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The 10 Best House Music Record Pools



The 10 Best House Music Record Pools

The best house music record pools offer a continuously expanding database of high-quality music, from the latest hit releases to a back catalog of dancefloor classics.

With the option to access and queue downloads from mobile applications, record pools are an essential tool for professional DJs on the go.

After careful deliberation, we’ve concluded that ZIPDJ is the best DJ pool for house music, as it consistently delivers a comprehensive service, with the latest tracks from major labels and niche producers.


The Best House Music Record Pools

We’ve thoroughly tested a variety of record pools geared towards house music, assessing them for music content, genre diversity, and overall features to present you with the best in the business.

Here’s our list of the 10 best house music record pools:



ZIPDJ - Best House Music Record Pool

Price: $25 Per Month Intro Plan / $35 Billed Yearly Unlimited Pro Plan

ZIPDJ is an exemplary service that delivers a comprehensive catalog of music spanning every house subgenre you can imagine, which is why it’s the best record pool for house music, in our opinion.

In addition to house music, users can download tracks from a broad selection of genres, from acid and deep tech to pop, soul, and country.

The site’s architecture, which is replicated on their mobile application, is built around a fully optimized system to ensure a consistently smooth user experience.

It looks great, pulling off the design feat of making something aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional.

Search and filter options are plentiful, meaning you won’t have to wade through page after page of results to find what you’re looking for.

At the same time, there’s an excellent selection of curated lists to explore, which is perfect if you’re in the mood to discover something fresh and exciting.

Adding tracks to your crate for downloading later on is intuitive, while ZIPDJ’s excellent preview player includes a history tool, which comes in handy when reviewing heavy browsing sessions.

ZIPDJ’s record pool is improved even more with the addition of ZIPDJ packs, which are ideal for DJs who want to grab curated selections to build sets quickly.

ZIPDJ offers two subscription levels, each including different subscription plans that offer different features and limits. Check out our ZIPDJ Pro review for more information about their latest update.


2. Crate Connect

Crate Connect - Best House Music Record Pool

Price: $22 Per 30 Days / $30 Per 90 Days / $99 Per 180 Days

Crate Connect’s library of mainstream music from some of the biggest and best major labels is perfectly suited for more generalist DJs.

With its straightforward user interface and useful list of trending charts and new releases, Crate Connect also features links to industry-related news.

Track listings include information on BPM and key, making Crate Connect a user-friendly option for compiling live sets as you download their content.

While the library certainly emphasizes mainstream artists like Basement Jaxx, you can still find some more obscure artists and genres to mix up the styles in your DJ sets.

Crate Connect is also one of the few record pools which include hi-res audio files, giving the option to download some of their tracks as lossless .wav files.

Crate Connect might not offer the same selection and level of features as ZIPDJ, but if you’re on a tighter budget and require more mainstream music, then it’s definitely worth trying.

All features are unlocked regardless of the subscription you choose, but if you sign up for a longer period, you’ll make some savings.

Check out our Crate Connect review for more information about the DJ pool.


3. Heavy Hits

Best House Music Record Pool - Heavy Hits

Price: $7.99 First Month / $24.99 Per Month After / $250 Per Year

Heavy Hits delivers a database of tracks that blend house music with hip-hop, making it a great choice for DJs interested in balancing these two popular genres.

With Dropbox compatibility included, it’s also a fantastic record pool for DJs who like to queue up tracks on the go using the mobile version of the site.

All music can be easily accessed through the web interface or the mobile version, both of which are well designed with a neon-based color scheme and vibrant thumbnails.

They also include information on harmonically mixable tracks, a cool feature for DJs who like to emphasize vocals and melodies in their sets.

When signing up to Heavy Hits, there are just two simple options, with savings available to those who subscribe to an annual package.

In our opinion, it’s an absolute no-brainer to give Heavy Hits a try, as their introductory offer for your first month, as well as their monthly price after that, is more than generous when compared to some of the other DJ pools on the list.


4. Release Promo

Best House Music Record Pool - Release Promo

Price: $59 Per Month

The first thing which strikes users when visiting the Release Promo digital record pool is it’s dated aesthetic – it’s a site that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the mid-2000s.

While this might not be the best user interface we’ve seen (to put it mildly), it indicates that the site has been around for some time, which is reflected in the content.

This is a house music record pool geared towards club DJs, with its list of charts and rostered DJs favoring dancefloor genres.

As such, the library of music on Release Promo emphasizes club-oriented artists and labels, which is ideal for DJs who want to populate their mixes with underground tunes party goers aren’t likely to have heard on the radio.

Both labels and DJs have the option to sign up to the Release Promo record pool service, and if you’re the former, you’ll need to fill out a list of your current affiliations (they also ask for your MySpace details, another sign of how long this service has been around for).


5. Doing The Damage

Doing The Damage - Best House Music Record Pool

Price: £9.99 Per Month

Doing The Damage is another digital record pool strictly for professionals, with an active community of DJs involved in the music selection process.

With playlists aimed strictly at the dancefloor, Doing The Damage is ideal for DJs who want solid, four-to-the-floor dance tracks in their library and not a great deal of anything else.

Members can download exclusive edits and remixers they won’t find anywhere else, and their featured tracks help users cut to the chase and listen to the hottest additions to the pool.

