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The 10 Best DJ Lights



Best DJ Lights

If you’re in a hurry and want to know what the best DJ lights are, we recommend the CHAUVET DJ MINI Kinta IRC.

Lights are an essential piece of equipment for any DJ that’s looking to WOW their audience.

They’re the icing on the cake after a quality DJ set, and a packed out venue and are crucial for creating an exciting atmosphere.

With that in mind, in this article, we’ve assembled a list of the 10 best DJ lights that you can get your hands on, based on thousands of reviews, user feedback, and our own unbiased opinion.

So hopefully, by the end of the guide, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable lights for your DJing endeavors.

Let’s get into it!

The DJ lights we’ll be reviewing are:

  1. CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Hybrid
  2. CHAUVET DJ Rotosphere Q3
  3. CHAUVET DJ Wash Effect 2
  4. MFL. Moving Headlight RGBW Stage Light MINI
  5. Tomshine Moving Head Stage Light
  6. U’King Moving Head Light RGBW 4 Color LED
  7. CHAUVET DJ Mini Kinta IRC
  10. Eliminator Lighting ELECTRO Swarm LED Lighting

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The 10 Best DJ Lights 2021

1. CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Hybrid

Why Buy This?

The Intimidator Hybrid 140SR is an all-in-one moving head fixture that allows you to switch between SPOT, BEAM, & WASH modes easily.

The light is fitted with a 140W discharge light engine and motorized focus, which means that it can project precise beams and gobos from pretty much any distance.

It comes with two overlapping independently controlled prisms, allowing you to create exciting beam effects, and the dual gobo wheels mean you’ll be able to make all kinds of mid-air projections and gobo morphing.

The full-color display makes controlling the Intimidator super easy, and its built-in memory makes storing scenes a breeze.

Why We Liked It

Overall, the feedback for the Intimidator is excellent.

It’s a bit on the pricey side, but when it comes to DJ equipment, we believe you get what you pay for, and the Intimidator is no exception to the rule.


  • True Hybrid Moving Head – 140W Discharge Light Engine
  • All-In-One Light Fixture. SPOT, BEAM & WASH
  • Dual Overlapping Prisms With Independent Control
  • Dual Gobo Wheels For Morphing & Mid-Aire Projections
  • Motorized Zoom Works For BEAM, SPOT, & WASH For Maximum Control


2. CHAUVET DJ Rotosphere Q3

Why Buy This?

The Rotosphere Q3 is a high-powered, quad-color LED mirror ball simulator.

The light can emit up to 3 different colors simultaneously and be slowed down enough to create a calm, relaxed, and romantic atmosphere.

Its built-in digital display allows you to control the colors and rotation speed without a separate controller.

However, if you prefer using a controller, the Rotosphere Q3 comes with the option to include an IRC-6 remote at the point of purchase.

Lastly, the light can be mounted to a truss or placed on a stand as a centerpiece, which provides you with plenty of options for positioning.

Why We Liked It

It’s bright, works well, and can easily be used in place of a disco ball, as it rotates smoothly and can be hung or stood on its own. We’re big fans of versatility.


  • High-Power Quad-Color LEDs
  • 3 LED Zones Emmit 3 Colors Simultaneously
  • Digital Display – Set Rotation Speed & Color
  • Slow & Smooth Rotation Speeds
  • Mounts To Truss Or Standable Centerpiece



Why Buy This?

This multi-purpose effect light can be used as either a standard wash light or an eye-candy effect with six chasing zones.

The Wash FX 2 incorporates powerful UV LEDs that create excellent color-mixing capabilities and an almost psychedelic blacklight effect.

Power linking will save you time running cables, and its IRC6 wireless remote control gives you the freedom and flexibility for wireless triggering, or use it in stand-alone, IR, Master/Slave, and DMX modes.

Why We Liked It

The light is designed for multi-purpose use, so it’s perfect for mobile DJs that need a good all-around lighting system for DJing.


  • Multi-Purpose Effect Light
  • Regular Wash Light Or Eye-Candy Effect
  • Powerful UV LEDs
  • Multiple Control Options
  • IRC-6 Wireless Remote Compatible


4. MFL. Moving Headlight RGBW Stage Light Mini

Why Buy This?

If you’re looking for a light that’s suitable for small venues and family parties, then the Mini moving head light from MFL is worth taking a look at.

