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The 10 Best Online DJ Courses



Best Online DJ Courses

The best online DJ courses offer up-and-coming DJs and seasoned pros the chance to refine their skills, dip their toes in production, and expand their musical horizons.

This article will help you pick the best course for your needs so you can put together stunning live sets and continue to master the art form.

We’ve considered all leading online course platforms, including Point Blank Music School, Udemy, and MasterClass, so you can rest assured you’re choosing from the best of the best. 


The 10 Best Online DJ Courses In 2023

We’ve covered the equipment requirements, level of experience necessary, and what you can expect to learn in our detailed guide to amateur and professional DJs courses.

Here’s our list of the 10 best online DJ courses in 2023:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick: 

Best Online DJ Course Overall
Point Blank Music School | DJ Skills
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10. Scratch DJ Academy presents: DJ Fundamentals – CreativeLive

Online DJ Course - Scratch Academy Presents: DJ Fundamentals

Duration/Time To complete: 5 hours 17 mins

The DJ Fundamentals course from Scratch Academy is a budget-friendly introductory course to DJing that teaches everything you need to know to get started.

If you have no prior DJing experience and don’t want to break the bank, this course will give you an overview of the fundamentals of music theory and the basics of beat matching and mixing.

There are no requirements for equipment to be able to enroll, and the course’s introduction to the gear will help you decide what equipment to invest in.

It offers excellent value for money, with modules to help you break down music and find out it’s arranged and an overview of the various software available.

The course is taught by DJ Hapa, who peppers the tutorials with anecdotes about his own experiences in the profession and brings a light, personal touch that makes the course even more engaging.



  • Very affordable
  • Practical demonstrations are useful
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop
  • Offline sync with iPhone and iPad apps



  • Advanced level DJs won’t learn anything new


Bottom Line

The DJ Fundamentals course is a fantastic budget option for beginners. It is surprisingly detailed considering the low price, helping you to learn the ropes before they invest in more expensive software and equipment.



9. Questlove Teaches Music Curation & DJing – MasterClass

Online DJ Course - Questlove Masterclass

Duration/Time To complete: 3 hours 23 minutes

The Questlove Teaches Music Curation & DJing course from MasterClass is a great starting point for aspiring DJs who enjoy playing eclectic mixes and is put together by an expert crate digger and iconic DJ.

The course covers the basics of setting up your equipment and provides an overview of the technology and the DJ 101 section, which introduces users to the key techniques of DJing.

What’s impressive about this online DJ course is the breadth of genres Questlove explores; everything from hip hop and neo-soul to jazz and R&B is covered here, making it an excellent course for aspiring DJs with an eclectic taste in music.

As well as exploring the fine art of crate-digging, the course also covers some of the more advanced techniques DJs use in their sets, which is particularly useful if you’re considering mixing up the genres in your mixes.

Questlove has also included one of his playlists, giving you an insight into the tunes and structure professional DJs use when putting together their mixes.



  • A great course to help build a comprehensive library of music
  • Covers a range of DJing techniques
  • Explores multiple genres
  • Good value for money



  • Some course elements could be more in-depth


Bottom Line

If you’re struggling to compile the best music line-up for your DJ performances and want to explore how the experts curate their sets, the Questlove Teaches Music Curation & DJing course is an excellent primer to help you build the perfect library of music.



8. Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music – MasterClass

Online DJ Course - Armin Van Buuren Masterclass

Duration/Time To complete: 6 hours 50 minutes

The best DJ courses are those run by professionals, and Armin Van Buuren is one of the best DJs in the industry, with his iconic tracks featured on the best house music record pools available.

His course, Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music, available on MasterClass, is a great course for DJs interested in the technical foundations of building their own tracks.

Sign up for the course, and you get access to 31 video lessons covering everything from finding inspiration and setting up a studio to crafting leads and mixing like a pro.

Van Buuren also offers some unique insights into the DJing industry, making it a handy online DJ course for those who want to become successful DJs and producers in their own right.

While the section on DJing is relatively limited, the course material covered here is ideal for DJs ready to take their craft to the next level and who want to break into the music industry.

Van Buuren covers all the basics concisely, digging into the best use of vocals, how to create great rhythmic elements, and the finer points of studio engineering.



  • Learn DJing techniques from one of the best in the industry
  • Great for insights into music production
  • Masterclass platform is intuitive
  • An affordable price
  • High production quality



  • DJ section is limited in scope


Bottom Line

The Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music course may be light on information for DJs, but for those who want to expand their horizons into music production, it offers high-quality online learning from a legendary DJ and producer with over two decades of experience.



7. Rekordbox DJ – Mix Like A Professional! – Udemy

Online DJ Course - Rekordbox DJ

Duration/Time To complete: 2.5 hours

Rekordbox DJ – Mix Like A Professional! is another solid entry-level course for budding DJs who want to get their heads around Pioneer hardware and software at an affordable price.