Dozens of tracks are added every week, and their comprehensive archives have expanded considerably since the pool was founded in 2017.


6. BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme - Best House Music Record Pool

Price: $9.99 First Month / $19.99 Per Month Standard / $29.99 Per Month Premium

BPM Supreme is arguably the most well-known record pool and offers an extensive library of house music and other genres.

This digital record pool blends a solid selection of house tunes with hip-hop, including music exclusive to BPM Supreme account holders.

There’s also a scratch tools playlist, which isn’t something you find in a lot of the best DJ record pools and is a useful addition for DJs interested in practicing their turntablism skills.

The library can be easily browsed through their curated lists or searched and filtered easily with the BPM Supreme tools, and any tracks which take your fancy can be lined up quickly in their preview player.

Curated sets are there to help DJs download a grab-bag of tracks if they’re in a rush, while the inclusion of playlists based on genres and moods is another nice touch to help build themed sets quickly.

BPM Supreme comes with standard and premium subscription packages, cloud rescue, HQ audio streaming, playlists, and curated sets only available to premium members.

If you’d like to know more about the pool, check out our BPM Supreme review, where we break down what the pool has to offer bit by bit.


7. DJcity

DJcity - Best House Music Record Pool

Price: $10 First Month / $30 Per Month / $150 Per 6-Months

DJcity focuses on mainstream artists like Missy Elliot, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna, making it a great choice for populist DJs and commercial radio broadcasters.

With the option to choose from various track versions – for instance, acapella, instrumental, clean, and dirty – there’s a lot of scope to bring some variation to popular themes.

There’s plenty of house music available on DJcity, although as with the rest of the content, this is mostly mainstream, so if you’re after underground classics, your searches are likely to come up empty.

Several tracks are exclusive to DJcity, and the addition of a full category for remixers means that, while mainstream music dominates, different versions help to spice things up.

All features are unlocked regardless of the subscription package you opt for, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks, opting for less frequent billing can save you $30 a year.


8. Direct Music Service

Best House Music Record Pool - Direct Music Service

Price: $29.95 Per Month Starter / $269.95 Per Year Starter 

Professional DJs, radio broadcasters, and producers looking for more than just music should consider checking out Direct Music Service.

As well as allowing members to download tracks from artists such as Lil Jon and Z-Trip, they feature high-quality DJ edits, from intros and re-drums to short edits, acapella outs, and transitions.

This makes Direct Music Service ideal for radio DJs, so while it’s perhaps less suitable for live set DJs, you can still take advantage of their loops and DJ tools when playing for an audience if it fits your style.

Music can be downloaded on the website or via their mobile app, and the pool hosts everything from hip-hop and electro house to classic rock.

There’s also exclusive content, with Direct Music Service having direct access to in-house remixers, including Danny Diggz and Fuseamania.

Subscriptions range from Starter to Pro, with all features unlocked for all users, but download limits of 40 downloads per month and 80 downloads a month for the starter and semi-pro tiers.


9. Late Night Record Pool

Best House Music Record Pool - Late Night Record Pool

Price: $47 Per Month / $127 Per Quarter / $227 Per 6-Months / $397 Per Year

Late Night Record Pool provides DJs and radio broadcasters with a database of music curated by active DJs, ranging from new releases to classic tracks for the dancefloor.

Head to the homepage, and you can access tunes based on artists, the decade of release, version (for example, clean, dirty, and instrumental), and BPM, with a tab dedicated to the top downloads on the site.

Member ratings add another layer of functionality that isn’t found on other competing record pools, and while music is subjective, this offers a reasonable indication of which tunes work the best in sets.

The Late Night Record Pool library leans towards the commercial appeal, with some more obscure tracks available if you’re willing to dig into their virtual crates.

Audio quality is high, with standard 320kbps MP3 files complemented with high quality .wav files as and when they become available.

All members have access to the complete pool, including their throwbacks selection and ZIP downloads.


10. Digital DJ Pool

Best House Music Record Pool - Digital DJ Pool

Price: $1 First 5 Days / $20 Per Month After / $190 Per Year

Digital DJ Pool regularly brings new music to the platform, contributing directly via artists, labels, and producers.

With all files tagged with artist, version, and genre information combined with unlimited downloads, building and organizing your library is quick and easy.

In addition to plenty of house music, users can access hip-hop, electronic, pop, and various other genres via its clean and straightforward user interface.

There’s also the option to download full crates with BPM and key tags, allowing easy integration into DJ sets.

Digital DJ Pool’s catalog isn’t the most comprehensive (and falls short when compared to better dj pools like ZIPDJ), but the inclusion of Serato compatibility is helpful for DJs using that software.

It’s undoubtedly among the more competitively-priced digital record pools, with the option of a 5-day trial for just $1.

Opt for a full subscription, and you can expect complete access to the latest music directly from labels, artists, and producers, without limits.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best house music record pools.

While finding a record pool dedicated to house music that offers everything under one roof is an impossible task, we’ve seen that the pools on this list still deliver a fantastic service for an affordable price.

As we said at the start, the best house music record pool overall, based on its music library, features, and usability, in our opinion, is ZIPDJ.

That said, everyone’s tastes and requirements are different, so make sure you research the library, price, and functionality of each of the record pools you’re interested in before signing up.

What’s your favorite house music record pool? Leave a comment below.

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