It features an RGBW quad-color LED, which allows the moving head to release an exciting array of color changes.

If you’d prefer to create a single beam of light, like a spotlight, for instance, then the Mini’s got you covered.

It includes heat sink on both sides, which keeps the unit cool by allowing heat to escape from each side, and it can be programmed to run on AUTO RUN mode at either a fast or slow speed.

Why We Liked It

It’s a great light for small venues and takes up hardly any room.

They’re also great value in our opinion, as you’re getting two DJ lights for the price of one.


  • Compact Aerial Effect
  • Sharp Beam & Smooth LED Fading
  • Build A Matrix with Multiple Fixtures
  • Fast & Precise Pan Movement
  • Manufactured, 1 Year Repair


5. Tomshine Moving Head Stage Light

Why Buy This?

The Tomshine stage light is equipped with 80W of total power and has been purposely designed to be used at large events and venues.

It comes with RGBW & Gobo shaking and lighting, which produces an eight-color and eight pattern changing rainbow display.

The flexible control modes include support for adopting professional 9/11 channels and DMX512 control, sound control, Master/Slave control, and auto running mode.

The light is made from high-quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic and built to last.

Why We Like It

They’re some of the best DJ lights for entry-level DJs as they can be used for various occasions, and you get a lot of light for the money.


  • 80W Total Power
  • Flexible Control Modes
  • Multi-Purpose Lights Suitable for Various Occasions
  • Built Using High-Quality Materials


6. U’King Moving Head Light RGBW 4 Color LED

Why Buy This?

This sound-activated moving headlight by U’King is a professional light made from aluminum alloy & PVC and includes variable scanning angles.

It supports the 9/11 channel control and is equipped with eight patterns and eight color LED effect options.

The light comes with dual brackets that can hang it at variable angles or provide more support when floor standing.

Why We Liked It

This little guy is lightweight, compact, and inexpensive, yet still manages to pack one hell of a punch.


  • 540° Scanning Angle & 270° Speed Control
  • 8 Pattern, 8 Color LED Stage Light Color Effect
  • Sound Activated Control
  • 4 Control Modes With Automatic Operation
  • Suitable For A Variety Of Occasions


7. CHAUVET DJ Mini Kinta IRC

Why Buy This?

If you’re after a multi-color beam light, then the CHAUVET DJ Mini Kinta IRC is a solid choice.

This compact light will project colorful, razor-sharp beams of multi-color light across your venue, using high-powered red, green, blue, and white 3W LEDs.

It has built-in, automated sound-activated programs and can be controlled using a simple wireless non-DMX control from an IRC-6 remote.

This light can quickly fill a room with eye-catching effects and weighs only 4.62lbs, making it incredibly convenient to travel with.

Why We Liked It

CHAUVET DJ is known for producing high-quality DJ lights, and that’s precisely what they’ve achieved with the Mini Kinta IRC.

It’s bright, lightweight, and fills the dance floor with ease, so we think it’s money well spent.


  • Multi-Color LED Effect Light
  • Built-In Automated & Sound Activated Programs
  • IRC-6 Remote Compatible
  • 48 Lenses For Eye-Catching Effects
  • Lightweight & Compact Design



Why Buy This?

The Derby X is a DMX-512 LED derby effect light that allows you to control individual LEDs with each cluster.

So, if you want to make the room a little redder, for example, then turn up red, and you’re good to go.

It also comes with several built-in automated programs via DMX and built-in sound-activated programs that use Master/Slave or DMX.

You can choose to switch between Blackout, Static, or Strobe effects and have the option to link power to up to 27 units.

Why We Liked It

It’s simple but gets the job done—lots of bang for your buck with this one.


  • 8-Channel DMX-512 LED Derby Effect
  • Individually Control LEDs
  • Built-In Automated Programs
  • Multiple Effect Options: Backout/Static/Strobe
  • Additional Output: Max 27 Units



Why Buy This?

Powered by 108 green, blue, and red LEDs, this low profile DJ light is available with white or black housing.

You can customize light shows in 3- or 7-channel DMX mode and utilize the built-in pulse effect with adjustable speed to add variety to your light show.

The SlimPAR 56 LEDs come with built-in automated programs that operate in either Master/Slave or DMX modes and sound-activated programs.

Their low-profile design is approximately 2.2″ deep, which allows it to fit in many places and venues that other lights can’t.

