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The 17 Best DJ Apps For iPhone



Best DJ Apps For iPhone

Technology has come a long way in the world of DJing, transitioning from vinyl and CDs to DJ apps for iPhones.

The great news is that these apps allow DJs flexibility and convenience like never before, and most are completely free to download and use.

So, if you’re a DJ with an iPhone, here’s a list of the 17 best DJ apps for iPhone and the features, pros, and cons for each.


17 Best DJ Apps For iPhone

This list of the best DJ apps for iPhone is ranked in no particular order.

1. djay

djay Best DJ App For iPhone

djay is a multiple first-place winner of the Apple Design Awards for being the best DJ app for iPhone and Mac. It is compatible with mixers and controllers for DJs to work their set.

The app is an all-in-one supply with everything needed for beginners and experienced users to throw the best party. DJs across the country stated this app offers the sensation of the real deal.

Algoriddim partnered with djay and has teamed up with SoundCloud and Tidal to offer millions of tracks for the playlist. Music and video streaming is a finger press away inside the app.

All of the full samples are available in the free version of djay to operate a complete DJ service. Upgrading to djay PRO unlocks more options to a massive library, more storage, FX, sounds, and loops.

There is an option to pay a $51.99 per month subscription for upgrading to the PRO version. Yearly subscriptions are 30 percent less.


  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Free version has a turntable, mixers, EQ, filters, a playlist of millions of songs, live music production tools, and you can make your own music and record with the studio.
  • Can make any sound, filter, or beat
  • Easy control over music
  • Plays and creates music videos
  • Media library holds files, videos, and music.
  • Split view screens
  • Single deck mode allows for preparing sets.
  • Option to upgrade to a subscription djay PRO
  • Subscription contains more loops and hundreds of samples in different genres. (Below are the rest of the djay PRO options and also added pros.)
  • Multiple screen options
  • Live remixing and performance
  • Contains an A12 Bionic Processor, which assigns a video to the audio.
  • Graphics and audio technology are top-notch.
  • Has an Ableton link to sync with friends


  • $51.99 per year for the subscription may be steep for beginners
  • Free App has too many ads.

2. Deej

Deej Best DJ App For iPhone

Deej is ideal for mixing, recording, and sharing music. It is perfect for DJs and has a fully featured turntable. This app is also perfect for beginners with an interactive tutorial.

Sharing is made easy through social media like Dropbox and Mixcloud. Record sessions and the media will help you get your DJ career kicked off for potential clients.

All genres can be streamed and downloaded through the most profound music engine available. It is the perfect app to build your own playlist and advertise at the same time.

There is a one-time fee of $5.99, and any content you wish to add is only $.99. Over 40 million songs within the app say it is worth the cost.


  • Low one time cost
  • Lessons available within the app for beginners
  • Share your work with others for potential clients.
  • Millions of songs are available through the search engine.
  • Perfect for beginner DJs


  • Not as many features as expected
  • Free App has too many ads.

3. GarageBand

GarageBand Best DJ App For iPhone

GarageBand is designed for sharing music, simple playing, and recording in any location. It can pick up any sound of an instrument ever created.

This app comes with a Sound Library that allows the user to download free loop packs and instruments. The user can create their own music from all the sounds available.

The GarageBand app has built-in instruments such as guitars, bass, and keyboards that sound like the real thing. It is ideal for crowds who love Hip Hop and EDM.

The fantastic news is you do not have to be a pro to play the instruments, even the drums for the beat.

If you have instruments, you can plug them into the iPhone or iPad. The app has a built-in amplifier for a guitar and bass.

There is also a built-in recording studio where the storage holds up to 32 tracks. You can also share your music worldwide via email or any social media platform.

The amazing price is more than affordable; everything is free. All you pay for is anything you wish to add on from the Apple Store.


  • The app is free.
  • Hundreds of instruments and sounds
  • Perfect for DJs and musicians
  • Ideal for bands to record their songs
  • Mixing, EQ, filtering, playbacks, and recordings are made easy and user-friendly.
  • Sound Library with massive storage
  • Built-in instruments and amplifiers


  • May need to purchase accessories for plug-in instruments and studio recordings

4. Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine Best DJ App For iPhone

Drum Pad Machine has the incredible features available to easily create your music with new sounds offered every week.

