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The 55 Best TikTok Songs



Best TikTok Songs - The Ultimate TikTok Playlist

The best TikTok songs are easy to spot. They have more vigor than the Energizer Bunny, contain lyrics perfect for sing-a-longs, and exude fun.

TikTok users dream of their choreographed dance becoming an international phenom. That’s why they prefer music that’s easy to edit.

If the tune has fun, easy-to-understand lyrics and a pulse-pumping groove, you have the makings of a popular TikTok song.

This symbiotic relationship is having a significant impact on the music industry. TikTok users are discovering forgotten classics and making them famous TikTok songs overnight.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 55 best TikTok songs of all time and discussed why they’ve become so popular.

Let’s get into it!


Table of Contents

The Best TikTok Songs

Our resource for compiling this list of the best TikTok songs is Spotify.

Based upon their research, the following are trending TikTok songs listed by popularity. Such popularity is synonymous with financial success, too.

We’ll present our list first, and then in a subsequent list, we’ll examine each TikTok song in more detail. After that, we’ll explore the song’s production and discuss why it’s so popular on TikTok.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best TikTok songs:

  1. Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah) – CKay
  2. INDUSTRY BABY – Lil NasX, Jack Harlow
  3. Heat Waves – Glass Animals
  4. Easy On Me – Adele
  5. Pepas – Farruko
  6. Pumped Up Kicks – Madism, MKJ, Felix Samuel
  7. Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran
  8. THATS WHAT I WANT – Lil Nas X
  9. STAY – The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber
  10. Bad Together – Lucas Estrada, Bhaskar, Pawl
  11. Life Goes On – Oliver Tree
  12. Beggin’ – Måneskin
  13. Shivers – Ed Sheeran
  14. MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nash X
  15. Classic – Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss, Austin Christopher
  16. Woman – Doja Cat
  17. good4u – Olivia Rodrigo
  18. Stereo Passion – CJ Brogan
  19. Inferno – Sub Urban, Bella Poarch
  20. Meet Me At Our Spot – The Anxiety, Willow Tyler Cole
  21. You Got To Live – GUMMiBEAR
  22. Have Mercy – Chloe
  23. Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish
  24. Alors on danse – Stromae
  25. Clint Eastwood – MKJ, IMKK
  26. She Knows – J. Cole, Cults, Amber Coffman
  27. My Type – Tylan, Soulja Boy
  28. 2055 – Sleepy Hollow
  29. Bazooka – Sleepy Chows, JKLN, Antomage
  30. Money – Lisa
  31. Kiss Me More – Doja Cat, SZA
  32. Vlone – Paid Pat
  33. Freaks – Surf Curse
  34. Wellerman – Sea Shanty – Nathan Events, 220 KID, Billen Ted
  35. 3 Nights – Marco Nobel, LIM3
  36. Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire
  37. In Da Getto – J Balvin, Skrillex
  38. Telepatia – Boehm, Valley Latini
  39. Barbie Girl – Te Pai, NEENOO, Kosimo
  40. Build A Bitch – Jenil, Protocleus
  41. Mr. Saxobeat-Masove, Brendan Mills, Tess Burrstone
  42. Dinero – Trinidad Cardona
  43. Way 2 Sexy – Drake, Future, Young Thug
  44. Da Vinci – Spivey
  45. Talking to the Moon – Bruno Mars
  46. Someone noone knows – BellAnty
  47. Levitatin – Dua Lipa, DaBaby
  48. Vacation – Dirty Heads
  49. Where My Heart Is At – Henri Purnell, Izzy Bizu
  50. I Love You So – The Waiters
  51. Transparentsoul – Willow, Travis Barker
  52. Louder Than Love – Despotem, Salvo
  53. traitor – Olivia Rodrigo
  54. Rapstar – Polo G
  55. I Fell in Love With the Trap – Don Patron


Most Popular TikTok Songs

Now that we have our list let’s look at each song in more detail to learn why it’s so popular on TikTok.


1) Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah) – CKay

This popular TikTok song has chord changes reminiscent of “Just The Two of Us.”

The musical feel is light and upbeat, and the African-inspired beats make it perfect for TikTok dances.

And although the words are often in Igbo (Nigerian), the universal language of music makes the music appealing to people worldwide.


2) INDUSTRY BABY – Lil NasX, Jack Harlow

The opening synth horns followed by the deep bass and funky rhythms make this song infectious.

