality music to their audiences.

With a comprehensive selection of genres from some of the worlds leading record labels, Crate Connect, in our opinion, is a top-class DJ record pool that offers exceptional value for money.

Hopefully, our review should help you better understand how Crate Connect can deliver the tracks you need to compliment your ever-evolving playlists.


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Crate Connect Record Pool

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