You can also create cool loops and train your skills to keep up with the competition. The app allows any professional DJ to play along with the music, adding drum or bass beats.

Other features are the piano and studio effects with EQ and Tempo Regulation. It also allows for quick sharing with the world. This feature will help your DJ career grow.

The app itself is free with the basics. However, if you wish to get premium subscriptions, it will cost extra.

  1. Drum Pad Machine Pro – Weekly: $7.99
  2. Drum Pad Machine Pro – Monthly: $14.99
  3. Drum Pad Machine Pro – Annual: $46.99


  • 19 different languages
  • Free basics with affordable upgrades
  • Plenty of storage
  • Beat School to improve skills
  • Has instruments and FX
  • Plays all genres
  • Unique sound packs
  • User-friendly


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 11.0
  • App privacy policy is difficult to understand.

5. DJ it!

DJ it! Best DJ App For iPhone

DJ it! currently has over 2 million DJs using this app. It is ideal for Techno, Dubstep, EDM, Rap, Trance, and Hip-Hop.

Its setup has automatic BPM detection with PRO FX and a three-band EQ which is necessary for putting on the best show. The sound is everything. It has loops from 1/16 to 64 and a sound library for storage.

The app not only has ways to make and play music, but it also has learning resources to help the user excel in DJ skills.

Other features include sound effects, hints from professionals, mixing and filtering of the hottest tracks. User reviews place this app at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

The price for this app is free, but there are charges for upgrading the app to DJ Music Maker! Premium Access is $9.99. Other In-App purchases are as follows:

  1. DJ it! Premium Access: $7.99 – $9.99 Weekly
  2. DJ it! Pro: $19.99 Monthly
  3. Premium Access: $39.99 Annual


  • Excellent for playing all genres
  • Free version has plenty of features to begin DJing.
  • Subscription prices are affordable
  • Comes in 11 different languages
  • Sufficient tutorials, quizzes, and a glossary for beginners
  • For expert DJs, the app has mash, scratch, loop, fade, and edit features.
  • Easy automatic payment methods


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 11.0
  • App privacy policy is difficult to understand.

6. Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix Best DJ App For iPhone

Edjing Mix has a user guide to download for beginners and prominent features for experts to use in the DJing world. The sampler has the beginning stages for those starting out and learning to become a DJ.

It is almost guaranteed that new users will see how easy it is with the graphics within the app.

Everything looks and operates like the actual equipment. Edjing Mix is compatible with all of these apps listed for every song recorded.

  • iTunes
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud
  • Drive
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud

This is one of the few apps with the most realistic look to the turntable and mixing board. Beginners and Pros love this fact when using the app in their sets.

There is no cost for Edjing Mix. The app is free, but to upgrade costs $40.99 per year.


  • Can set up multiple screens at the same time
  • Several effects included within the app
  • Less pushing buttons, more performing for the crowd
  • Sound Library with massive storage
  • Over 20 sample packs with 16 sounds per pack to remix tracks
  • Smart Volume adjust the sounds during and between tracks
  • Automatic audio analysis improves the sound and structures the rhythmic effects.
  • Able to manage audio FX for more accessible mixes
  • Easy to share on all social media pages to promote your talents
  • Compatible with Mixfader crossfader through Bluetooth
  • You get a lot with the sampler, and the subscription is affordable and fair.


  • There is a lot to learn, even within the sampler.
  • Users complain about the multiple ads on the free version.

7. Groovepad

GroovePad Best DJ App For iPhone

Groovepad allows you, the user, to make beats and music for your DJ sets. It offers new sounds weekly, and you can apply millions of sound effects.

Like the other apps, you can share your music and emphasize some of your greatest hits for your personal promotion.

There is a beat school to learn lessons and enhance your DJing skills. Live loops are also available to create first-class music with incredible FX effects such as reverb, filter, delay, and flanger.