The hip-hop song grows in intensity as the rap and vocals, polished with auto-tune, deliver in-your-face commentary.

The groove is medium tempo making it perfect for TikTok dances, spoofs, and challenges.


3) Heat Waves – Glass Animals

We love how the intro is mixed with softer volume, and EQ’d to sound small and thin. Right when you’re about to crank up the volume, BAM! The full mix is introduced, and your jaw drops in awe.

Add in the auto-tuned vocals pitched low, and it’s no wonder this groove is popular on TikTok.

At the right moment, the vocals are pitched back to “normal” and carry listeners away in the groove.


4) Easy On Me – Adele

Adele is one of few artists whose voice is such a powerful musical instrument that she can captivate listeners with minimalist production.

Accompanying her on this track are piano, bass, and beatbox, allowing Adele to express herself musically and elegantly.

This “what you hear is what you get” song is ideal for TikTok dances or other forms of expression popular on the app.


5) Pepas – Farruko

Farruko is a Puerto Rican singer who infuses Latin drum loops and instrumentation to create an upbeat EDM groove.

And although he sings in Spanish, the song’s groove and melody will have you dancing and grooving no matter your nationality.

“Pepa” translates into “pill” in English, which gives insight into the song that’s about someone who wants to party all night. All that aside, “Pepas” is the perfect TikTok challenge song.


6) Pumped Up Kicks-Madism, MKJ, Felix Samuel

This remake of Foster The People’s 2011 hit puts a hip-hop spin on the original. Although the lyrics remain dark, the catchy, upbeat chorus takes one’s mind off the topic of gun violence.

Toss in the drum and bass groove, and “Pumped Up Kicks” will continue to be a classic toe-tapper, especially amongst TikTok users.


7) Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to crafting music hits and even starring in films and TV shows. “Bad Habits” carries Sheeran into the pop and dance arenas using hypnotic bass and drum groove.

With his velvety smooth voice, he appeals to the masses, and you’ll be humming his melodies for days to come.

The energy and production of the song make this popular with TikTok users who dance, express, or voice social issues on their platform.



Rapper Lil Nas X incorporates Spanish-style acoustic guitar and pulsing drum beats in this hit song. He tosses in rap, but the main attraction is the chorus featuring his dynamic vocals.

The groove is quick, and the vibe is positive, which is why it’s such a great hit, especially with TikTok fans.


9) STAY – The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber

The minimalist synth intro pulls you in, but it’s the opening vocal melody that piques one’s interest. Toss in the drum and bass groove, and this pop hit instantly hooks you.

Add in Justin Bieber’s vocals, and it’s no wonder “STAY” is a TikTok chart-topping success. The high-energy feel and tempo are reason enough why the song will continue to be a top choice for TikTok lovers.


10) Bad Together – Lucas Estrada, Bhaskar, Pawl

“Bad Together” is a moody, mid-tempo song that oozes electronic dance music elements. The drum groove sounds like it was influenced by disco grooves of the 70s yet comes with a modern twist.

Vocals are dripping with auto-tune effects, and the background tracks pulse and grow with intensity as the song progresses.

The dark-sounding track, along with its electronic dance beat, has made it not only a hit at clubs but a popular song on TikTok, too.


11) Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

When we think of TikTok, words like “fun,” “campy,” “silly” come to mind. “Life Goes on” by Oliver Tree evokes all of those words, feelings, and more!

The tempo is slow, and at times, his vocals lag behind the beat, making the song feel relaxed and chill. The production has a distinct groove, but the other instruments remind us of carnival music.

The result is toe-tapping fun, fun, fun! No wonder it’s a TikTok smash hit!


12) Beggin’ – Måneskin

Måneskin is Danish for “moonlight,” and this Italian rock band shines brighter than a harvest moon. The band took the 1967 Four Seasons hit “Beggin’” and added their vibe to the revision.

The tempo is faster, and the rhythm section plays in a rock/pop style rather than the R&B groove found on the Four Seasons version.

Vocals are more gritty than Frankie Valli’s style, which gives the song more urgency and spunk. The result is a retro-feeling song ideal for TikTok aficionados and challenges.


13) Shivers – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has his pop-dance groove dialed in! And TikTok listeners agree, making “Shivers” a prime example of his success.

The up-tempo track makes this song fun to dance to, while Sheeran’s smooth vocals add warmth and intimacy.

Production isn’t heavy-handed but uses sparse drum beats and orchestration, allowing the melody to weave its magic on listeners. And lyrically, he paints a romantic picture that should stir the romantic in all of us.


14) MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nash X

Although Lil Nash X’s video for MONTERO is controversial, the groove on this hit makes TikTok lovers indifferent to the debates.

The song opens with a Spanish guitar riff and follows traditional Spanish flamenco chordal progression.

Mix in the synth bass and beat, and you have a pulse-generating hit with International appeal. Topping it off is Lil Nash X’s vocals that drive his hip-hop roots deep into the song.


15) Classic – Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss, Austin Christopher

MKTO released “Classic” in 2013, and it became a smash hit. German producers Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss, and American singer Austin Christopher have taken this classic (see what we did there?) and put a new spin on it.

By infusing Caribbean percussion sounds, driving dance beat, and wild-sounding synths, they have created a fun, spirited jam perfect for any TikTok video!


16) Woman – Doja Cat

Afrobeats and Latin-inspired chordal progression made “Woman” a sensation in Europe and equally loved worldwide. The lyrics and rap cover all the emotions and ethos women endure and face nowadays.

There is even a reference to the movie “Mean Girls” and the competitiveness women experience.

But it’s Doja Cat’s sultry vocals, the simple production, and the hip groove that makes this song popular with men and women alike on TikTok.


17) good4u – Olivia Rodrigo

Have you ever been wronged by someone? Yeah, us too, which is why we love “good4u.” It’s the perfect snarky, edgy, vengeful song you want to sing, no shout, at that (fill in the blank) that did you wrong!

The opening R&B bassline and glass-like vocals set the stage for the powerhouse pop-rock chorus.

Olivia belts her lines with the intensity of a heavyweight boxer throwing knockout punches. It’s as if she’s picturing whoever jilted her as she sings.

The passion of the lyrics and the pop/rock energy make this a popular choice for TikTok lovers, even those not rejected by love.


18) Stereo Passion – CJ Brogan

Centered around a funky bassline, “Stereo Passion” is electronic dance music at its finest. Loops, R&B Stratocaster guitars, and airy synth sounds make this song intoxicating, invigorating, and inviting.

No doubt a top hit in clubs, TikTok fans love it for the same reasons and that the groove is excellent to sync with video clips.


19) Inferno – Sub Urban, Bella Poarch

Now and then, TikTok users prefer music that’s whimsical yet dark. “Inferno” is a prime example. Bella Poarch, Filipino-American, sings this eerie song with gentle elegance while creepy sounds underscore the melody like those from Halloween.

The song oozes weirdness and brings to mind macabre scenes one would expect to see in an old-school horror movie. And yet, we find ourselves listening to it over and over and over.


20) Meet Me At Our Spot – The Anxiety, Willow Tyler Cole

The Anxiety features Willow and Tyler Cole. Willow is no stranger to stardom. The daughter of renowned actor Will Smith has worked her way into showbiz by crafting and singing hits like “Meet Me At Our Spot.”

We love how real drums and bass carry the track, and the vocals are layered to create a fun pop song about love. TikTok fans adore the music for many of the same reasons, and who can blame them?


21) You Got To Live – GUMMiBEAR

The electronic dance hit “You Got To Live” reminds listeners everywhere to live life to the fullest. This is probably why the song is so popular on TikTok.

The upbeat beat, pulsating synth groove, sampled vocals make the song a club hit while appealing to TikTok producers the world over.


22) Have Mercy – Chloe

“Have Mercy” is Chloe’s debut single that skyrocketed up the charts. Male rappers layer the hip-hop/trap production with Chloe’s shining vocals arcing above with ease.

A simple drum/bass groove pulsates beneath the track, pushing the song along with purpose. The song’s subdued energy makes it a winner for those creating TikTok dances.


23) Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish

If we didn’t know better, we’d have guessed that the song’s first half was recorded in the 40s or 50s. A simplistic acoustic guitar accompanies Billie Eilish’s voice, and together, it sounds like something you’d hear in a smoky jazz club.

And then there’s the second half of the song. Gone is the acoustic guitar and sultry vocals. Now, her voice is distorted ever so slightly and accompanied by a full-blown rock band.

The vast diversity in tone and style is what makes this a winner on TikTok, appealing to music fans of any era and genre.


24) Alors on danse – Stromae

Stromae is Belgian musician/rapper Paul Van Haver. “Alors on danse” translates into “So we dance,” which is precisely what you want to do when listening to this song.