You don’t have to have one of the best DJ controllers to participate, but you’ll get a lot more out of the course if you’ve got a Rekordbox compatible controller in your music gear arsenal.

The course covers the foundational tricks and techniques of DJing in well-articulated tutorials compressed into under three hours so that you can breeze through it in an afternoon.

Despite its short duration, plenty of great advice is included, from choosing the best songs to mix to, to making the most of the functions of a DDJ 400 controller.

It’s a short, concise course that cuts to the chase and runs through everything you need to know to get the most out of Rekordbox.

Rekordbox is one of the best DJ software applications you can get, and this course is an invaluable resource to help you get the most out of its potential.



  • Suitable for beginners
  • Perfect for DJs invested in Pioneer’s ecosystem
  • Covers all aspects of Rekordbox concisely
  • A quick course you can complete in a short amount of time



  • Focuses on Pioneer hardware only
  • Doesn’t cover some of the more advanced techniques


Bottom Line

If you’re an upcoming DJ who has invested in Rekordbox and Pioneer equipment, the Rekordbox DJ – Mix Like A Professional! course is the best online DJ course available covering this software.



6. Learn How To DJ From The Wu-Tang Clan – Udemy

Online DJ Course - How To DJ From The Wu-Tang Clan

Duration/Time To complete: 7 hours

The Wu-Tang Clan are one of the most enduring hip-hop acts in the business, with documentaries about their members still being produced decades after they formed in the early 1990s.

DJ Symphony’s Learn How To DJ From The Wu-Tang Clan course requires no prior knowledge of DJing, and gives you access to a pool of resources on par with the best hip hop record pools available.

This includes access to Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, and Acapella versions to practice with as you learn the basics of fader manipulation and other beginner techniques associated with matching beats and blending melodies.

The course is hosted by professional DJ, DJ Symphony, who breaks down how to grasp song structure, beats per minute, and even the correct use for headphones.

It’s broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections throughout 49 lectures, making it a comprehensive course that will set you up for live sets and performances.



  • Great for beginners and professionals alike
  • A comprehensive course with plenty of content
  • Provides a Certificate of Completion
  • Created with a high production value



  • Vinyl mixing may be irrelevant for many


Bottom Line

The Learn How To DJ From The Wu-Tang Clan course gives first-time DJs all the tools they need to grasp the basics of DJing, as well as some more technical skills, with an emphasis on hip hop not found in other online DJ courses. 



5. Millionaire DJ: FL Studio 12 – Pro Music Production Course – Udemy

Online DJ Course - Millionaire DJ

Duration/Time To complete: 7 hours

If you’re looking for a course that can help you understand the difference between a DJ and a producer and want to dip your toes into music production, the Millionaire DJ FL Studio 12 Pro Music Production Course is a great place to start.

Breaking into the music industry can be tricky, but this course will help you understand the basics of production and point you in the right direction to get a job in production-related fields.

Based around FL Studio 12, the course introduces production basics such as compression, creating drum beats, grasping the frequency spectrum, and using professional mastering techniques.

It’s a very affordable, entry-level course for producers with little to no experience, built around 7 hours of on-demand video and accompanying step-by-step documentation to help clarify any points you might be struggling to understand.

Throughout the Millionaire DJ course, you’ll put together your complete tracks based on the key aspects of production and gain a solid grasp of how FL Studio 12 works.

You won’t need a background in musical training or theory since the course also features sections on how to figure out and create your melodies and make sure you’re in the right key.



  • A free trial version is available
  • Designed for absolute beginners
  • Great for DJs looking to expand their skills in production
  • Lessons are well-structured and easy to follow


  • Requires a copy of FL Studio 12
  • Some content can be outdated


Bottom Line

An affordable, easy-to-follow online course that explores the basics of production through FL Studio 12. The Millionaire DJ Pro Music Production Course is an essential primer for DJs who want to craft their own tracks for their sets.



4. The Complete DJ Course For Beginners – Udemy

Online DJ Course - The Complete DJ Course

Duration/Time To complete: 8 hours

Getting started as a DJ requires more than just choosing a DJ name, and The Complete DJ Course For Beginners from Jak Bradley will help you take the next steps to becoming an accomplished DJ.

The course comes with 20 free tracks along with 30 guided mix tutorials, so you can jump straight in even if you don’t have your own music library to work from.

The course begins with the basics, covering timing two tracks correctly with cue points, using the equalizer and filter dials to blend tracks, and moves on to getting more creative with the loop function.

Volume and crossfaders are also covered, and by the time the course is over, you’ll be confident with your beatmatching abilities and a few more new skills to help you become a better DJ.

It’s a shorter and more affordable course than others, and while it’s lighter on the material than Ross Palmers’s How To Become A DJ course, it’ll take less of your time to complete.

All the lessons are well presented, and you’ll be learning from an experienced DJ at your own pace, allowing you to master the skills and techniques.