Why We Liked It

Due to not having any moving parts, it’s almost silent in operation.

Combine that with its low-profile design, and it’s an ideal light for quiet applications.


  • LED Par Designed
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Access to RGB Color Mixing & Static Colors Without DMX
  • Eye-Catching Effects With Built-In Automated Programs
  • Multi-User Configuration


10. Eliminator Lighting ELECTRO SWARM LED

Why Buy This?

Apart from being made by one of the coolest sounding brands, the ELECTRO Swarm LED light from Eliminator Lighting allows you to link up to 16 sound-activated units together, which all follow one master.

Its comprehensive floodlighting system uses multiple 90° beam angle lenses to make sure it covers the entire dancefloor.

And, its stepper motors ensure lights will move fluidly throughout the venue with dispersed lasers.

The light also features no duty cycle, which means that you can run the light on any dimness or brightness setting you’d like without worrying about decreasing time cycles.

On the back of the light, you’ll find two dim switches that can be used to shift between sound active stand-alone mode and slave mode.

The ELECTRO Swarm LED light weighs approximately 6lbs, which means it’s lightweight and compact enough to use as part of your mobile DJing set up.

Why We Liked It

Although it doesn’t come with many effects or a remote for that matter, what it does offer, it does well.

The motion runs well, and it’s relatively quiet overall.


  • Master/Slave Operation: 16 Units Together
  • 90° Beam Angle Lenses
  • Stepper Motor Allows For Fluid Lights
  • No Duty Cycle: Any Dimness or Brightness Without Decreasing Time Cycle
  • 6 High Output LEDs


FAQs About DJ Lights

DJ Light Performance

1. What Are DJ Lights?

DJ lights are specific types of stage lights used by DJs, night clubs, and various venues.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles and can be controlled by internal sound activation, which allows them to follow and respond to a song’s beat.

2. What Are The Different Types of DJ Lights?

Strobe lights, disco balls, headlights, washing lights, and lasers are all types of DJ lights.

Depending on the type of effect you’d like to achieve, the venue you’re playing in, and the music you’re DJing, each kind of DJ light will provide you with a different light show.

It’s common for DJs to combine various types of lights so that they’re able to create a better visual performance.

However, buying multiple lights is not 100% necessary if you’re a beginner, as one good quality light is more than good enough to get started, so don’t think you need all the best DJ lights to begin with.

3. How Do DJ Lights Work?

The majority of good quality DJ lights come with three modes: DMX Controlled, Sound Activated, and Program Mode.

DJs tend to lean toward DMX controlled or sound-activated modes for their sets because sound-activated displays effects based on the time of the music, and DMX controlled creates vibrant artistic light shows once they’ve been pre-programmed.

4. How To Setup DJ Lights?

Most DJ lights can be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling, or set up on a lighting stand.

They’re pretty straightforward to set up, in all honesty, and most lights can be up and running in minutes.

Depending on the type of lights you’re looking for, all you need to do is position them where you’d like to use them, plug them into a power source, ideally a surge protector with individual power switches so you can control the lights separately from one another, and you’re good to go.

5. What Should I Consider Before Buying DJ Lights?

You should make sure that you fully understand the different types of lights, what they can do, and what occasion/venue they’re best suited for.

Consider the pattern, effects, remote capabilities, and syncing options, and establish whether you want your lights to sync with your set or controlled independently.

And, like with any product, price is not always an indicator of quality, so set a budget you’re prepared to pay and the best DJ lights you can for your money.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best DJ lights.

In summary, when it comes to finding the best DJ lights, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones we’ve included on the list.

However, if you’re asking us to choose our favorite, then based on consistent positive reviews, testimonials, and user feedback, the CHAUVET DJ Mini Kinta IRC tops them all!

Here’s a quick recap of the best DJ lights:

  1. CHAUVET DJ Intimidator
  2. CHAUVET DJ Rotosphere Q3
  3. CHAUVET DJ Wash FX 2
  4. MFL. Moving Headlight RGBW Stage Light Mini
  5. Tomshine Moving Head Stage Light
  6. U’king Moving Head Light RGBW 4 Color LED
  7. CHAUVET DJ Mini Kinta IRC
  10. Eliminator Lighting ELECTRO SWARM LED

What are your favorite DJ lights? Leave a comment below.

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