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The 10 Best Websites To Sell Beats Online

Market your beats online to music producers worldwide.



Best Websites to Sell Beats

Finding the best websites to sell beats online is not easy, as it takes skill and perseverance to come up with quality, original tracks.

After you’ve created your unique tracks, your challenge is just beginning, as you need to know how to effectively market and sell your music.

With many different websites clamoring for your attention, you’ll need to find the right online platform that can turn your beats into profitable revenue streams.


The 10 Best Websites To Sell Beats Online In 2024

But it’s not just about your music; it’s about embracing a business mindset and treating your beats as valuable and desirable commercial products.

So, we explored the options available, from creating your own website to finding the perfect marketplace to offer your beats.

Let’s dig into the best websites to sell beats online in 2024:


10. AudioJungle

AudioJungle - Best Websites to Sell Beats

AudioJungle is a branch of Envato Market, offering a diverse platform for selling beats online, allowing you to monetize your music effectively.

With a vast customer base and well-developed search functionality, selling beats on the platform is simple with little friction.

They have non-exclusive author fees of 55%, with exclusive author fees set between 12.5% and 37.5%, giving you higher earnings for exclusivity.

There is the potential for commission increases for high-volume sellers with a referral program earning you a 30% commission for bringing in new customers.



  • You can sell various audio types, increasing your income potential.
  • Access to a large, loyal customer base.
  • A choice of exclusive or non-exclusive licensing deals.
  • Earn up to 87.5% as an exclusive author.
  • Enjoy the security of being part of Envato, a reputable digital asset company.



  • Set up international taxation information or incur a set 30% fee.
  • Minimum balance of $50-$500 for withdrawals based on payment method.


Bottom Line:

AudioJungle offers a versatile audio sales platform with extensive reach and exclusive options for musicians who try to market themselves.

It’s a popular platform for producers looking for better exposure to a wider audience with the associated steady, increasing income.


9. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat - Best Websites to Sell Beats

PremiumBeat is an online music library under the Shutterstock banner, offering prime exposure and a large and quickly growing user base.

Exclusive beats are the norm on the platform, making stock library samples and soundtrack offerings for films, TV, and commercials a great option.

Composers get $600 per track for a full buyout with no sync fees, making it a tremendous upfront deal, but you could lose out long-term.

No matter which of the beat-making software products you use, PremiumBeat offers you one of the best options online to sell you music.



  • You get to leverage Shutterstock’s reputation and extensive network for maximum exposure.
  • Simple licensing agreement.



  • Exclusivity limits selling beats across other platforms.


Bottom Line:

PremiumBeat has a solid history with musicians confirming that they are happy with the platform despite the reduced earnings for high-performing tracks.

They only accept high-quality tracks so it’s an excellent choice for beatmakers seeking an opportunity to make good money selling beats.


8. Bandcamp

Bandcamp - Best Websites to Sell Beats

Bandcamp is an artist-focused music store and community that connects creators and fans, offering a customizable direct-to-fan store.

This provides a vast marketplace with the potential to earn perfect money for composers who take the time to fine-tune their offers.

Artist accounts are free, with revenue share fees set at 10% on merch and 15% on digital music, with a premium artist tier costing $10 per month.



  • The direct artist-fan connection helps artists build a passionate fan base, fostering direct support.
  • Artists can customize their beat store and set beat prices as desired, maximizing earnings.
  • Flexible payment options allow fans to pay a minimum fee or more, enhancing revenue potential.
  • You keep 85% of your sales.



  • In a very competitive marketplace, where DJs get their music, requiring plenty of effort to keep in front of your competition.


Bottom Line:

Bandcamp thrives as a hub for music enthusiasts, enabling artists to connect with their audience and generate substantial revenue from their audience.

The platform’s revenue model, customization options, and artist-friendly environment make it an appealing avenue for selling beats and fostering a direct artist-fan relationship.