Stromae delivers raps (in French) with traditional club beats and instrumentation in this electronic dance song. The reedy instrument in the intro is a sampled saxophone, but its tone and non-vibrato style make it sound more like an instrument from Morocco.

With such international connecting points, it’s no wonder TikTok cherishes “Alors on danse.”


25) Clint Eastwood – MKJ, IMKK

The original version of “Clint Eastwood” was released in 2001 by the English group Gorillaz. And what does the song have to do with Movie star Clint? Lyrically, nothing, but the intro by Gorillaz is similar to the Western, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

MKJ and IMKK revamped this song with dance and hip-hop grooves, giving it more dance appeal. And as we know, TikTok dances are king, which is why this song is in our top 55 list.


26) She Knows – J. Cole, Cults, Amber Coffman

The primary groove and progression were sampled from Cult’s 2011 hit, “Bad Things.” J. Cole adds percussion, dance beats, and his rap on the sample to create his variation.

The musical score is dark and brooding, the perfect backdrop to J. Cole’s impassioned lyrics. And since TikTok dancers and creators like music that’s off the beaten path, it’s no shock that “She Knows” is a top contender.


27) My Type – Tylan, Soulja Boy

Young rappers Soulja Boy and Tylan deliver an in-your-face groove making those on TikTok crooning for more. Although the tempo is slow, the song moves with the intensity of an M-1 Abrams tank.

Vocals and raps are colored by auto-tune, creating the tell-tale hip-hop/rap sound. The minimalist production forces the listener to zero in on the lyrics and the deep groove.


28) 2055 – Sleepy Hollow

Back in the day, Prince had dancers screaming, “Party like it’s 1999.” Today’s TikTok crowd grooves along to Sleepy Hollow’s rap, “Parties in the sky like it’s 2055.”

Although “2055” is much more subdued than Prince’s anthem party song, this hip-hop/rap oozes a contagious chill vibe.

The song builds from a subtle electric guitar to a deep beat with simple beats and synths. The production keeps the listener focused on the main thing: vocals and rap.


29) Bazooka – Sleepy Chows, JKLN, Antomage

Anything goes in the dance/electronic music world. A case in point is “Bazooka,” in which a female voice talks about wanting to learn how to shoot a bazooka.

Odd? Quirky? Cute? Perhaps, but whatever the thought behind the lyrics, the pulsating Euro beat and electronic production values have made this a dance hit. No doubt TikTok creators love this song for those very same reasons.


30) Money – Lisa

Thai rapper Lisa sings and raps about what makes the world go around. Love? Nah, money! The lyrics are fun, even if they’re a bit materialistic in focus.

But who hasn’t dreamed of dropping money “like it’s pouring”? And when she hits the chorus, which is very catchy, she uses words to paint a picture of dollar bills “falling for me.”

The groove and vibe will grab you from beat one, which is why it’s a favorite with TikTok dancers and producers.


31) Kiss Me More – Doja Cat, SZA

We dare you not to get swept away by this song! Doja Cat and SZA sing and rap in a mesmerizing way, drawing listeners deeper into the groove. And speaking of groove, the finger-snapping vibe would light a fire under anyone’s dancing feet.

As far as the genre, let’s just call it a disco-pop-rap song. How fun is that? As we challenged, we dare you not to love this song. We know those in TikTok world sure do!


32) Vlone – Paid Pat

The opening piano bass line sets the mood for this rap, conjuring dark and brooding emotions and images. The beats and rap join in and continue to carry the listener down this slow-flowing river of hip-hop.

And since TikTok users come in all shapes and sizes, “Vlone” is the perfect fit for those looking for an awesome rap song.


33) Freaks – Surf Curse

Surf Curse released “Freaks” in 2013, but when TikTok viewers heard the song, they catapulted it into fame! The song is a tricky one to pin down regarding genre.

Some log it into the surf rock camp, others the garage-pop category, and others in the post-punk file. In the end, whatever label you slap on the song doesn’t matter.

What matters is the energy, the intensity, the attitude exuding from the music. Tie in the chorus lyrics of “I am just a freak,” which I think we all can identify with, and it’s easy to see why “Freaks” became a TikTok favorite.


34) Wellerman – Sea Shanty-Nathan Events, 220 KID, Billen Ted

Argh, matey! Grab a pint of ale and lift ‘er high to toast this campy-dance sea shanty. The actual tune is a New Zealand sea ballad from 1870.

The song is about a supply ship, known as a Wellerman, arriving in time to bring needed supplies to the crew. But for us landlubbers who love TikTok, all we care about is the zany music and dance beat!