The premium package has much more to offer and is perfect for professional DJs. It is free for the basic Groovepad app, but the subscription list is as follows:

  1. Make Awesome Beats: $7.99
  2. Groovepad Pro – 1 Month: $9.99
  3. Groovepad Pro – 1 Month: $14.99
  4. Groovepad Pro – 1 Year: $46.99
  5. Groovepad Pro – 1 Year (When on Sale): $9.99


  • 19 different languages
  • Free basics with affordable upgrades
  • Plenty of storage
  • Beat School to improve skills
  • User-friendly


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 11.0
  • Users complain they do not understand the privacy policy. It is not written clearly.

8. Party Mixer 3D

Party Mixer 3D Best DJ App For iPhone

Party Mixer 3D is a virtual DJ set with DJ pads and decks for users to operate in any location. It allows the DJ to create their own projects with 3D features.

This app is updated from its previous version and has newer instruments, new DJ sets while relinquishing the bugs within the system. The company has stepped it up after receiving a 3.1 out of 5-star rating.

The price for the app is free but check out these subscriptions within the app.

  1. Digital Controller PM-100: $6.99
  2. DJPM Pro Mixer 1000: $8.49
  3. DJPM Pro Mixer 3000: $9.99
  4. Full Pack Sale: $13.99
  5. 3 months sub with a discount: $19.99
  6. 12 Months Subscription – Sale: $21.99
  7. Cool DJ sets & sound effects: $26.49
  8. Full pack + No Ads: $27.99
  9. All In 1 Pack + Disable Ads: $29.99
  10. Trap & dubstep music mixer: $39.99


  • This app has a lot to offer professional and beginner DJs
  • Comes in 11 different languages
  • Lessons included in the free app
  • The app has mash, scratch, loop, fade, and edit features.
  • Easy automatic payment methods
  • Updated and upgraded version of the app


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 11.0
  • App privacy policy is difficult to understand.
  • Too many subscriptions, too costly

9. Beat Maker Go

Beat Maker Go Best DJ App For iPhone

Beat Maker Go offers DJs the ability to create beats on a Drum Pad Machine and create music on the go. It has features to teach beginners how to make beats that will get the crowd moving.

It has a total of 32 pads with over 90 sound packs. The latest trendy sound packs give DJs the perfect set to record, perform, and share their talents. Some EDM genres are:

  1. Hip-Hop
  2. Rave
  3. Drum-n-Base
  4. Dubstep
  5. Trap and many more

There is even a section for gamers to play and compete with other DJs. An interactive tutorial is included to enhance skills and learn everything about the app.

The basics within the app are free, but subscriptions unlock all the sound packs, vocal recordings, and ad-free features. Listed below are the subscriptions.

  1. Full Access to Pro Features: $7.99
  3. Weekly Full Access: $7.99
  4. Full Access to Pro Features: $7.99
  5. Full Access to Pro Features: $11.99
  6. Total Access: $24.99
  7. Monthly premium subscription: $24.99
  8. Full Access to Pro Features: $74.99


  • Automatic payments through iTunes account
  • The app updates to the latest versions
  • Games are added to add entertainment.
  • Five different languages
  • Free basics with affordable upgrades
  • User-friendly
  • Massive storage in a sound library


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 11.0
  • App privacy policy is difficult to understand.
  • Too many subscriptions, too costly compared to other apps.

10. Cross DJ

Cross DJ Best DJ App For iPhone

Cross DJ is a highly rated app due to its simplicity and low costs subscriptions. Everything inside the app is authentic and is easily compared to the actual DJ equipment.

Cross DJ allows the users to mix in perfect sync with the playlist. Nothing gets left out, and nothing goes out of phase. Everything is customized according to the DJ’s specifications.

More features in this app include an audio FX of all the sound effects, loops, 72 samples, with many more in the In-App Purchase, a 3-band external mixer with the best EQ available.

It also has a crossfader with more hardwire mixers. There is also a multi-channel audio system that is USB port compliant to a multi-channel soundcard.

The app is free but does not have as much as most free apps. The good news is, it does not cost an arm and a leg. Listed below are the subscription prices.