  • Ideal for complete novices learning the DJing ropes
  • The course applies to a wide range of DJ controllers
  • Includes free music tracks to practice with at your own pace
  • Excellent feedback from the course creator



  • Limited video content compared to some alternatives
  • Equipment is required


Bottom Line

Overall, The Complete DJ Course For Beginners is a pared-down introduction to the art form with a great eye for the basics that introduces you to the fundamentals of DJ techniques in a short but sweet online course.



3. How To Become A DJ – Udemy

Online DJ Course - How To Become A DJ

Duration/Time To complete: 11 hours

Udemy has established itself as the go-to platform for online learning and offers a great selection of online DJ courses for aspiring DJs to turn to for information.

The How To Become A DJ course offers users an excellent introduction to the essentials of DJ software from professional DJ Ross Palmer, who has over ten years of experience in the field.

Starting with the basics, including purchasing the right equipment, the course dives into the tools required for putting together track elements before moving on to some of the more advanced DJ techniques.

Geared towards users of Pioneer equipment, it explores beat matching, EQ, and fading and has a particular emphasis on modern dance music.

A comprehensive online DJ course that also touches on scratching and how to mix in key, it helps beginners master mixing once they’ve worked through the 11 hours of material.

While the course is exclusively oriented towards Pioneer DJ equipment, if you’re in this ecosystem of hardware, you’ll be able to master the filter, spiral, and echo effects, as well as other DJ techniques only possible with Pioneer gear.

This is a fantastic course that can help up-and-coming DJs maximize the potential of their playlists to deliver outstanding, crowd-pleasing sets.



  • Suitable for all the DJing basics
  • Easy to follow demonstrations
  • Lots of content to work through
  • Can be accessed on various devices, including TV and mobile
  • Includes advanced techniques



  • Requires Pioneer equipment


Bottom Line

The How To Become a DJ course is Udemy’s best-selling DJ course for a reason, offering everything you need to know to begin mastering the craft of DJing with its intuitive lesson plan.



2. DJ/Producer Career Development – Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School - DJ/Producer Career Development

Duration/Time To complete: 3 months

Point Blank Music School’s more advanced course options include their DJ/Producer Career Development course, which is geared towards DJs already familiar with the craft but want to develop it into a fully-fledged career.

This course is spread over 10 weeks and delivers plenty of insider knowledge on how to approach record labels, deal with management and booking agencies, and market your brand.

With a video library of over 30 hours and 1-2-1 sessions with experienced lecturers, it’s a truly professional course with the kind of attention to detail associated with this level of development.

As well as refreshing students on the basics of DJing professionally, such as defining your music style and curating playlists, the course will help you create a press kit, build on your body of work, and determine your goals.

The course lecturers have a great deal of collective experience between them, from residencies at Ibiza clubs to working as booking agents, so you’ll be in great hands if you choose to sign up.



  • The most comprehensive course available
  • Extensive selection of video footage
  • Covers 1-2-1 sessions with lecturers
  • Will help you navigate the music industry



  • Predetermined start dates for the course
  • Very expensive


Bottom Line

While the DJ/Producer Career Development course is expensive, it’s professional-level is designed to help established DJs boost their careers, making it a solid investment for those who take DJing seriously.



1. DJ Skills – Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School - DJ Skills

Duration/Time To complete: 3 months

Point Blank Music School offers some of the most advanced courses available online, such as their DJ Skills course, which is spread out over three months.

Although it’s one of the most expensive courses you can take, for the money, participants get exclusive 1-2-1 sessions with lecturers for bespoke feedback and assistance, bringing a degree of personalization you won’t get in most other courses.

The fundamentals of DJing are all covered, beginning with an equipment overview and the core skills of cueing, beat matching, equalization, and drop mixing, and each lesson is nice and concise, so you can come to terms with these concepts quickly.

There’s an abundance of course materials to work through, and everything takes place within a virtual learning environment, giving you access to the Point Blank Music School community.

The expert lecturers you can reach out to during the course include Nigel Hosten, who has worked with Wu-Tang members, DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Scratch Perverts, and house music expert Ben Bristow.

To help with course costs, there are discounts available, including 50% off Ableton Live and Native Instruments Komplete 13, which brings some extra incentive to invest in the course.



  • Covers a broad range of topics
  • Work directly with instructors
  • Covers some advanced techniques
  • Great network of students
  • Run by professionals with decades of industry experience



  • Very expensive (although discounts are available)


Bottom Line

The high price and lengthy duration of the DJ Skills course might not be for everyone, but those with the time and funds available will experience a top-tier course, including direct contact with the very best DJs in the business.


Best Online DJ Course Overall
Point Blank Music School | DJ Skills
View Lesson Plan
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.



That wraps up our guide to the best online DJ courses!

Whether you’re just starting as a DJ or have played clubs for years, there’s a course here to help you hone your techniques and develop new skills.


Best Online DJ Course Overall
Point Blank Music School | DJ Skills
View Lesson Plan
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


What’s the best online DJ course, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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