35) 3 Nights – Marco Nobel, LIM3

Right from the start, “3 Nights” takes off in high gear, making it the perfect track to get dancers moving. The high-octane dance beats and instrumentation support the vocals and rap in this electronic-dance hit.

Were it not for the ending, the kinetic energy of the song would go on forever. And it’s this creative force that TikTok users tap into when creating their posts.


36) Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire

The year was 1981. Disco music was beginning to wane. Despite the trend, Earth, Wind & Fire put a disco beat to this smash hit.

“Let’s Groove” is categorized as funk or post-disco, and despite being 40-years old, the song is still full of life and fire.

TikTok users have adopted the song as their own, using it to create dances and share their dance moves worldwide.


37) In Da Getto – J Balvin, Skrillex

The Columbian singer/rapper J Balvin sampled the 1994 version of “In de Ghetto” by David Morales and Bad Yard to create this redo.

By adding deep club beats to accompany the organ track and vocals, J. Balvin has an excellent foundation for singing and rapping.

Although he sings in Spanish, the music and groove break through the language barrier, making this song an international go-to on TikTok.


38) telepatia – Boehm, Valley Latini

Boehm and Valley Latini team up to deliver a remix of the powerhouse song “telepatia,” initially done by Kali Uchis.

What we love about this version is the use of Eastern instruments like the sitar coupled with an electronic-dance beat.

Add the Spanish lyrics, and the music crosses international borders without a passport.


39) Barbie Girl – Te Pai, NEENOO, Kosimo

The original version of “Barbie Girl” came out in 2010 and was performed by Danish Europop sensations, Aqua. Our remix pitches the vocals in a lower key, making the song not as campy as the original.

Electronic-dance beats, loops, and synths modernize this classic making it a club and TikTok smash.


40) Build A Bitch – Jenil, Protocleus

“Build A Bitch” was first made popular by Bella Poarch in 2021. Jenil and Protocleus recently took the tongue-in-cheek vibe of the original and added deeper dance beats and sounds to give it more club appeal.

We love how the original vocals, sung oh so sweetly, are delving out some hard truth. No doubt, that’s why the song is a TikTok hit.


41) Mr. Saxobeat – Masove, Brendan Mills, Tess Burrstone

In 2011, Alexandra Stan released “Mr. Saxobeat,” which became an international hit.

DJ-producer Masove, DJ-saxophonist Brendan Mills, and vocalist Tess Burrstone revised this electronic-dance song that has captivated the TikTok world.

The result is a convergence of Russian melodies and chords with Euro-dance beats and synths.


42) Dinero – Trinidad Cardona

Who can resist shuffling their feet to a Latin dance groove? “Dinero” is the creation of Trinidad Cardona, and although his name implies he’s from the Caribbean, he’s an American from Arizona.

“Dinero” is spicy, sultry, vibey, and just plain fun! With those qualifications, who can blame TikTok fans for grabbing this jam to use on their videos?


43) Way 2 Sexy – Drake, Future, Young Thug

“Way 2 Sexy” is a remix of the 2006 smash by Right Said Fred, “I’m Too Sexy.” Drake, Future, and Young Thug take the essence of the original hit and mix in hip-hop beats and raps.

TikTok fans love the result, using it for dances, satires, and other fun video treatments.


44) Da Vinci – Spivey

We love how the song opens with a sample of a classical violin riff that becomes the foundation of this hip-hop/rap. “Da Vinci” production is creative and fresh, setting it apart from other hip-hop hits.

Dance beats, raps, and syncopated off-beats are what make “Da Vinci” so popular with TikTok users.


45) Talking to the Moon – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a master of crafting songs dripping with R&B or reminiscent of Motown hits. “Talking to the Moon” is a prime example.

The ballad begins simply with piano, bass, and Bruno’s voice, and like a full moon rising, builds with intensity, light, and energy.

One can almost picture adoring fans at a concert waving their phones over their heads in sync to the groove.


46) Someone noone knows – BellAnty

BellAnty is the perfect example of someone who followed their dreams despite life looking dire. This London-based former dentist is now crooning hits like “Someone noone knows,” inspired by dark times in her life.

The pop hit is similar sounding to something Adele produces. We believe BellAnty’s ability to be transparent in her lyrics is what has made her successful on TikTok.


47) Levitatin – Dua Lipa, DaBaby

“Levitatin” is a high-energy nu-disco song with a smorgasbord of styles and feels throughout the hit.