7. SoundClick

SoundClick - Best Websites to Sell Beats

SoundClick is a well-established music marketplace with an extensive library that allows an unlimited number of track uploads for free account holders.

While free users enjoy limitless uploads, a 30% fee applies to license beat sales, while upgrading to the Gold Membership ($15/month) eliminates fees.

There are various pricing tiers, with free accounts attracting a 20% fee on sales and the Ultimate account costing $20/month with zero fees.



  • Free users can upload unlimited tracks.
  • Choose from Free, Basic, Premium, or Ultimate plans based on your needs.
  • Offer licenses for songs, sound kits, and, soon, shorts licenses.



  • Data limits can affect content quantity despite unlimited uploads.


Bottom Line:

SoundClick has a long history of accommodating artists with varying needs through its tiered memberships and favorable fee structure.

Composers and artists enjoy support at different stages of their careers, offering fantastic opportunities for growth and monetization.


6. AudioDraft

Audiodraft - Best Websites to Sell Beats

Audiodraft is an excellent option for beat sellers targeting the corporate sector, particularly businesses looking for unique audio branding.

While you can set prices, their exclusive “Music Library” features pre-fixed rates, with producers pocketing 70% of their beat revenue.

Individually set prices allow artists to receive 70% revenue shares while the “Music Library” offers exclusive license prices from $400/year to a Perpetual, $2,000 tier.



  • Ideal for sellers targeting corporate clients seeking audio branding solutions.
  • Access to a network of 20,000+ professionals spanning 120+ countries.
  • Aside from beat sales, there is the option for sound design and voice acting.



  • An inexperienced music producer may struggle initially.


Bottom Line:

Audiodraft is one of the most successful music hosting sites for beat creators who focus on targeting corporate clients looking for unique audio branding.

With its global network and established music library, Audiodraft offers a secure, popular space to monetize various audio skills.


5. TrakTrain

TrakTrain - Best Websites to Sell Beats

TrakTrain offers free users zero commission fees on their initial 15 MP3 uploads, focusing on developing a robust base of content producers.

They have various customization options enabling co-producer splits, scheduled releases, and marketing tools for enhanced exposure.

A free basic account allows 15 fee-free MP3 uploads with a revenue share of 75% for WAV and stems sales, auto-tagging, and download stats access.

Paid Plans range from $9/month or $99/year to $19/month, or $204/year, with additional features and benefits based on performance.



  • Zero commission on initial 15 MP3 uploads.
  • Flexible options include co-producer splits, scheduled releases, and variable pricing structures.
  • Access to promotions, discounts, and ads for enhanced visibility and exposure.
  • Ability to modify pricing per track, offering leasing options for stems, MP3s, and WAVs.



  • Primarily caters to Hip Hop to the exclusion of other music genres, limiting broader musical styles.


Bottom Line:

TrakTrain is a well-known and dynamic beat-selling hub aimed at serious producers who want access to extensive customization options.

It’s a go-to platform for artists looking for a way to sell beats, with tailored pricing and marketing tools to assist producers.


4. Soundee

Soundee - Best Websites to Sell Beats

Soundee offers free users a marketplace where they keep 70% of profits, with an upgrade option where 100% of sales revenue is retained.

With customizable features, co-producer support, and advanced marketing tools, Soundee is making significant inroads into the beats industry.

A free plan offers limited features but attracts greater fees, whereas the starter plan costs $7.99/month (billed yearly), with 100% profit.

The pro plan costs $14.99/month (billed yearly), allows unlimited beats, and allows composers to keep 100% of their revenue generated.



  • Offers flexible profit sharing with artists.
  • Variable pricing and collaborations, as well as co-producer support, are provided.
  • Advanced marketing features.
  • The option to receive payments in cryptocurrencies.
  • The dashboard offers advanced analytics to help with data-driven decision-making for marketing strategies.



  • It is a lesser-known platform, which makes initial client discovery challenging.