  1. Go Advanced: $0.99
  2. Record & Share: $1.99
  3. Beat Effects: $1.99
  4. Essential Effects: $1.99
  5. Keylock: $1.99
  6. Morph Effects: $1.99
  7. Sampler: $2.99
  8. Automix: $2.99
  9. External Audio Connection: $2.99
  10. Value Pack: $7.99


  • The extra subscriptions are cheap, including the top-notch pack at $7.99. It unlocks all features.
  • The user can pick and choose only the upgrades needed.
  • Five different languages
  • Free basics with affordable upgrades
  • User-friendly
  • Music can be sorted according to category (length, artist, BPM, etc.)
  • Options to change the color of the deck (pink, purple, green, yellow, red, orange, or blue)


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 9.3
  • There is no privacy policy listed.
  • SoundCloud streaming is not supported on this app due to copyright. The user can only use SoundCloud if they are a member.

11. Launchpad

Launchpad Best DJ App For iPhone

Launchpad is great for beginners to learn how to become professionals with the easy-to-use FX. The app can create and remix all genres of music.

Every week the app updates with new inspiring soundpacks to create various new music. While making new sounds and music, you can record and share your work with others through all social media outlets.

You can change songs already recorded on the go, so you can import your own style. Every essential feature includes EQ, beat pads, a library with massive storage, and eight free sound packs with almost 400 sounds.

The basics of Launchpad are free, but the good news is all In-App Purchases are under $10.00. Listed below are the prices.

  1. Glitchstep: $2.79
  2. Viral Hip-Hop: $2.79
  3. Hypnotic Energy: $2.79
  4. Future House Fusion: $2.79
  5. Audio Import: $9.99


  • Updates with new features weekly
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable purchases for add on features
  • Free version has everything needed for performances and recordings.


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 13.0
  • The privacy policy is not clear for users.
  • Launchpad hardware and MIDI sync output only available on iPad

12. DJ Mixer Studio

DJ Mixer Studio Best DJ App For iPhone

DJ Mixer Studio is ideal for advanced music makers. It interacts with iCloud and iTunes to deliver millions of songs for the perfect set.

Included in this app are two turntables, spectacular sound effects, remixing features, and the ability for beginners to sound like a professional DJ.

You can record and share your music and add a playlist that fits your needs. It has everything needed for the perfect remix.

  1. 3-band EQ mixer
  2. Ability to switch CUEs and BPM
  3. Pro audio FX: Flanger, Roll, Echo, filter, plus many more
  4. 12 Loop pads offer extensive sound effects

The jawdropping news is, this app is entirely free. There are no subscriptions, and you only pay for the music you want to add to the setlist beyond what is already offered.


  • The app comes in 33 different languages
  • No subscriptions
  • Family sharing up to six members
  • Perfect for professionals and beginners


  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 9.0
  • There is no privacy policy listed.
  • It has too many ads.

13. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM Best DJ App For iPhone

Music Maker JAM is an app that gives power to the DJ allowing them to create their own style of music and sounds. There are over 100 styles to choose from, and all the genres are available.

Features are available for the DJ to record vocals and share their work across the globe with a community of listeners.

An 8-channel mixer is provided to produce and record with thousands of loops that are studio quality. Basslines, beats, synth leads, and vocals are all included with unlimited possibilities.

Everything is available in the free app to become a professional DJ. Subscriptions and In-App purchases add to the features with more music and sound provided. Listed are the prices.

  1. 90 Beatcoins: $0.99
  2. Halloween: $0.99
  3. Real Trap Deal: $0.99
  4. Trap Selects: $0.99
  5. Borgore – Ratchet: $2.99
  6. Trap: $2.99
  7. 400 Beatcoins: $3.99
  8. Music Maker PRO monthly: $4.49
  9. 750 Beatcoins: $6.99
  10. 2300 Beatcoins: $19.99


  • The free app has everything needed to become a DJ.
  • Comes in seven different languages
  • Options to choose the music and sound you want
  • Compatible with all social media for sharing
  • Community of DJs, musicians, producers, artists, and influencers to connect
  • Create your own style


  • There is an age rating of 12 and over for profanity, sexual content, and nudity. Parents beware.
  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 13.0

14. Pacemaker

Pacemaker Best DJ App For iPhone

Pacemaker is a DJ app for iPhone that allows the user to choose from millions of playlists or tracks within the app. You can mix a masterpiece with the artificial intelligence DJ.

