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The 5 Best DJ Laptop Stands



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Laptop stands aren’t the most glamorous piece of DJ equipment by any means, but they are one of the most important.

Although their job seems pretty simple to most, there’s a little more to it than that.

They need to be strong enough to support laptops worth thousands of dollars while being adjustable enough to allow DJs to create the perfect ergonomic set-up.

So, in this roundup, we’ve assembled a list of the best DJ laptop stands on the market, so all you have to do is choose your favorite and start reaping the rewards of using a high-quality DJ laptop stand.

The DJ laptop stands we’ll be reviewing are:

  1. Crane Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand
  2. Ultimate Support Hyper Station
  3. MAGMA Vektor
  4. Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand
  5. Numark Laptop Stand Pro


The 5 Best DJ Laptop Stands In 2021


1. Crane Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand

Crane Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand

(Image Credit: Crane Hardware)

Why Buy This?

Crane has made a highly-adjustable, universal DJ laptop stand that can hold tablets, projectors, and DJ controllers.

It’s made from powder-coated steel and has aluminum tension knobs and cam locking levers, which means it’s built to withstand the hardest of knocks inside the DJ booth.

In terms of configuration, you can set the stand up in the classic Z position if you’re looking for maximum stability or in the C position if you’d rather get a little more height from your laptop stand.

It weighs 3.5 pounds, folds down to 1 inch thick, and comes with a nylon case that makes it that little bit easier to carry or throw inside your DJ backpack.

Why We Liked It

Aside from being fully adjustable, lightweight, and robust, the Crane DJ laptop stand slots easily under a mixer and takes up hardly any space whatsoever.

Also, we like the fact it doesn’t have any loose parts or requires assembly. It just works right out of the box.


  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame & Aluminium Knob & Lever Set
  • Cam Locking Levers & Tensioning Knob Mechanism
  • Z Position & C Position Offer Maximum Height & Stability
  • Lightweight (3.5 Pounds), Durable & Portable
  • Nylon Carry Bag Included


2. Ultimate Support Hyper Station

Ultimate Support Hyper Station

(Image Credit: Ultimate Support)

Why Buy This?

The Ultimate Support Hyperstation is about as robust as it gets when it comes to laptop stands.

It’s built from die-cast aluminum, which provides enough strength to hold the heaviest laptops on the planet.

The quick-release center post allows you to swiftly mount the top part of the stand onto a mic stand/boom if you require some extra height or need to reposition your laptop in your setup.

If you prefer to mount it on the table alongside your DJ equipment, then you can stick with the T-stand.

The adjustable telescoping support arms secure the laptop in place without issue.

The length of the arms can be adjusted to accommodate different laptop depths, and the angles of each arm can be moved up and down, using the adjustment knobs, to achieve the desired height and viewing angle.

Why We Liked It

The height-adjustable, removable second tier comes in really handy for mounting an external hard drive.

It’s also built like a tank and folds flat with ease.


  • QuickRelease Center Post For Fast & Easy Mounting
  • T-Stand For Stable TableTop Mounting
  • Angle-Adjusted Telescope Support Arms
  • Solid Construction Made From Die-Cast Aluminium
  • Easy To Fold For Optimal Storage & Portability


3. Magma Vektor

Magma Vektor DJ stand

(Image Credit: Magma)

Why Buy This?

The Magma Vector laptop stand offers lots of flexibility when it comes to height and positioning.

You can quickly find the perfect height for your laptop or controller by adjusting the center clamp and moving the stand into position.

Once you’ve got the height sorted, you can play around with the laptop’s position and angle; thank’s to its 360-degree rotatable laptop tray.

The rubber feet and slip-guard rubber rings keep the stand fixed securely and make a big difference on smooth surfaces.

Its feet are slim enough to be placed under DJ mixers and controllers, which is appealing if space is an issue, and it’s also flexible enough to hold different types of DJ controllers.

Why We Liked It

The Magma Vector DJ laptop stand is extremely versatile and can pretty much be positioned however you want.

It folds down to a convenient size for portability, and the transportation pouch is a bonus.

It’s a rock-solid and well-made DJ laptop stand, in our opinion.


  • Solid Metal Construction
  • Quick Release Clamp For Easy Assembly & Breakdown
  • Continuous Height Adjustment
  • 360 Degree Rotatable Laptop Tray
  • Slip-Guard Rubber Feet & Surface For Maximum Stability
  • Transportation Pouch Included


4. Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand

Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand

(Image Credit: Pyle)

Why Buy This?