Bottom Line:

Soundee’s varying profit options, advanced marketing capabilities, and focus on collaboration offer composers a unique opportunity to grow and generate excellent revenues.

While gaining initial exposure and traction may take some time, Soundee’s customizable features and support systems make it a valuable artist asset.


3. BeatStars

BeatStars - Best Websites to Sell Beats

BeatStars is a robust online platform for music producers looking to sell beats and connect with other artists and creators in the music industry.

Composers can sell 10 tracks on the free plan but must upgrade to a paid membership if they wish to sell unlimited tracks.

The free option allows you to accept PayPal and Stripe payments and upload track stems, while the marketplace plan allows unlimited track uploads.

Plans start with a free option (30% fees), progressing to $7.99/month or $95.88 annually, allowing a music producer to sell sound kits and offer custom services.

For more advanced users, the pro page plan costs $14.99/month or $179.88 annually and includes unlimited private messages and 100% pro page sales revenue.



  • Flexible plans catering to beginners and professionals.
  • Zero commission options allow paid subscribers to enjoy their entire earnings.
  • Beatstars offers distribution options for multiple music promotion services.
  • Access to the BeatStars Academy for guides, tutorials, and business insights.



  • Competition may pose a challenge for new users who lack visibility.


Bottom Line:

With its range of plans and the platform’s educational resources available to all members, Beatstars offers a well-designed business model for creators.

While free users sacrifice a part of their revenue in fees, the potential to earn through distribution on various streaming platforms is a huge attraction.


2. Sellfy

Sellfy- Best Websites to Sell Beats

Sellfy is an e-commerce platform offering a marketplace for a wide range of creators, including musicians and producers, to sell their digital and physical products.

A starter plan costs $19 per month, with a business plan costing $49 and the premium plan setting creators $99 per month.



  • There are zero transaction fees in your online store.
  • Seamless integration with your music production website or Soundcloud page.
  • Impressive customization options that include detailed analytics and built-in email marketing.
  • You retain complete ownership of your beats.
  • A simple, straightforward setup process.
  • You can offer a free beat or the same beat on a non-exclusive basis.



  • You are responsible for promoting your products on your website, as there’s no built-in audience.


Bottom Line:

Although it lacks a client base, its features and simplicity make it an attractive solution for creators making beats and wanting complete control.

For the best music producers looking for other sales avenues, the platform’s built-in flexibility extends to merchandise sales too.


1. AirBit

AirBit - Best Websites to Sell Beats

Airbit is the best website to sell beats on the internet, offering a robust beat search engine and wide recognition with its target audience.

The platform enjoys extensive media coverage from renowned outlets like Forbes and CNBC, solidifying Airbit’s credibility in the industry.

You can start for free with the basic plan, which allows you to upload up to 10 beats without laying out any cash.

You can then upgrade to the Platinum subscription, an affordable and feature-packed monthly plan that allows you to sell unlimited beats for $144/year.

Other features include a $100 annual promo credit, YouTube Content ID monetization, co-producer splits, discounts, coupons, and scheduled releases.



  • A massive marketplace with over 800,000 users.
  • Airbit is an effective revenue generator with two million beats sold and over $45 million earned by creators.
  • Seamlessly integrate your Airbit store with your Bandzoogle website.



  • You must be actively engaged to achieve maximum results.


Bottom Line:

Airbit is the top best-selling platform online, with an effective search engine and high visibility on media platforms across the internet.

With their flexible subscription options and proven track record of impressive sales stats, Airbit offers creators the best opportunity to earn online.

If you are prepared to put Airbit’s features to work for you and dedicate time to your business, you can quickly achieve tangible results.



Using the best websites to sell beats online creates a thriving and unique business that offers profitable avenues to monetize your unreleased tracks.

This can become a thriving business that embodies the essence of a music pro’s pursuit of a sustainable, successful career.

What’s the best website to sell beats online, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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