The app is compatible with Apple Music and Spotify. The Al DJ automix does all the work for you, or you can operate the app manually. It even has a studio where you can mix and record your work.

Pacemaker is free to download with upgrades and in-app purchases between $1.99 to $9.99.


  • Has a studio for mixing and recording
  • Millions of songs and beats are at your fingertips.
  • All the basics are within the free version. Upgrades and in-app purchases enhance the experience.
  • Al DJ can mix the songs for you.


  • The graphics are not that great.

15. WeDJ

WeDJ Best DJ App For iPhone

WeDJ is another DJ app that professionals love but may be intimidating to new users.

The face images on the screen are graphic with an all-animated, colorful 2-channel interface with jog wheels, waveforms, tempo sliders, play/cue buttons, and crossfader.

The app is compatible with iTunes, SoundCloud Go+, and Beatport LINK. Transition FX allows seamless transitions by blending the sounds. It is a favorite among users.

The app is free to download, but there are extras that are available, like the DDJ-200 smart DJ controller. Other upgrades range from $1.99 to $13.99.


  • Able to stream music from millions of songs
  • It has a tutorial and a pop-hint feature to cover the basics of DJing
  • Phrase sync aligns the phrases in two tracks to transition naturally.
  • Has the best performance features. There is Combo FX, Pad FX, sampler, loops, and Hot Cues in the advanced features.
  • You can share your creations worldwide.


  • Many users claim the app is intimidating and difficult to use.

16. DJ Player Professional

DJ Player Professional Best DJ App For iPhone

DJ Player Professional is a dream app for professional DJs. It has everything beginners and professional DJs need to deliver superior audio quality.

The app has multiple layouts, supports all DJ styles, and is the closest to the real deal with the audio, video, and controls.

Inside this app, you can thumb through millions of tracks inside the music library. Storage is no problem with these features. Also, you can scratch with the vinyl formats available.

The app is free to download, but there are three options for the DJ to choose from in the in-app purchases.

  1. DJ Player Pro 5 months: $3.99
  2. 12 months: $6.99
  3. 5 years: $27.99


  • Family Sharing up to six family members
  • The add-on purchases are affordable and reasonably priced.
  • You can share your creations with Dropbox and Deezer.
  • Massive storage music library
  • Perfect for the professionals.


  • The app is only in English.
  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 9.3
  • Nothing is clearly written on the privacy policy.

17. You.DJ

You.DJ Best DJ App For iPhone

You.DJ is the traditional app of DJing. It is user-friendly and has all the features a DJ needs to mix it up.

Included are the FX pads, loops, scratch, EQ, hot cues, and the sampler. An interesting fact about the creator of this app is he started out with it as a hobby.

He made the app solely for laptops, but people wanted it on their phones and ipads. He continued the process until the app was designed and debugged for ipads and iPhones.

The app is free to download and has options for in-app purchases.

  1. YouDJ Unlock: $2.99
  2. YouDJ Unlock: $4.99
  3. YouDJ Unlock: $5.99
  4. YouDJ Unlock: $10.99


  • User-friendly
  • The most traditional DJ app.
  • Family Sharing with up to six members
  • Has everything needed for the perfect DJ set, EQ, Scratch, millions of beats and sounds, recording and mixing studio
  • No ads.
  • Affordable in-app purchase rates.


  • The app is only in English.
  • Does not support any version earlier than iOS 11.0
  • People do not understand the privacy policy of the app.
  • SoundCloud has been removed from the app.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the 17 best dj apps for iPhone.

They’re all pretty darn good, to be honest, but you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck using a premium version of your favorite DJ app.

So what are you waiting for? Download some apps, play around with their features, and let us know how they benefit your DJ setup!

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