Pyle has created a laptop stand that’s durable, secure, and simple in design.

It’s not the best-looking laptop stand by any means, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

It’s built from heavy-duty steel and weighs 4.7 pounds, so once you lock it in place, it’s not going anywhere.

The four-prong anti-slip tray holds all sizes of laptops, as well as tablets and DJ controllers.

You’re able to adjust the height of the stand using the telescoping height adjustment and position the angle of your laptop correctly using the rotating tray.

The stand comes pre-assembled with no loose parts and is super easy to fold down flat after you’ve finished your set.

Why We Liked It

It’s slim enough to fit under a mixer and strong enough to take a knock or two in the DJ booth.

Initially, we thought the four prongs on the front of the laptop shelf were a bit overkill, but we’ve since learned that they’re there for a reason and serve their purpose well.


  • Constructed From Heavy Duty Materials
  • Secure Four Prong Anti-Slip Tray
  • Telescoping Height Adjustment
  • Anti-Slip Legs & Foldable Design
  • Easily Disassembles For Portability


5. Numark Laptop Stand Pro

Numark Laptop Stand Pro

(Image Credit: Numark)

Why Buy This?

The Numark Laptop Stand Pro is one of the most recognizable DJ laptop stands in the industry.

It’s minimal yet functional design is tailored toward DJs who prefer keeping things simple with their DJ equipment.

The laptop stand comprises a solid, easy-to-assemble four-piece set-up with top, underside, and inner rubber grips to hold your laptop in place.

It also offers a couple of options in terms of placement. You can put it on your DJ table next to your decks or wall-mount it if you prefer less clutter around your decks, thank’s to its pre-drilled holes.

The laptop stand can be collapsed into two separate parts in the blink of an eye and placed inside the included zippered protective case easily as it’s been designed for live DJs, producers, remix artists, and musicians.

Why We Liked It

Its simple assembly, sturdy construction, and no-nonsense collapsibility make it a great choice for most DJs.

It’s large enough to accommodate a 17″ laptop, and the fact there are no screws or additional parts required to piece it together is a big plus, as who’s got time for that when you are setting up for a show.


  • Easy to Assemble & Solid Construction
  • Wall Mountable For Use in DJ Booths & Studios
  • Rubber Grips Provide Secure Laptop Placement
  • Fully Collapsible Low-weight Design
  • Protective Zippered Case Included


FAQs About DJ Laptop Stands

Best DJ Laptop Stand 02

1. What To Look For In A DJ Laptop Stand?

The main things you should look for when purchasing a laptop stand are adjustability, ergonomics, and portability.

You’re going to want to make sure you can adjust the stand to your specifications, i.e., height and angle, and that it can easily be placed underneath your mixer or controllers.

By doing this, you’ll be confident in knowing that you can adapt to whatever size DJ booth/table the venue provides.

Height and angle specifications also tie into correct ergonomics.

You’re going to want to make sure you’re comfortable during live performances, so eliminating any stands that make you hunch over or strain to see what you’re doing isn’t the best choice.

Lastly, look for a DJ laptop stand that is easy to break down and carry alongside your DJ equipment, as the less weight/things you have to carry in and out of the venue, the easier your job will be.


2. Will My Laptop Fit On Any Laptop Stand?

The majority of stands will accommodate most 13″- 15″ laptops.

However, it’s advisable to double-check the product description and dimensions, as even if your laptop fits on the stand, it might be too heavy for the stand to support.


3. Are DJ Laptop Stands Worth It?

Yes, 100%! DJ laptop stands are an essential piece of DJ equipment, in our opinion.

Firstly, as we mentioned previously, having the correct ergonomic set-up is essential for your long-term health and DJ career.

Laptop stands allow you to stop hunching over your decks, which helps prevent back and neck related health problems further down the road.

Secondly, a high-quality DJ laptop stand keeps your expensive laptop within arm’s reach, which means it’s a lot less likely to get knocked around or accidentally bumped off the DJ booth.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the best DJ laptop stands.

As you can probably tell by now, we’re big advocates of laptop stands for DJs, mainly because of the health and space-saving benefits they offer.

So, if you’re considering purchasing a new laptop stand but are still unsure which one to go for, we recommend Crane’s Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand, as it’s ergonomic, robust, and hasn’t let us down yet!

Here’s a quick recap of the best DJ laptop stands:

  1. Crane Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand
  2. Ultimate Support Hyper Station
  3. Magma Vektor
  4. Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand
  5. Numark Laptop Stand Pro

What’s your favorite DJ laptop stand? Leave a comment below.

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