Duo Lipa invites listeners to levitate to the stars where they can dance the night away. DaBaby adds the rap to this dynamic dance smash.


48) Vacation – Dirty Heads

The California reggae-inspired band Dirty Heads crafted this gem back in 2017. The lyrics reflect the belief that if you work at what you love doing, you’ll never work a day in your life.

In other words, every day, you’ll be on vacation. The song became a TikTok phenom in 2021 when the “Vacation Challenge” was announced.


49) Where My Heart Is At – Henri Purnell, Izzy Bizu

This house music hit is so catchy. We bet you’ll be whistling along before the end of the first chorus.

The song itself has an Americana vibe, while the four-on-the-floor bass drum beats cement the groove in the house genre.


50) I Love You So – The Waiters

This 2014 alternative/indie song made a resurgence in 2021, thanks to TikTok.

Fans have used the song’s chorus to express wedding vows, show team support, and antidotal videos about social issues needing love. Like John Lennon sang, “Love is all you need.”


51) transparentsoul – Willow, Travis Barker

Willow blasts her vocals on this heart-pounding pop-rocker as if there’s no tomorrow. The band dishes out a hard-hitting, in-your-face groove that will have you rockin’ in no time.

And when the “Transparent Challenge” came out on TikTok, fans rose to the occasion, using the song to craft creative videos.


52) Louder Than Love – Despotem, Salvo

Salvo brings her classically trained voice to bear on “Louder Than Love” with the help of Netherland producer, Despotem.

The song starts softly and intimately, drawing listeners into the lyrics and melody. EDM beats propel the song, adding a subdued intensity to this TikTok favorite.


53) traitor – Olivia Rodrigo

In this ballad, listeners hear a choir-like intro that leads to Olivia’s melodic verse. The chorus rises with musical interest and beats but recedes to a gentle verse like a wave on the sea.

TikTok users not only love the music but the lyrics about betrayals that occur in relationships.


54) Rapstar – Polo G

“Rapstar” is a hip-hop/rap hit with deep beats and features a ukulele loop played by Elner Bankz.

Polo G raps about the ups and downs of being a rap star while the laid-back vibe has TikTok listeners nodding along to the groove.


55) I Fell in Love With the Trap – Don Patron

“I Fell in Love With the Trap” has rapper Don Patron vocalizing and rapping atop intricate beats, percussion sounds, and synth lines.

The music immerses listeners in a musically dark world, which TikTok fans use to create expressive videos.


FAQs About TikTok Songs

Although TikTok is a relatively new social media platform, there are nonetheless many questions popping up on the web about the app.

Here are our answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions bout TikTok songs:


Q: What song is currently popular on TikTok?

Currently, the top trending TikTok songs are “Easy on Me” by Adele, “Stay” by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber, and “Shivers” by Ed Sheeran.

But TikTok trends rise and fall like the tides, so this list can, and will, change within days. In fact, our list of the best TikTok songs will be obsolete in a few weeks at best!


Q: How do TikTok songs become popular?

When a challenge is posted on TikTok, viewers select a song that best exemplifies the challenge. They hope the music will help their video go viral.

Like swarming bees, others join and launch more videos using the same song. Before you know it, one song has had thousands, sometimes millions, of views.

Other times, a solo TikTok post goes viral without being part of a challenge, making the selected song a hit.

Such success inspires other TikTok fans to follow suit using the same song or another track to try and reap similar success.


Q: Why are TikTok songs popular?

This is like answering the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

In other words, do songs become popular because they’re amazing, or does TikTok get credit for their popularity?

With no disrespect to the many gifted artists and producers worldwide, we feel TikTok is the driving force behind successful songs.

Thanks to TikTok, obscure hits that initially weren’t successful can become overnight mega hits.

As long as challenges and posts go viral on TikTok, the cycle will continue churning out chart-topping songs.

Do we see an end in sight? We prefer trying to answer, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”!



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 55 best TikTok songs.

As you know, music and the times are constantly evolving, so expect us to review, revise, and update this list somewhere down the line.

What’s your favorite TikTok song? Leave a comment below.

Jay is a professional bass player who spent years chasing Nashville’s neon rainbow performing with Shania Twain and other high-profile artists. As a musician, he's produced scores for videos and jingles using Pro Tools, vintage synths, and various plug-ins. When he’s not writing, he’s debating whether to ride his Italian racing bike, get funky on one of his many basses, or chill with the family.